North Carolina Online Gambling Sites

North Carolina Online Gambling

Legal North Carolina online gambling sites are available to the residents of North Carolina. Gambling legally in the state of North Carolina is more than just going to a poker room and playing some No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, and it’s more than buying scratch-offs at the local gas station as well. In fact, legal gambling in North Carolina has a lot of nuance and depth to it, and it’s important that you, the resident of the state, know your options when it comes to that.

Our mission is to make sure that you have all the tools you need in order to find the type of gambling you want to do and engage in that activity in a legal and responsible manner. To that end, this page covers everything from the best North Carolina online gambling sites, the laws about gambling in North Carolina, and even things like taxes and revenue statistics. Basically, this page is a comprehensive overview of gambling in the state of North Carolina, so let’s jump right in!

StateNorth Carolina

Population10.49 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesCherokee Valley

Number Of Land Based Casinos2

Gambling RevenueUnknown

State Licensed DFSYes

State Licensed Sports BettingLand Based Only

Land Based Poker Rooms3

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsDaily Fantasy

Best North Carolina Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

We review a ton of gambling websites here at USAOnlineGambling, and what that means is that we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen the big fish, and the small minnows, and everything in between. We use varied and selective criteria to identify the best places for our readers to go to gamble in North Carolina.

The first thing we look at is licensing – it’s important that any website we recommend be licensed by wherever they are located, whether that be in the United States or elsewhere. The point of licensing is establishing trust – if you are going to trust your money to a website, you need to know that there is oversight of that website.

We also focus on reputation. This is about trust, but from a crowdsourced standpoint – we want to send players to the websites with the best reputations because that demonstrates trust by the large majority of people. Again, if you’re sending money to a website, we want you to be damn sure it’s trustworthy.

Best Online Sportsbooks

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100% up to $300
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Best USA Online Casinos

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Best Online Poker Sites

Poker Site
100% up to $500
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How We Pick The Best North Carolina Gambling Sites

  • We look for sites with good reputations built over many years of work.
  • Always be on the lookout for signup and daily bonuses – free money is free money.
  • Listen to what other gamblers on the internet are saying – trust the wisdom of crowds.
  • We ensure that each gambling site offers a variety of games, from sports betting to roulette.
  • We make sure that each website has a variety of usable payment and withdrawal methods.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In North Carolina

When most people think of USA gambling sites, they think of one of two things. First, they think of the bookies offering odds on sports, and second, they think of James Bond playing poker, baccarat, or some other table game. While online casinos and sports betting are the two most popular ways to gamble online in the state of North Carolina, they are far from the only ones.

In the state, you can engage in any of the following types of gambling: online slot machines, daily fantasy sports, online bingo, online horse racing betting, online sports betting, online poker, online table games, and more. Basically, if you’re in North Carolina, you have access to gambling types all over the world, from the cheapest sportsbook to the ritziest casino games.

North Carolina Online Casinos

Online Casinos

Online Casinos are one of the most important parts of the North Carolina betting ecosystem. While states like Nevada are known for their casino gaming, the internet has brought casinos into the 21st century, and as such has made North Carolina have accessible online casinos for the first time in a long time.

These websites come fully stocked: you can play table games, or slot machines, and anything in between. You can even play with a live dealer casino so you can see the person dealing your cards. You can do whatever you want at an online casino. The only caveat is that these websites are located offshore – the state of North Carolina does not regulate or recognize them. They are, however, reputable and reliable, and regulated in the locations they are from.

Benefits of North Carolina Online Casinos:

  • Signup bonuses help you stay profitable
  • Membership comes with loyalty points that can reward you
  • Tend to have high wagering limits – you can bet about as much as you’d want
  • Can switch between games to spice things up
  • Bet from home, at work, or on the go

North Carolina Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

If you’re in North Carolina and you want to bet online, the online sportsbooks work and you will be able to access them, place bets, and collect your winnings. The only state-sanctioned sportsbooks in North Carolina are Native American casinos, which do not offer an online component to their sports betting. However, if you get the hankering for a brick-and-mortar sports betting experience, both Harrah’s Casino locations in Murphy and Cherokee have launched their sportsbooks in March 2021.

Benefits of North Carolina Online Sportbooks:

  • Shop lines between books so you can get the most value
  • No hometown bias means the lines are often better than at local sportsbooks
  • More types of bets, with greater availability
  • Bonuses can range from free money to risk free bets
  • Large variety of deposit and withdrawal methods allow you to get started quickly

North Carolina Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

When it comes to playing poker online in North Carolina, there are a lot of different options. All of these options, it’s worth noting, are located offshore and accessible via the internet. North Carolina does not allow poker outside of the Native American casinos discussed above, and while that doesn’t mean it’s illegal to play the game in the state, it does make it very hard to run a poker website from inside North Carolina. For this reason, many poker operators operate out of places like Canada and Costa Rica – so that they can provide their product as efficiently as possible. This is a long way of saying that you can play poker online in North Carolina if you know where to look.

