New Jersey Legislature

Breaking Down New Jersey’s New Esports Bill

By Max Sanders | September 28, 2022

New Jersey is moving closer to esports betting regulation. SB 2986 approves esports betting in the state, and was introduced on September 22. The bill comes with some restrictions on the definition of esports. TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey State Senator James Beach (D-Cherry Hill) has introduced a bill to classify esports betting as a … Read more


When Will Online Gambling Expand in The United States?

By Max Sanders | September 26, 2022

Online gambling is only state-regulated in six states. Execs at the East Coast Gaming Conference expect four more states to regulate it in the near future. There are some legal complications regarding server location thanks to The Wire Act. ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Online, state-regulated casino gambling is only up-and-running in six states: Connecticut, Delaware, … Read more

Arkansas Vs Texas AM

Betting On Texas A&M vs. Arkansas College Football

By Max Sanders | September 22, 2022

The Texas A&M Aggies have a 1.5-point advantage on the spread against the Arkansas Razorbacks. They’ve covered the spread only three times in their last ten September games. The O/U for the game is set at 48.5 points, with some shading towards the over. ARLINGTON, Texas – The Arkansas Razorbacks face off against the Texas … Read more

How Online Gambling Works In The USA

USA Online Gambling

It's easy for anyone to access many forms of online gambling in the United States through state-regulated platforms or online betting sites. Casinos and betting sites alike have realized that online gameplay is the future of the gambling industry and all have been quick to set up reliable platforms that are legal to use and fun to play. They work just like any local casino would operate but are graded slightly higher as they are known for offering fair gameplay, excellent bonuses and incentives, and many methods for both deposits and payouts. In addition, sportsbooks benefit from being online because local bettors can't make the lines worse for local teams.

Because these sites are found online, the bonuses and promotions are always much better than any local counterpart. Due to their lower overhead and ability to grab players from all around the world, their incentive to offer better bonuses is not happenstance. Oftentimes, a first-time deposit bonus will lead players into the sportsbook, online casino, or bingo hall, while additional promotions keep the players happy throughout their time on the site. In short, no matter how much you plan on 2022 online gambling, it is quite easy to see the advantages of using an online gambling site.

Types of Online Gambling For USA Players

When people think of USA online gambling, their minds may go straight to one form of gaming such as slots or sports betting. However, there is an enormous variety of online gambling games to play at many betting sites. Casinos, slots, and sportsbooks may be the most renown but other options such as horse racing, online poker, lottery games, and daily fantasy sports also rule the industry. Each of these games is different in their own way and what they have to offer, but all of them give bettors the ability to participate in the game without having to leave their home.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting

Betting on sports online is becoming the standard in the United States over the last few years, as changing federal laws have allowed for more online wagering. A few states offer their own online sportsbooks, but the majority of the betting action occurs through offshore books that have been serving the needs of American players for decades.


Online Casinos

Online casinos may be the most common form of online gaming strictly because of the variety that is offered. Whether looking to play card games like blackjack or baccarat or hoping to engage in other table games like roulette and craps, online casinos are a great way to play fair and regulated casino games. These are one stop shops for all of your favorite forms of online gambling, so pick a good one and enjoy!


Online Slots

Online slots are a great way for players to get a quick jolt of adrenaline from the comfort of their computer chairs and mobile devices. All online casinos offer slot options, and some are specialized to do so. They're as fair as slot machines get, which is to say they pay out promptly and regularly, although all slot machines are long-term negative. Online slots are available all across the internet, but tend to be focused outside the USA.


Online Poker

Whether looking to play for real money or just for fun, online poker has been around for ages. These tables are set up with players all around the country or world and allow bettors to play the most common poker games just like they were at a racetrack or casino. With multiple levels for betting stakes online, both amateur and professional players can access online poker sites at ease.


Horse Betting

Through morality issues and lack of funding, many local horse racing tracks have begun to fold across the country. However, horse racing still is one of the most popular hobbies and betting activities across the world. With this, horse racing enthusiasts can find action on the popular races like the three Triple Crown jewels to international events that aren’t offered through simulcast betting windows.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports

Often compared with sports betting, daily fantasy sports is in its own category of online gambling. This activity has become more mainstream as the perils of athletic performance have ruled the minds of players. Daily fantasy sports can be regulated on the state level or be eligible to be played even without laws in support of the industry. Like other online games, some states do restrict this form of gambling.


USA Lottery

Only a few states offer the ability to play the lottery online, but the trends are certainly moving toward allowing more. Lottery games like the Powerball and scratch-offs can both be played online, as there are a variety of games located in-store and on online platforms. No matter the way it is played, understand that it is legal and easy to get started playing the lottery online.


