Casino Max Review - USA Players Accepted

Welcome to our Casino Max review, which we believe will highlight everything you need to know about USA online gambling at Casino Max. Casino Max is an excellent online casino run on Realtime Gaming software, so you know there’s a baseline level of quality control that they meet. Casino Max has a well-designed website and doesn’t just look great, it works well too.

This Casino Max review will cover all the questions you have about using the site. It will discuss how USA players can use Casino Max, some pros and cons of the website, the types of games available at Casino Max, the best ways to deposit and withdraw at Casino Max, and the best bonuses available at the website. There are a lot of things to cover, so we’re going to jump right in, but if you have a specific question, you can use your computer’s search function to jump right to the relevant section.

Casino Max

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Does Casino Max Accept USA Players?

USA Online Gambling

Casino Max is a casino that is built for US players. Despite being registered in Curacao, the whole point of a website like Casino Max is to reach the US audience. Due to this, they accept players from all 50 US states. Casino Max accepts all USA players, with one condition - you have to be legally allowed to gamble in your state in order to use Casino Max. This means that whatever your state’s legal gambling age (usually 18 or 21), you have to be older than it. Not obeying this restriction isn’t breaking the rules of Casino Max - it’s breaking state and federal law, and you should avoid doing that.

Where Is Casino Max Legal In The USA?

The basic way that websites like Casino Max work is that they exist in a gray area in a lot of states, and accept no liability for anyone’s choice to use them. Basically, most states criminalize the act of offering online gambling, and not the act of using it. This is not a blanket statement, but it is generally true. This allows for people to use Casino Max despite them not technically being allowed to do what they do. They don’t run the risk of being shut down because they are outside of the US Government’s jurisdiction. Now you see why this is pretty reasonably described as a gray area. Make sure you check your state’s laws so that you know whether or not they specifically criminalize online gambling, or talk to a lawyer if you are worried.

Pros of Casino Max

  • Excellent website
  • Large amount of slots
  • Good bonuses
  • Lots of available games
  • Website + downloadable casino available

Cons of Casino Max

  • No Sportsbook
  • Only offers Realtime Gaming games,
  • No live dealer games

Casino Max Casino Software

Casino Max operates using Realtime Gaming software. Realtime Gaming is one of the most well-known online gambling software providers, and if you have ever used any of the other RTG  powered online casinos, you should know that they come with a lot of the same games. The RTG game offerings are generally pretty good - they aren’t the world’s best online casino software provider, but they’re a well-known name in the industry, and they do good work.

One thing that is useful about RTG casinos is that they tend to offer downloadable versions of the casino itself - you can download the entirety of Casino Max onto your computer, or you can play online using instant play and Flash in your browser. Whichever way you choose to play, you can take advantage of all of the RTG gaming suite when you gamble online at Casino Max.

Casino Games Available At Casino Max

Casino Max offers a good selection of casino games, although their main focus is probably slot machines. There are some good table game options at Casino Max, and those can encompass blackjack, baccarat, craps, and poker. There are also video poker options as well as online slot machines. Whatever your vice of choice, it is available at Casino Max, which we consider one of the best USA gambling sites.

Casino Max Games

Table Games At Casino Max

Table games are the main things people think of when they think of casinos. These are the classic casino games, the ones you see in movies. At Casino Max, the following table games are offered, among others:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Perfect Pairs Blackjack
  • Caribbean Hold ‘Em
  • Caribbean Stud
  • European Blackjack
  • Face Up 21
  • Super 21
  • Pai Gow
  • Suit ‘Em Up
  • Three Card Rummy

As you can see, these tend to fall into the category of blackjack variants and poker variants, two of the most popular types of gambling at any casino. There are also variants of smaller games like baccarat and rummy.