Benefits of North Carolina Online Poker:

  • Allows you to play multiple hands simultaneously to optimize time spent
  • You can play on multiple virtual tables
  • Play on whatever your schedule is – there’s always an open seat
  • You don’t give up tells when you play online
  • Online poker means you can play from your home

North Carolina Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Almost all DFS operators are available to the residents of North Carolina. These operators, from FanDuel to DraftKings, are largely trustworthy and excellent providers of daily fantasy services. If you’re interested in playing daily fantasy sports, you can absolutely do that if you are a North Carolina resident.

Daily fantasy sports is one of the cornerstones of the modern sports ecosystem. For those unfamiliar, Daily Fantasy basically entails single day fantasy sports – you pick a team, you enter that team in a contest, and the winner gets prizes. If you’ve ever played fantasy sports, you know how it works.

Benefits of North Carolina Online DFS:

  • Improves the experience of being a sports fan on a weekday
  • Can play DFS with basically any sports, from basketball to soccer
  • Low cost allows you to get more bang for your buck
  • Easy to set and forget a lineup with little investment
  • Big tournament prizes make it profitable

North Carolina Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Online bingo has revolutionized what Bingo can be, and is fully available to North Carolina bettors. Now, it can be anything from a comfortable time waster with some money on the line to a fast-paced, multi-game experience that is more similar in feel to playing slot machines than it is to traditional bingo. If you’ve written off bingo in the past, it might be worth giving it a shot nowadays, especially online bingo.

Benefits of North Carolina Online Bingo:

  • Signup bonuses help keep you in the black
  • Receive offers and free cards via email
  • Worldwide tournaments turn Bingo into a whole different experience
  • Cheap and easy – can kill an afternoon or be a daily pastime
  • Large variety of types of boards and mini-games

North Carolina Online Lottery

Online Lottery

Being able to play the lottery online in North Carolina has been a luxury as you have access to all of your favorite lottery games such as Mega Millions, Keno, Pick 4, and Powerball all without having to purchase them at a retailer. To do so, you can purchase them on the NC Lottery app which is available to download to your mobile devices. In addition to the major lotto games, you’ll also be able to purchase scratch-off tickets. Regardless of whether or not you purchased your ticket online or not, the restrictions on getting paid out are the same. For prizes under $600, you can opt to be paid in cash, money order, and cashier's check. Any prize that is exceeding $600 though, you’ll be given an NCEL claims form.

Benefits of North Carolina Online Lottery:

  • Play and win lottery games from home
  • You can literally play from anywhere you have a mobile connection
  • Jackpots offer enormous payout potential
  • Interface is very simple – you can play in seconds
  • Money goes to support schoolchildren in North Carolina

North Carolina Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

Horse racing is a time-honored tradition in the state of North Carolina, and horse bettors are some of the most dedicated bettors in the state. That said, it is one of the few states that does not have state-sanctioned horse race betting. What that means, for NC bettors, is that they will have to use websites that are headquartered outside of the state of North Carolina in order to bet on horse races. Luckily, there are many of those – most websites will have online racebooks as well.

Benefits of North Carolina Online Horse Racing:

  • Bonuses and rebates help keep bettors in the money
  • Bets are trackable due to being located in one place
  • Sportsbooks host live race broadcasts from around the world
  • You can bet on multiple races at the same time
  • It’s very easy to grasp horserace betting

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In North Carolina?

Bovada Online Gambling

Let’s say you’re a North Carolinian and you really want to place a bet on the Carolina Panthers. You have to drive to either Harrah’s Casino Sportsbook in Cherokee or Murphy to do so. However, you could use Bovada in North Carolina as well, which is one of the premier online gambling sites. Bovada is available to North Carolina bettors despite being an online gambling service because it is located outside of the United States, and because the laws regarding online gambling are targeted at providers and not consumers.

North Carolina Online Slots

Online Slots

Everyone loves slot machines, but not everyone loves the experience of going down to your local casino, picking a seat, and pressing a button in an uncomfortable chair for a while. Online slot websites and online casinos make that experience much better, and allow you to play slot machines online from the comfort of the most comfortable chair in your house. Most of these websites are located outside of North Carolina, so there isn’t much to worry about on the legal front.

Benefits of North Carolina Online Slots:

  • Slot machine tournaments make playing the slots into a competition.
  • Games are always available with no wait time
  • Variable spin cost lets you modify your bets
  • You can get extra slot spins with bonuses
  • Incredibly easy to understand – you just click a button

Table Games At North Carolina Casinos

Although there are just two retail casinos available in North Carolina, they have all the bells and whistles to look forward to with many different avenues of gambling. Ranging from slot machines to poker, table games, and more, you won't have any problems in finding your go to casino game. The one benefit of both of these casinos is that they each have poker rooms at these locations as well as various spin-off poker games.