Online Bingo

Remember the bingo halls that always had a musty smell and finding a seat seemed impossible? Well with online bingo, that is a thing of the past. The comradery is still there as some online betting bingo sites will have a chat feature but the gameplay is focused solely on your computer or mobile device. Whether playing for real prizes and cash or just for fun, these sites are everywhere.


Other Gambling

Besides these common online gambling types, there are still a handful of other options when it comes to online gaming. Though those are the most common types, every gambler is different in what they like to play. Most of the online betting sites we recommend allow for betting on a few of these games but some of them allow for all. In short, there is no shortage of online gaming available.

Best Online Gambling Sites For USA Players

When looking for the best online gambling sites for USA players, a few things should be the focal point of your search. Obviously, the site should be regulated and licensed to ensure fair play is active and that the site adheres to certain policies. A variety of banking outlets – both depositing and withdrawing – that make transferring money in and out of the betting site is crucial. Also, the best online betting sites all feature bonuses that make increasing your account balance a breeze. We also tend to focus on sites that provide a lot of different ways to bet, or a lot of different lines and odds if they're sportsbooks. Below, you can find a chart of some of our favorite online betting websites for those in the United States of America. These websites fit all the criteria we value, and are the ones we tend to use around the office.

Best Sportsbooks

Best Online Sportsbooks

50% up to $250
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
250% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $300
4 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
4 Star Rating

Best Casinos
Best Poker Rooms

Real Money Gambling

The good news is that playing at real money gambling sites is allowed no matter what state you live in. These locales permit gamblers to risk their own money (or house money from bonuses) to win more money in return. It is imperative to know when you are on a real money gambling site or one just for fun, as nobody likes to blindly wager their money. Regardless, these real money online gambling sites accept payment methods of all kinds and can return your winnings to you as soon as the same afternoon in some cases.

Free Online Gambling For USA Players

The opposite of the real money sites are the free online gambling sites that are readily available to USA players. These will clearly be marked as free and will be rather obvious when a player has the ability to wager unnamed sums of money without ever making a deposit. These sites are great for learning the games, and because of this, many normal casinos allow free play as a promotional tactic. Regardless, playing for free is a great way to intro into the games or keep your habit pending while you wait for your money to be deposited.

USA Online Gambling is Safe

Is Online Gambling Safe For US Players?

Online gambling in 2022 is incredibly safe for US players as long as you use a licensed and regulated site, and make sure you know the legal gambling age. In order to ensure your safety, you'll want to make sure any casino you use has a governing body they adhere to. If they do, it will be clearly shown, giving players peace of mind with the knowledge that their money is in safe, regulated hands. As far as personal information is concerned, all top rate sites use encryption technology to ensure that all of your personal information and funds are safely in your name. These sites do not sell your information to third parties, so signing up and playing should never come with any worries.


Mobile Online Gambling

Though this whole site is dedicated to online gambling, the ability to sign up at mobile gambling sites from your phone is a whole other ballgame. Sportsbooks and casinos alike offer the ability for bettors to take the computerized games off of their computer and onto their phones. Each of the betting sites we recommend can be transferred to a mobile device, where a mobile-optimized version of the game is readily available. As long as you have a connection to the internet, you can detail any of the features as you could on your computer such as setting up your account, making a withdrawal, and even playing the game itself.


Mobile Gambling Apps

Aside from the mobile-optimized versions of these online gambling sites, some of the sites have apps for downloading. Getting them on your phone is as easy as visiting the App Store, Google Play Store, or similar app-purchasing location. All of your account information is readily on hand and playing the games is as easy as clicking on the app.  As always, it's important to remember that some excellent mobile gambling websites use mobile websites instead of apps. However, in all cases, mobile gambling is free, and keeps all of your games at the touch of your fingers.

USA Online Gambling

Legal Online Gambling – The Facts About Legal Gambling In The USA

The facts about legal gambling in the USA are simple: it is legal, some states offer a licensed outlet, and betting with overseas providers is completely acceptable. These websites are usable by bettors inside the US because they are located offshore, and are thus not subject to laws inside the US. The laws that matter are the ones that can apply to you on a state by state basis - if your state bans gambling, you shouldn't use these websites. Instead, players should be fully aware of the laws and changing nature of the online gambling industry, as the country and world are slowly realizing how beneficial online gaming can be.

Banking At USA Online Gambling Sites

USA Online Gambling Deposits


Bettors can use their credit cards, engage in cryptocurrency transactions, or use a handful of other online gambling deposit methods. Each gambling site is different in what they accept, so it is important to do your research before filling out all of the account information. No matter which method you choose, look to see the quickness that the money will be in your account as well as any processing fees for submitting the deposit.

