Carson Wentz Now Ready For Week 1? Colts Odds Change Again

  • Carson Wentz underwent surgery last week that was expected to keep him out for 5-12 weeks.
  • Now, Wentz is back in consideration for being the Week 1 starting quarterback.
  • The Indianapolis Colts betting lines have been moving back and forth as the news broke.

INDIANAPOLIS – The Carson Wentz injury saga did not end in Philadelphia as he underwent surgery a week ago to remove a bone in his foot. Wentz was originally set to miss up to 12 weeks but is now being considered a viable option to be the Week 1 starter for the Indianapolis Colts.

How The Odds Have Moved

Prior to Carson Wentz’s injury, the betting odds favored the Over of 10.0 wins for the Indianapolis Colts’ season, after the injury the win total dropped to 9.0 with the Under being a -150 favorite.

Now, online gambling sites, such as Bovada, have completely taken down the bet altogether.

The Colts’ odds to make the playoffs were -180 before the news of his injury and only took a minor dip to -140 after the news of the injury. However, online sportsbooks must’ve been taking some heavy action as the odds are now in a much different spot.

Indianapolis Colts - To Make The Playoffs

  • Yes +115
  • No -150

As Indianapolis’ chances to make the playoffs have gone down, so have their odds to win the AFC South.

The team used to be favored at a generous +110 price but saw the line shift to +135 after the Wentz news. Even with the reports of a potential return before Week 1, the odds continue to shift in a negative direction for the franchise.

AFC South Division Winner

  • Tennessee Titans -130
  • Indianapolis Colts +170
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +650
  • Houston Texans +2500

What Should Bettors Take Away From The Line Movement?

There’s a fair case to be made that the Colts were being overvalued even prior to Wentz’s injury, but now it seems as if there is confusion among the NFL betting sites as to what to make of the 2021-2022 Indianapolis Colts.

For betting purposes, this is either the perfect time to jump on a side that seems favorable or a spot that has all the indications to stay away. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual but with the sportsbooks in such chaos over these NFL betting lines, there’s bound to be a time they slip and offer something too enticing.