Nevada Online Gambling Sites In 2024

Nevada Online Gambling Sites

Nevada has a fantastic selection of Nevada online gambling sites, with most of its major casinos offering players the chance to gamble online from anywhere in the state, as long as they first register an account in-person at the casino. This page will cover key information about the various types of USA online gambling available in Nevada, as well as the best Nevada online gambling sites to use to participate in said gambling activities. Nevada is one of the best states in the country for gambling, and the Nevada online gambling sites are no exception.

All forms of online gambling are available to Nevada residents, but the large amount of red tape created by major casinos like the Bellagio, Caesar’s, the MGM Grand, etc. has made it so that international online casinos are often a preferable option for players. This page will compare Nevada’s online gambling selection against the offerings of major Nevada online casinos, as well as provide key information so that you know all the bets you are making are smart and safe.


Population3.08 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesLas Vegas, Reno

Number Of Land Based Casinos441

Gambling Revenue$8.76 Billion

State Licensed DFSYes

State Licensed Sports BettingYes

Land Based Poker Rooms62

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsSports Betting, Daily Fantasy

Best Nevada Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

There are dozens of different Nevada gambling sites available to its residents, and we go through all of them to ensure that the ones we recommend offer unparalleled quality and the best player experiences. It’s unfortunate, but many US gambling sites are nothing more than money sinks that care more about their bottom line than about building player trust by creating a memorable, fun experience.

The US gambling site reviews we create and recommend - mostly international casinos available to people all around the world - are industry leaders. They offer a secure, legal way to gamble from anywhere, and their years of service to gamblers have helped them cultivate a bulletproof reputation. All the sites we recommend are easy and accessible for both new and experienced players alike. They offer fast and easy banking and big payouts, as well as great promotional bonuses to help boost bankroll so players can win more.

Best USA Online Sportsbooks

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Best USA Online Casinos

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Best USA Online Poker Sites

Poker Site
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How We Pick The Best Nevada Gambling Sites

  • All our recommended gambling sites are well-trusted by their customers
  • Banking with these sites must be as streamlined and simple as possible.
  • Reliability and consistency are a must. Constant crashes or player issues can ruin otherwise great sites.
  • In the rare cases something goes wrong, our sites have top-notch customer service.
  • Payout rates must be generous so that our sites aren’t exploiting their player base.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Nevada

Nevada is one of only five states to offer fully state regulated Nevada gambling sites. Online players anywhere in the state can access every imaginable casino betting option, from slots to craps to sports betting. The only caveat to this player freedom is that residents must first register at a brick-and-mortar casino before betting with that casino’s licensed gambling website. This added restriction can be unnecessarily cumbersome. Nevada has made moves to remove such restrictions in other areas, but the in-person signup requirement for online gambling still exists, and still frustrates customers.

For players who don’t want to deal with the hassle of registering at multiple brick-and-mortar casinos and likely being guilted into spending additional money, global online gambling is a fantastic alternative to Nevada’s in-state options. These international gambling sites have all the same betting options as Nevada’s online gambling sites but can be accessed from anywhere without first registering in-person.

Nevada Online Casinos

Online Casinos

Most major Nevada casinos have a corresponding online gambling site. These are well-featured to meet industry standards, but the casinos are also well aware that getting players to visit the casinos is more profitable than having them bet from home.

Online casinos, both in-state and international, offer things like poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, other assorted table games, and more to their players. Evolutions like live dealer games have helped online casino gaming improve to the point that even the atmosphere can emulate what you would find at a brick-and-mortar casino. Some of the best USA online casinos in Nevada heavily emphasize emulating live casino play as much as possible.

Benefits of Nevada Online Casinos:

  • Better variety of game types
  • Live dealer play to simulate casino environment from home
  • Faster deposits and payouts
  • No annoying casino floor managers
  • Better payout rates

Top Nevada Casinos

MyBookie Casino

Using MyBookie casino to get in on different casino games is simple and one of the most trusted casinos that Nevada residents can turn to. They host any casino game that you could possibly think of here including hundreds of slots, tons of table games, and other specialty games like keno. The most convenient thing about using MyBookie casino in Nevada is that you don’t need to worry about crowded casino floors that hold you from playing your favorite games as you can play them instantly here.

Nevada Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks are easily accessible to Nevada's bettors. Nevada sportsbooks had to adjust and embrace online sports betting as a way to stay competitive with other states (especially New Jersey). Still, the in-state sportsbooks in Nevada are rudimentary compared to internationally-based USA online sportsbooks like MyBookie and BetOnline, which offer better odds, better bonuses, and more extensive options for game lines, prop bets, teasers, futures, and more.