Blackjack At Casino Max

Mobile Blackjack Apps

Blackjack is one of the fairest online casino games, and one of the fairest games in any casino, when you get down to it. It has a payout ratio of around 99%, meaning that the casino is making an incredibly small amount of money on it - which is good for you. Consider that many slot machines have around 83% payout ratios, which means much more money for the casino, and some amount less for you on average. At Casino Max, you can play a lot of different variants of USA online blackjack, but there are a couple of things you should look for. First, you should look for a 3:2 table instead of a 6:5 table. This simply means that you will make more money on a blackjack payout. Second, you should find a variant that you enjoy - just make sure not to get sucked into variants that put the dealer at an advantage!

Online Craps At Casino Max

Craps is a simple game, played all over the world in different forms. Whether you’re playing on the streets on a cardboard box or in a fancy casino in a tuxedo or in your living room on Casino Max, the game is the same. You roll the dice, and the luck of the roll decides the winner. You can play craps at Casino Max, although when this was written, it was not in the Table Games section - you have to search for it using the search bar. It is there, however, and it is exactly what you expect it to be. If you like craps, Casino Max has you covered.

Online Slots At Casino Max

Slot machines are the focus of any online casino - they’re where they really make their money. This is, of course, true of normal casinos as well - the main focus is placed on slot machines. It’s not hard to see why. They’re incredibly fun and incredibly rewarding to win. Online slots at Casino Max are a priority, and you can play them all across the website. There are slot games for tons of different themes, so you can pick one that appeals to you. The experience of playing it is the same as playing a slot machine at a real casino - you pull that lever and get to playing!

Video Poker At Casino Max

Video Poker

Video poker is a genuinely interesting invention and a very compelling gameplay experience. Video Poker at Casino Max comes in many different forms, although the theme is always the same. These games are not differentiated by their themes, but by their unique rulesets. For example, you can play Deuces Wild, Sevens Wild, Aces and Eights, and so much more. There are a ton of different video online poker variants to play at Casino Max and you are sure to find one that appeals to you when you use their website.

Live Dealer Casino Games At Casino Max

Live dealer casino games are a great addition to any online casino, but unfortunately, Casino Max does not offer any live dealer games. This is unfortunate, in our opinion, because live dealer games are great, and add excitement to the act of online gambling. That said, they do offer a fully downloadable casino, and generally those two offerings are at odds - the live dealer casinos tend not to be fully downloadable, and vice versa. The lack of live dealer games at Casino Max is certainly a drawback, but not a major one - it’s just not where they are focused.

Banking Options At Casino Max

Banking options, namely deposit and withdrawal options, are some of the most important aspects of using an online casino like Casino Max. These generally are not discussed as much as they should be, but they matter a lot in the context of a Casino Max review. For example, when you are depositing money, you don’t want to be charged fees, and when you are withdrawing money, you don’t want to have to wait on it. Finding the right type of deposit and withdrawal method can cut down on both of those occurrences, and that’s a big deal for both your bankroll and your peace of mind.

Casino Max Banking

Casino Max Casino Deposits

Depositing at Casino Max generally involves a couple major things. The first thing to note is that there are two major options when making a deposit to your account. You can choose between either a major credit or debit card company (VISA, MastercCard, AMEX, Discover) or one of their crypto options such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Regardless which option you choose to deposit, they are all free and instant.

Payment Type: Min. Deposit: Max. Deposit:
Debit/Credit Card $35 $1,000
Cryptocurrency $10 $10,000

Casino Max Casino Payouts And Payout Times

When making a withdrawal from Casinomax, you’ll find that there are only three options for you to choose from. Those include a check in the mail, bank wire transfer, or Bitcoin. Each of which have different fees, processing times, and limits.

Withdrawal Type: Min. Withdrawal: Max. Withdrawal: Processing Time : Fee:
Bitcoin $30 $4,000 1-2 Days No Fee
Bank Wire Transfer $200 $4,000 3-5 Days $25
Check $250 $3,000 3-5 Days $50

Casino Max Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are a big way that casinos convince you (and me) to use their websites. Bonuses are, effectively, free money with conditions attached. The conditions are beneficial to the casino in question, and the free money is beneficial to you. Casino Max has a full section dedicated to their currently running promotions, but we’ll give you a rundown of some of the best promotions to take advantage of.

