Heimana Reynolds Favored To Bring USA Skateboarding Gold

  • Heimana Reynolds has +200 odds to win the men’s park skateboarding event.
  • Fellow Americans, Cory Juneau (+300) and Zion Wright (+400) round out the top three betting options.

TOKYO – Skateboarding made its official Olympic debut earlier in the games with the street events, but now it’s set to close with the park events. Three Americans are favored to win the event with Brazil having the next two options afterward.

Which American Can Win Gold?

Realistically, all three could win, but Heimana Reynolds most likely has the best chance.

He won silver in the 2018 World Champions but was able to win gold in 2019. Now, online gambling sites favor him to earn gold at the Olympic level.

Tokyo 2021 - Men's Park

  • Heimana Reynolds (USA) +200
  • Cory Juneau (USA) +300
  • Zion Wright (USA) +400
  • Pedro Barros (BRA) +650
  • Luiz Francisco (BRA) +800

Just by looking at the Olympic odds, it’s easy to see that there is no true runaway favorite and there are a variety of athletes who could win. This could be due to the fact that this is the first time the event is relatively unknown.

Also, in the men’s street event, Nyjah Huston was the favorite and missed the podium completely.

Can A Brazilian Pull Off An Upset?

Behind the three United States athletes, two Brazilians find themselves with potentially generous odds. Pedro Barros is arguably the most experienced skateboarder in the competition as he has been competing professionally for over a decade.

Many sports betting sites have Barros as the fourth or fifth betting option, but with his multiple X Games and World Championship gold medals, could be the one to overtake the Americans.

The Brazilians fared well in the street events, earning silver medals on both the men’s and women’s podiums and could be in line to add another medal with Barros in the park event. For those who want to take a safer bet, there are also odds for each athlete to finish top three.

Tokyo 2021 - Men's Park Top 3 Finish

  • Heimana Reynolds (USA) -225
  • Cory Juneau (USA) -137
  • Zion Wright (USA) +125
  • Pedro Barros (BRA) +163
  • Luiz Francisco (BRA) +175