Nevada’s online sportsbooks only offer the same variety of bets as brick-and-mortar casinos, which are limited in what they can offer by both their space and personnel. Online sportsbooks have no such limits, and as such are going to be the best way to wager on sports if you really care about getting the most from your money.

Benefits of Nevada Sportsbooks:

  • More games to bet on
  • Expanded selection of prop bets
  • Futures bets available earlier
  • In-play betting is much better
  • Create bets with just a few clicks

Best Nevada Sportsbooks

MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie sportsbooks is simply one of the top Nevada sportsbooks given all of the benefits that they have to offer including hundreds of odds, big paying promos, and different financial methods that you wouldn’t find at any of the retail books. Any odds that you would find at one of the retail books can conveniently be taken at MyBookie saving you a trip to the book and waiting in line. Unlike the retail books though, you can bet on sports here with cryptocurrency and even use a $750 promotion when doing so.

Nevada Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

Nevada has offered online poker ever since 2013, when the state legislature passed A.B. 114. As with online casinos, most major casinos in the state offer their own online poker. Poker sites in the US like BetOnline that accept all Americans tend to be more popular than the domestic online casinos because they have more resources to offer a better poker experience to their users. Also like online casinos, it is easier to register for online poker with an international website than it is for a domestic one because there is no “register in-person” requirement.

Benefits of Nevada Online Poker:

  • More variations of poker to play
  • Live or computer dealer options
  • Connect with global player base
  • Tournament play
  • Games are faster and smoother

Nevada Online DFS

Online Poker Site

It is baffling, but for all Nevada’s interest in gambling, officials in the state have opposed daily fantasy sports (DFS) from the start. Casinos viewed DFS as competition to their in-house sportsbooks, even though DFS and sports betting are very different things, and so all forms of DFS are illegal in Nevada. Every major online DFS provider, including DraftKings and FanDuel, is barred from operating in Nevada. Players can still participate in traditional fantasy, but real money daily fantasy is off-limits.

Benefits of Nevada Online DFS:

  • Most major leagues are compatible
  • Salary cap promotes parity between teams
  • DFS rewards knowledgeable players
  • Reset lineups after every period of games
  • Available options to reduce impact of unexpected hardships for players

Nevada Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Nevada online bingo is not as popular as many other gambling options. Bingo still enjoys a high degree of popularity, both as a form of charitable gaming as well as in older communities, but online bingo remains a niche market. Larger international online casinos like BetOnline offer online bingo, but smaller casinos with more limited player markets can’t afford to use resources on something that won’t attract many players. If you can find it though, USA online bingo sites are a fun way to pass the time, as it is faster and more accessible than regular bingo.

Benefits of Nevada Online Bingo:

  • Games go by much faster than real-life bingo
  • Can fill out a sheet automatically and track drawn numbers automatically
  • Don’t sit in a room with a hundred other players
  • Play with people all over the world
  • Big potential prizes

Best Nevada Bingo Sites

Café Casino

When it comes to playing online bingo in NV, instead of making your way to a bingo hall and dealing with crowded rooms, lines to buy your bingo cards, and smoke-filled air from the casino, you can simply buy your cards and play on Café Casino. They have several bingo games to choose from, seven to be exact, and each of them have different rules and payouts leaving you entertained all throughout your experience. Other than cash prizes though, they also offer casino rewards.

Nevada Online Lottery

Online Lottery

Nevada does not have any state-run lottery, nor does it have any options to buy online lottery tickets. As with daily fantasy, casino officials in Nevada are careful to maintain their stranglehold on gambling in the state, and a lottery is seen as a potential disruption to their unquestioned dominance of the gambling industry. There are a few reputable US lottery sites, with many of those sites offering lottery-style games and online scratch-offs in Nevada.

Nevada Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

Nevada does not have any horse racing tracks, but every major casino and online sportsbook in Nevada offers horse betting to their patrons. Horse racing is one of the most storied gambling activities in the country, and Nevada casinos know that they would be alienating a large segment of loyal gamblers by failing to include it. Unfortunately, Nevada residents are not eligible to use the TVG multi-state pari-mutuel wagering platform, but they can bet with international horse betting sites for US players, which offer more props and better odds for online horse races all over the world.