North Carolina Poker Games

  • Texas Holdem
  • Flop Poker
  • Let It Ride
  • Limit Holdem
  • No Limit Holdem

North Carolina Dice Games

  • Craps (Electronic Available)
  • Chuck-A-Luck
  • Hazard
  • Sic Bo


  • Single Deck (Electronic Available)
  • Double Deck (Electronic Available)
  • Hand Held
  • Spanish 21
  • 2 Card
  • Shoe Game

North Carolina Roulette Games

  • American (Electronic Available)
  • European (Electronic Available)

Mobile Gambling In North Carolina

Mobile gambling in the state of North Carolina is mostly done via online websites that work for NC players. What that means is that, since there isn't any state-sanctioned gambling outside of the lottery and DFS type things, mobile gambling tends to take the form of visiting the online sportsbooks or casinos or poker rooms on your phone when you’re in North Carolina.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

There are no state-sanctioned mobile sports betting apps in North Carolina.  However, all of the online sportsbooks have adapted to this new reality. Basically, when you go to an online sportsbook using a mobile device, you will see an app-like version of the website, so that you retain full functionality when using it on a mobile device. This allows you to place bets and play table games from the comfort of your home, or on the go!

Mobile Casinos Apps

There are no state-sanctioned mobile casino apps available to residents of the state of North Carolina. All is not lost, however, as there are many ways to play casino games on your phone. Many of the large online sportsbooks double as casino retailers, so you can go to their websites on mobile, and play table games and casino games that way!

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In North Carolina

Everyone loves the thrill of having real money on the line. For bettors in North Carolina, the best way to gamble online using real money is to use the online websites previously discussed on this page. Basically, there are plenty of websites that are not headquartered in the United States, and these websites can provide real money online gambling to North Carolinians.

Free Online Gambling In North Carolina

Maybe you don’t want to play for stakes yet? Maybe you just want to kill some time, or learn a game before playing it. That is no problem at many of the online casino websites. Simply look for the free play section – many games will have free play options – and make sure you’re there, and you should be good to go. Of course, gambling online for free has no monetary rewards, but it’s a good way to get familiar with the games you’ll be playing.

Is Online Gambling Legal In North Carolina?

USA Online Gambling

The answer to this question is a little complex. Basically, it is not legal to run any kind of online gambling operation in the state of North Carolina. Now, here’s how this works. The major online gambling companies are located offshore and thus are not subject to those laws. In this way, North Carolina bettors can access online betting on things that are not state-sanctioned and state-regulated.

There are a few areas of gambling that are state-sanctioned in North Carolina. As far as online goes, you can play the lottery online officially in North Carolina. There are also some brick and mortar Native American casinos that you can visit. For most everything else, the answer to where you can find online gambling is going to be outside of the state, but still accessible.

Online Gambling Laws In North Carolina

The regulation process to bring online gambling to North Carolina has been a long road that has yet to yield any successful results outside of two brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Online gambling in North Carolina is currently only legal when using licensed offshore sportsbooks and casinos that are available to residents around the country. North Carolina failed to pass any online gambling legislation during the 2022 session, despite attempts to do so right up to the June 30th deadline.

Legal Gambling Age In North Carolina

One thing that is incredibly important when it comes to legally gambling in North Carolina is remembering that there is a legal gambling age in each state and making sure you are above it. In North Carolina, the legal gambling age is determined depending on which type of gambling you are doing. Below, you can see a list of types of gambling, paired with the legal age to perform each act in the state of North Carolina.
  • Lottery: 18
  • Parimutuel: 21
  • Casinos: 21
  • Bingo: 18
  • Online Poker: 18
  • DFS: 21
  • Sports Betting: 21

Where Are North Carolina Gambling Sites Regulated?

All of the online gambling websites that North Carolina residents can use are located offshore. What that means, generally, is they’re located in places like Costa Rica, and subject to the inspections and regulations of the Costa Rican government. This means that they are licensed and regulated, just not in the United States.

Who Can Play At North Carolina Online Gambling Sites?

Players from all over the world can sign up to play at the online gambling websites that are located outside the United States. They aren’t limited to North Carolina players in any way. These websites are available to everyone that can access them.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In North Carolina

One incredibly important thing to do is to declare your gambling winnings as income. You cannot deduct your gambling losses in North Carolina, but you must declare your winnings. The last thing any online gambler wants is the IRS knocking at their door – do your taxes right the first time.

Gambling Revenue In North Carolina

Gambling Revenue

Gambling revenue in North Carolina is limited to the types of gambling that are state-regulated. For example, lottery funds in North Carolina go to the education of K-12 schoolchildren. There is some debate as to whether or not this is a good idea compared to simply raising taxes, as lottery outcomes are negative for most participants, but it seems to have gone generally unchallenged.

Future Of North Carolina Online Gambling

The future of North Carolina online gambling is mixed. For one thing, the North Carolina legislature hasn’t managed to get a bill through to regulate any further areas, and there has been no sustained effort to make it state-sanctioned and regulated. On the other hand, many surrounding states are taking steps to formally regulate the practice, and regulate it to gain tax revenues. North Carolina is exploring legislative options, such as NC SB 688, which would allow online sports betting in the state. SB 688, and a companion bill, SB 38, failed to pass the entire legislature in 2022, although there is still hope.