USA Online Gambling Payouts


Online gambling sites offer plenty of ways to withdraw your money.  Each site will list their methods of withdrawal along with processing times and any potential fees. Some methods can be as quick as a few moments to get your money while methods that travel through the mail can take up to 2-3 weeks. There may be some methods (credit cards) that are available for deposit but not withdrawal. No matter which method, pick the one you feel most comfortable with – it is your money.



Bitcoin is an excellent method of money transfer for online gamblers. Online betting sites have really changed their tune with all forms of cryptocurrency as they have realized that it is not only the fastest method to transfer money but also the safest. All Bitcoin and other crypto transactions come without any fees, giving a higher incentive for players to use. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are the standard cryptocurrency transaction methods, but some locations may take up to 50 altcoins.

USA Online Gambling

Is Online Gambling Legal For USA Players?

Regardless of whether you are using a state-licensed online platform or an online betting site located out of the country, they are both legal to use. No player has ever been arrested for simply using a gambling site, though punishments may certainly come for those found operating the gambling site. As long as you are using a reputable operator, there are no legal issues that you need to worry about unless the state you are in has specific laws against it. Some states do, so make sure to check your state laws when choosing an online sportsbook.

USA Online Gambling

US States That Have Legal Online Gambling

States that have regulated online gambling can offer a bunch of online games or just one. Pennsylvania, for example, has regulated online casinos, sports betting, online lottery sales, and more while other states like Mississippi just allow for state based online daily fantasy sports. While bettors in all states can access the online casinos and sportsbooks located overseas, bettors in the following states can access state based alternatives to these websites. In one form or another, the following is a list of states with regulated online gambling:

States Considering USA Online Gambling

States That Are Considering Online Gambling

Throughout the changing tides of the industry, many states are seeing the benefits of online gambling legalization. Whether legislators view the incurring extra tax benefits or simply want to offer their people a better lifestyle, online gambling is a hot topic in many statehouses. While some take the industry into more serious consideration, there are a handful of states that have filed a bill to at least discuss the idea of becoming one of the states with legal gambling, or passed one that has not yet been enacted.These states include:

USA Online Gambling

Online Gambling Laws In The USA

Knowing the online gambling laws in the USA is vital to ensuring you have peace of mind moving forward. There are not many to keep an eye on, but one, in particular, is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This law focused on the banks, not the player, so there should be no issues for a gambler when they hear the term UIGEA. This is because the law does not outlaw gambling, but instead targets gambling providers by limiting their ability to transact with US banks. Additionally, every state has its own legal gambling age, which can define what state-based sportsbooks and casinos you can use.


Online Gambling And Taxes – When You Need To Pay

No matter what venue, paying your gambling taxes in 2022 is important. For the casual bettors, it isn’t that large of a deal, but for those who make a large profit from gambling, claiming your wins (and deducting your losses) is the easiest way to keep the IRS off your back. If you make under a certain amount, you do not have to claim anything, and online betting sites will alert you if you cross this threshold. Either way, finding a tax accountant or lawyer can help the more experienced gamblers get the most out of their online gambling efforts. With their help, they will keep you from claiming all of your winnings but deducting losses and filing in the correct manner.

Legal Online Gambling Age In The USA

USA Online Sportsbooks

While most people think online gambling requires the age of 21 to begin playing, there could not be further from the truth. It is true that some states set this age; however, like online gambling laws, the age to legally participate in online gambling is set at the state level. Some states permit players as young as 18, while other states can allow bettors even younger (for certain games) or just a year older. Knowing the state’s laws about the legal gambling ages plays a vital role in ensuring you are not breaking any laws.

FAQ’s About Online Gambling For USA Players


There is no denying the fact that the entire gambling industry is being uprooted right before our very eyes. Every day during legislative sessions, there are lawmakers changing their gambling industries and modifying the rules as we know it. Staying up to date on the online gambling laws can be difficult, but it is our goal to deliver these changes to you.

Our mission is to help as many new and experienced gamblers alike, in an effort to ensure that everyone can gamble with no worries. We hope to offer a user-friendly gambling website regarding all of the information that can be compiled from online slots and casinos to sports betting, lotteries, poker, bingo, daily fantasy sports, horse racing, and more.

Our team consists of a group of no more than two dozen, as we come from all different backgrounds and experiences. However, all of us come together for a love of the gamble. We are players ourselves and while some have been gambling for only a year or two, others have over four decades of knowing the history of the gambling industry.

We wish you the best in your upcoming progressive slot pulls, lottery quick pick numbers, underdog parlays, nonsuited connectors, and guaranteed prize pool, bingo card, and Darkhorse (literally). We encourage any recommendations to our site and hope we can help you begin on continuing your gambling career.