Benefits of Nevada Online Horse Racing:

  • Shop lines between different providers
  • Faster payouts
  • Access to more information about horses and racers
  • Betting takes only seconds
  • No long wait times or delays

Nevada Best Racebooks

MyBookie Racebook

With MyBookie, you can enjoy betting on hundreds of different horse races no matter the magnitude of them. They have several futures odds on horse races that can be bet on months in advance before the final pool of the race is even set. The best thing about using MyBookie to bet on horse races in Nevada is that you don’t have to wait in line at the race tracks to place your bets. You can just bet from your MyBookie account. They also offer an 8% rebate on your racebook account without any rollover required.

Nevada Online Slots

Online Slots

Slots are one of the most popular forms of gambling for players of all experience levels, and both in-state and international online casinos provide their players with a dizzying selection of new and classic slot machines. It is easy to host online slot machines, which require only a limited amount of computer processing power rather than the expensive machines required to operate physical slots. There are many great online slots sites in the US that take Nevada players, with the best being international sites like Ignition and Economies of scale combined with their huge player bases allow them to provide the best slot experiences in the world.

Benefits of Nevada Online Slots:

  • Change machines with one or two clicks
  • Bet what you want
  • Constantly changing selection of machines
  • Use classic slots that have gone out of circulation
  • Immediate payouts

Bet on NFL Games at BetOnline

Is Bovada Legal In Nevada?

Bovada Online Gambling

No. Nevada is one of the states that Bovada does not accept players from nor allow existing players to gamble while living or visiting there. This is per the rules of Bovada's terms and conditions which limit Nevada access alongside four other states. While this could be a way to back off the Las Vegas gambling industry, there is no direct competition between Bovada and that of Nevada sportsbooks.

  • If you're in Nevada looking for a sportsbook to gamble at, check out BetOnline. They accept players from Nevada. Use code: Bet55 for an extra boost on your bonus!

Mobile Gambling In Nevada

Mobile gambling is robust in Nevada compared to other states, with options for casino gaming, poker, slots, sports betting and more. There are well over a dozen major casinos offering mobile gambling sites in the US or full-blown apps. For those who place a premium on quality, international gambling sites are also accessible via mobile devices. These global gambling sites generally offer better features, superior infrastructure, and more convenient payouts and deposits.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Many Nevada sportsbooks have an accompanying mobile app, although most of these apps have been pushed out in just the last several years and the quality can vary wildly from site to site. International online sportsbooks cannot offer mobile apps via mainstream app stores, but they do have fully featured mobile sites that offer all the same features and functionality of an app. Sites like MyBookie and BetOnline offer a great product to mobile users.

Mobile Casinos Apps

Like sports betting, many Nevada casinos have begun to develop and offer apps for online casino gaming. These apps are somewhat rudimentary compared to what you might expect from a state that has had legal gambling for almost 90 years, but they get the job done. Global online casinos can’t offer downloadable apps for players in Nevada, but they all have optimized mobile sites. These mobile sites offer players all the same games, features, etc. that the full desktop site does. They also have an interface that functions perfectly with touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Nevada?

USA Online Gambling

Yes, online gambling is fully legal in Nevada, except for daily fantasy sports. Casinos hold a lot of sway in the state government, and they recognized years ago that online gambling is the best way to maximize revenue streams. Only large casinos have the liquid assets and experience needed to build and design competitive online sportsbooks, but “large casinos” encompasses half of the businesses in Las Vegas, so there are still plenty of operators to choose from.

Online gambling is also legal through sites based on the United States, which are not under the jurisdiction of either Nevada or American federal law. These international gambling sites are more accessible, only requiring that players be 18 years old. They also offer access to the full range of online gambling options with no unnecessary in-person sign-up requirement or any other counterproductive restrictions. For people who frequent Nevada’s many casinos, it makes sense to bet online with those same casinos to earn rewards points, but for others, international online casinos are more sensible and functional.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Nevada

Real money gambling is legal in Nevada. It is legal inside casinos, it is legal online for players anywhere in the state. With in-state casinos, players can deposit and withdraw money through typical methods like credit/debit cards and e-wallets. For international casinos, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is typically a faster and more secure way to transfer money. If crypto is unfamiliar to you, it is worth learning to take advantage of the huge deposit bonuses at real money gambling sites in the US.

