Could The Arizona Coyotes Be Eyeing A Move?

  • The Arizona Coyotes are likely to leave their current arena in 2022.
  • They also are the only Arizona sports team without a sports betting partner.
  • This raises the question of how long they’re going to stay in Arizona.

PHOENIX - The Arizona Coyotes are going to be removed from their current arena, the Gila River Arena.

The Coyotes are in a unique spot in the state, as the only team in Arizona who does not have a sports betting partner.

Now, without a sports betting partner and without a stadium, one wonders what direction the franchise will go.

The team is owned by Alex Mereulo, who is an owner of multiple casinos, making their reticence to announce a sports betting partner even more striking.

Arizona’s Sports Betting Rules

The reason their partnerships matter is because the Coyotes are likely to be allowed to operate a sportsbook with a skin under Arizona’s new online gambling regulations.

These regulations are still in the draft stage, but likely have less than a month before they go into effect.

The lack of announcement regarding a sports betting partner is even more conspicuous in this context.

They have the opportunity to partner with a sportsbook to offer sports betting, they have an owner who is involved in the gambling industry, and they have been kicked out of their stadium.

Could The Coyotes Be Moving?

All of these factors combined do raise the question of whether or not the Coyotes are going to stay in Arizona.

It could be harder to find a sports betting partner if they plan to move, as the deal would only last until then, because Arizona’s partnership rules only apply in state.

In addition, it seems unlikely that a team owned by Mereulo, a casino magnate, would simply ignore the opportunities granted by sports betting.

With the fact that they’re leaving their stadium in 2022 added into the picture, it seems like the perfect storm of events that could cause them to leave the state.

The sports betting scene in Arizona hasn’t launched yet, so they have time to announce a partner, and time to find a new stadium.

Perhaps this is much ado about nothing - but perhaps there’s fire under this smoke.