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Where To Bet On The NBA:

There are nearly as many online gambling sites for the NBA as LeBron James has points but as the experts in USA online gambling, we have you covered. Our rankings of the best gambling sites for the NBA will be based on fundamentals and user-friendliness. We look for online NBA sportsbooks that are true triple threats with the best bonuses, odds, and payout speeds.

Bovada Sportsbook

Best Gambling Site For The NBA

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada was founded the same year that the Miami Heat formed their Big Three around Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, with the popular online gambling site for the NBA never going through the ups and downs that those Heatles teams experienced. Bovada has proved to be consistently great, supplying fast betting odds and payouts for all players. NBA player props are also available on every game, with players even able to create their own same-game NBA parlays in their prop builder section.

NBA Gambling Specifics At Bovada

  • NBA Bonus at Bovada: $750 Max on 75% Match Rate
  • Fastest Deposit Method: Cryptocurrency (Litecoin & Ethereum Instantly)
  • Fastest Payout Method: Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin in 15 Minutes)

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BetOnline Sportsbook

Historic NBA Sportsbook That Dates Back To Shaq & Kobe

BetOnline Sportsbook

Established the same year Shaq and Kobe were upset by the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Finals, BetOnline’s greatness as an NBA gambling site has been established over multiple generations of superstars in the league. BetOnline is specifically well known in the NBA gambling community for its in-depth odds on every game, even preseason affairs! An added bonus at BetOnline is their sign-up speed, as players can complete that process in one possession or less!

NBA Gambling Specifics At BetOnline

  • NBA Bonus at BetOnline: $1,000 Max on 100% Match Rate
  • Fastest Deposit Method: Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Amex Processed Instantly)
  • Fastest Payout Method: Wire Transfer (10 Business Days)

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MyBookie Sportsbook

Best Mobile NBA Gambling Site

MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie’s versatility may only be matched by Nikola Jokic in the NBA, as the popular online NBA sportsbook can instantly transfer into the best NBA mobile gambling site at a moment’s notice. There are no downloads necessary, with players simply logging into their MyBookie account in their web browser before getting instantly directed to the mobile version of the NBA betting site. By not requiring any downloads and being fully operational through any mobile browser, MyBookie is the most widely available mobile NBA sportsbook in the USA.

NBA Gambling Specifics At MyBookie

  • NBA Bonus at MyBookie: $1,000 Max on 50% Match Rate
  • Fastest Deposit Method: Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin in 30 Minutes)
  • Fastest Payout Method: Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin in 2 Hours)

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Betting On The NBA Playoffs

NBA playoff odds at basketball gambling sites get shorter and shorter until a team finally hoists the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy in June. NBA playoff odds will change by the game, with other factors such as injuries and even referee assignments affecting odds for the NBA playoffs.

2024 NBA Finals Odds

Team Bovada BetOnline MyBookie
Denver Nuggets
Boston Celtics
Phoenix Suns
Miami Heat
Milwaukee Bucks
Golden State Warriors

Bet on the NBA Playoffs at Bovada Sportsbook

Betting On NBA Player Futures

At NBA gambling sites, aside from just being able to bet on the winner of the NBA Finals and each conference, you can also bet on player awards such as the MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and more. These odds open up at the same time as the finals odds do just after the conclusion of the season prior. With that, you are able to bet on them early for the most value being that they are expected to shift once the season starts. Below are some of the early player futures that were found before the 2022-23 NBA season.


NBA Defensive Player of the Years

NBA Rookie Of The Year

NBA Sixth Man Of The Year

NBA Coach Of The Year

NBA Most Improved Player

NBA Mobile Betting Apps

Online Sportsbooks using Bitcoin

Mobile NBA betting apps are available in 2024, although none of them are partnered with the NBA itself. In some states, regulated online casinos will offer apps through which sports betting can be conducted. In others, the sports betting market is not regulated, and thus tends to operate via overseas casinos. These casinos are such that they tend to use mobile gambling sites instead of apps, and they are available in all states - regulated and unregulated states alike. All you have to do to use them is navigate to the online sportsbook you want to use in your mobile phone’s browser. You can use both iPhones and Android devices in order to use these mobile sportsbooks.

NBA Live Betting

Live betting on the NBA is important as far as NBA strategy is concerned. A team is down ten points but recently made an adjustment that you think could swing the game in their favor? Slap some money down on them when they’re down ten and get better odds than after they’ve started the comeback. The utility of live betting is even more pronounced when you have active wagers on pregame lines, because you can hedge or double down on what you think are good or bad bets.

Can I Bet On NBA 2K?

Yes, betting odds on NBA 2K tournaments are offered year-round at online NBA gambling sites. NBA 2K odds are set up identically to that of normal NBA odds, with spreads, moneylines, and totals for top matches. Different NBA 2K tournaments go on throughout the year and around the world, with larger tournaments more likely to have betting odds available than smaller ones. NBA 2K odds are most commonly under the eSports section of online gambling sites, so if no 2K odds are seen under the basketball or NBA section there is no need to worry.

NBA Betting FAQ