Casino Max Casino Bonus Codes And Promo Codes

When you click on the Promotions tab on the Casino Max website, you can see all of the available promotions that you could take advantage of if you had an account with Casino Max. Indeed, all of the promotions offer you the opportunity to sign up from the promotion window itself. You can find the codes for each of these promotions in that section of the website. Here are some of the best promotions at Casino Max:

  • 300% Crypto Special
  • 200% Deposit Special
  • 100% Monthly Slots Bonus
  • 80% Weekly Slots Bonus
  • 75% Deposit Special

And More!

Free No Deposit Casino Bonuses At Casino Max

If you look at the bonuses in the previous section, one thing that immediately pops into your mind is that they are focused on depositing your money into Casino Max. Obviously the casino wants you to play, and so they incentivize you doing so by giving you money when you deposit. But what about bonuses that don’t require a deposit? Unfortunately, Casino Max focuses on deposit bonuses almost exclusively. Occasionally some of their weekly deals do not require a deposit, but almost every bonus on the website does. This is because their deposit bonuses are generous, and the repeatable ones are genuinely useful to players who are depositing often. They can’t give away too much free money, basically.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses At Casino Max


Not only is the biggest bonus at Casino Max reserved for bitcoin users, but every other bonus also gets bumped up if you use bitcoin to trigger it via deposit. All of the other bonuses receive an extra 5% boost if you use bitcoin as the deposit method when they are applied. This is genuinely great for bitcoin users, especially those that were already focused on getting as much value from their bonuses and money as possible. This is a big reason why we recommend using bitcoin at Casino Max - it’s a free 5% if you were using the bonuses already, no added requirements.

Daily Casino Tournaments

Many online casinos offer tournament play for things like slot machines and video poker, but Casino Max is not one of them. Remember, their bonuses are generous to begin with, so that’s where their focus is set. They are a great website as far as bonuses go, but they are limited in scope. Basically, if you want to find an online casino that offers great bonuses, and focuses on slot machine gameplay, Casino Max is a great call. If you’re into bells and whistles like daily tournaments, it might not be for you.

Can Casino Max Be Trusted And Are They Legit?

Casino Max is a trustworthy and legitimate business, and they are regulated by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. The regulations in Curacao are a little more lax than those in the United States, but so are those of most countries in the world. They still require Casino Max to be an actual casino, with no under the table BS that people tend to hear about with some of the sketchier, unregulated online casinos. Overall, Casino Max is trustworthy in the online casino world, and they have a good customer service section to make sure any problems are resolved quickly.

Should I Bet Real Money At Casino Max?

That’s kind of the point of gambling, but this question is more about whether you should use Casino Max specifically instead of another online gambling website. Basically, Casino Max is an amazing website for a certain type of gambler - a gambler who likes to play slot machines, who likes to collect bonuses, and who likes to play various table games for real money. It does not have a lot of the bells and whistles that some other sites do, like Live Dealer betting and daily tournaments, but it has exceedingly generous, reusable bonuses, and a good selection of games to apply them to.

Customer Service And Contact Info

Casino Max offers a robust customer service section and allows you to contact them in several ways. We put a couple of them down below for you:

  • Live Chat: Available 24/7. Generally very useful, which is good, because a lot of online casinos have hit or miss live chat options.
  • Phone Number: 1 (844) 886 7198 - Available toll-free inside the United States. Live chat is good, but if it’s not your thing, you can call.

Final Verdict On Casino Max

So, what is the final conclusion of this Casino Max review? A lot of online casinos are aimed at a certain type of gambler, and Casino Max is no exception. Casino Max is built for people who love to play table games and slot machines, and want to get the most bang for their buck. The bonuses you can receive at Casino Max are genuinely great, and you can find a lot of different ways to play using their Realtime Gaming software. The casino is fully downloadable and fully accessible on computers that have not downloaded it as well. This is a good online casino and one of the best around for a certain type of gambler.