Free Online Gambling In Nevada

There are plenty of free play gambling options in Nevada, but you likely won’t find any in a casino, which are designed to make as much money from players as possible. Instead, free US gambling sites are available online. Some online casinos offer players the chance to test out various games for free to get acquainted with them before risking real money. There are also freely available apps for games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and more. Removing the element of risk neuters a lot of these games, but free play can still be a fun way to pass the time. Nevada players can’t play daily fantasy, unfortunately.

Online Gambling Laws In Nevada

Gambling was first legalized by the Nevada legislature in 1931. The state has long had the laxest gambling laws in the country, although now New Jersey might be a legitimate contender for that title. Other forms of gambling were adopted over time, and online poker became the latest added to Nevada’s repertoire in 2013. Nevada always tries to stay on the forefront of the gambling industry because they rely so heavily on the popularity of gambling and Las Vegas as a state. Vegas casinos produce well over a billion dollars per year in tax revenues, making them an indispensable resource in a state otherwise strapped for cash.

Unfortunately, in recent years, other factors have begun to interfere with Nevada’s ability to offer players the highest quality gambling experience possible—namely, bureaucracy and stubbornness. Casino officials have been loath to take risks that might jeopardize even a small chunk of their revenue, and so Nevada has not been as aggressive in its adoption of online gambling as other states. Big casinos like MGM and the Bellagio want to limit their competition as much as possible. Because of this, the Nevada gambling industry lacks adaptability, which could lead to it being passed as America’s preeminent gambling destination within the next 30 years.

Legal Gambling Age In Nevada

All forms of legal gambling in Nevada require players to be at least 21 years old. While this is unfortunate, it is a byproduct of the dominance of the casino industry. They can get more value out of a liquor license if only 21 year-old-players are allowed into casinos, and brick-and-mortar casino revenues are their main priority. International online casinos are available to 18-year-old players, so bettors wondering about the legal gambling ages in Nevada should consider that.
  • Lottery: n/a
  • Parimutuel: 21
  • Casinos: 21
  • Bingo: 21
  • Online Poker: 21
  • DFS: n/a
  • Sports Betting: 21

Where Are Nevada Gambling Sites Regulated?

The regulations for gambling sites depends on where they are hosted and headquartered. Sites that are based in Nevada are subject to Nevada law, but sites that are based in other countries are under the jurisdiction of said country. This is why international sites usually have much looser restrictions on their players than domestic ones. All major gambling sites are held to strict regulatory standards, however. They all must meet certain requirements for payout rates, data security, technological capability, and customer service. See the full list of states with legal online gambling.

Who Can Play At Nevada Online Gambling Sites?

With Nevada-based gambling sites, the Wire Act requires that they geo-fence their user base so that only people physically located within Nevada can use them. International gambling sites do not face this problem, as they are free to players from every state, including Nevada. There are a few exceptions. Nevada’s status as the world’s gambling capital gives it some clout in blocking certain international websites, like Bovada, from allowing their residents to create accounts. Other than those few small road bumps, global gambling sites are available to both Nevada players and those from other states.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Nevada

Gambling Taxes in Nevada: 25% (federal)

Nevada does not levy a state tax on gambling winnings, but there is still a federal tax of 25% that must be strictly adhered to if the amount won was in excess of $5,000. Failing to report gambling revenues on your taxes is a federal crime and can merit a heavy fine. Gambling losses are deductible on your taxes, but only to the amount of money that you won. In other words, if you lose $1 million and win nothing, none of those losses are deductible, but if you lose $1 million and win $1 million, the two offset each other.

Gambling Revenue In Nevada

Gambling Revenue

The Nevada Gaming Control Board releases monthly financial reports of all state-licensed gambling institutions, and the figures are staggering. In 2019, casinos averaged over a billion dollars a month in revenue, collecting $12.1 billion in revenue just from slots and table games alone. At a hold rate of 6.88%, this amounts to over $175 billion in wagers. These revenues are taxed at a relatively low rate of 6.75%, which still generated well over $800 million in funds for the state to go toward things like education and pension payments. Even if New Jersey takes over the top spot for sports betting going forward, Nevada should remain a national leader for gambling revenue for years to come.

Future Of Nevada Online Gambling

While Nevada is in a great position overall regarding its gambling industry, Nevada gambling sites are unnecessarily limited by bureaucratic red tape. While you can play online poker and bet on sports, you cannot play online casino games except on offshore sites. Many people simply don’t want to make a dedicated trip to sign up for an account at a brick-and-mortar casino, so betting totals for all games could be boosted greatly by removing that requirement. One would expect lawmakers to do this at some point, but it will likely take several more years of being outperformed by other states.