Washington Online Gambling Sites

Washington Online Gambling Sites

Welcome to USAOnlineGambling, the number one resource for online gambling information and information about Washington online gambling sites in the world. American gamblers wager tens of billions of dollars annually online despite the inconsistent availability of state-licensed legal online gambling. Washington is no exception. The state’s legislature has stood in opposition to online gambling for years, but residents continue to gamble online anyway because despite the government’s posturing, the practice is completely legal at many Washington online gambling sites.

This page will cover everything you need to know about legal Washington gambling, including which types of gambling are legal, the laws and history of Washington gambling, and which Washington online gambling sites best suit the needs of Washington players. From online poker to sports betting to daily fantasy sports, there is a wealth of available gambling activities even in states with restrictive laws like Washington. No matter what your preferred gambling activity is, this page should cover all the pertinent information about participating in that activity in Washington. It will also cover information like the legal Washington gambling age, mobile Washington gambling, the best gambling apps, and many other topics.


Population7.615 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesEverett, Auburn

Number Of Land Based Casinos35

Gambling Revenue769 Million

State Licensed DFSNo

State Licensed Sports BettingLegal

Land Based Poker Rooms33

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsOnly when inside land casino

Best Washington Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

There are numerous USA online gambling sites available to Washington players, and every single one claims to be the best. Unfortunately, many aren’t even worth looking at. At USAOnlineGambling, we thoroughly review all the important aspects of every major gambling site to filter out all the ones that aren’t up to par in terms of quality. Through a rigorous review process, we select only the best of the best websites to recommend to our readers. These recommended sites all have their own unique perks and drawbacks, but the most important thing to note is that all of them are legal, safe, well-trusted by their users and, have an excellent history of security. These are universal standards that we refuse to compromise on. Bettors are making a conscious decision to risk their own money when they gamble online, and they should be able to feel confident in the company they choose to bet with.

How We Pick The Best Washington Gambling Sites

Finding the best gambling sites for our players is a very involved process. We go through dozens of different websites, but any that don’t meet certain baseline standards are immediately disqualified. Those that do meet these initial standards can still be disqualified if they provide an overall subpar experience. Our goal is that all of our players be completely satisfied with their online gambling experience. Sites must be accessible and secure with a good variety and quality of betting options, and they must have a pristine reputation with their players.

Assuming all these quality standards are met, determining the “best” online gambling site becomes more subjective. Every player has their own preferences and priorities, so the best gambling sites will never be universal. Players who prioritize casino games will prefer sites that focus on online casino gaming, while players who prioritize sports betting will prefer sites that focus on their sportsbook. Other important differentiating factors include live dealer options, available banking methods and processing times, user interface, and promotional bonuses. Still, all the sites recommended on USAOnlineGambling must meet the following criteria.

  • All our recommended sites must be extremely reliable, with no performance issues or crashes.
  • For whatever types of gambling they offer, they must offer a variety of high-quality options to suit the needs of all players.
  • They must offer full-time customer service that is reachable through multiple methods of contact.
  • Data security is critical, and harmful data breaches or security concerns are an automatic disqualifier.
  • Payout rates must be player-friendly, because gamblers play to win.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Washington

Despite the restrictive nature of the state’s laws, Washington residents can access a huge variety of different online gambling types. The only caveat is that there are no in-state operators, so instead players use international online gambling sites that aren’t subject to Washington state law. Such gambling sites are accessible via any web browser with no needed extensions, so the lack of in-state online gambling operators sounds like more of a barrier to players than it actually is.

Washington Online Casinos

Online Casinos

Washington has a thriving tribal casino industry, but there are no state-licensed online casinos. Washington residents can still register with online casinos based outside of the United States to access a full range of online casino and table games.  Most online gambling sites feature an online casino component, but the best online casinos prioritize their casino gaming experience. Sites like Ignition and Café Casino do a great job of attempting to emulate a real-life casino experience in a virtual space.

Washington’s 29 tribal casinos are fun to visit, but they can’t match the convenience or the abundance of options inherent to online casinos. Through online casinos, Washington residents can play their favorite casino games from anywhere and collect their winnings immediately through Bitcoin. Online casinos don’t require long drives or interactions with intermediaries like cashiers to collect winnings or make deposits. In other words, they are faster and more accessible. Online casinos also offer great promotional bonuses to help new or returning players increase their bankroll.

Benefits of Washington Online Casinos:

  • More types and variations of casino games
  • Play from anywhere, on your phone or on a computer
  • Faster payouts and deposits
  • Bonuses worth up to $1,000
  • No wait times for your favorite games or for cashiers.

Washington Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

Sports betting is now legal in Washington, but it will likely be a long time before there are any state-licensed operators. Even once the first Washington sportsbooks launch, they will be restricted to on-site locations at tribal casinos. Thankfully, global online sportsbooks are a superior experience right now anyway. Online sportsbooks offer more events to bet on, better customer service, and a more streamlined process of placing a bet. Even once the first Washington sportsbooks launch, online sports betting will likely remain a preferable alternative for a long time, as the massive consumer bases of these online sportsbooks have provided them with the resources needed to offer an unmatched sports betting experience.

Benefits of Washington Sportbooks:

  • Bet on every imaginable sporting event, including games involving Washington college teams.
  • Better odds than local sportsbooks
  • Optimized mobile sites to allow fast betting from anywhere
  • Better payout rates than brick-and-mortar sportsbooks
  • Huge selection of prop bets.

Washington Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

As with online casinos, there are no state-licensed online poker sites in Washington, but there are internationally licensed options. Poker is massively popular, so most major gambling sites invest heavy resources into developing their downloadable poker software. By downloading this software, players gain access to online poker both against other players around the world and against a computer dealer, depending on the variation played. Each site offers its own poker variants, but the most common include Texas Hold ‘Em, Hi/Lo, and Omaha. Live dealer poker is also an option at some sites, although it requires a higher buy-in because it’s expensive to retain real dealers.

Benefits of Washington Online Poker:

  • Downloadable software allows players to play from home
  • Higher number of available poker variants
  • More buy-in options
  • Doesn’t require players to wait for a poker table to clear
  • Games are faster and more accessible

Washington Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Unfortunately, Washington is one of few states in the country to completely disallow daily fantasy sports (DFS). This includes all major DFS operators like FanDuel and DraftKings. These websites block all accounts registered in Washington, so there is no way to circumvent the state’s DFS restrictions outside of using a VPN to mask your location to the DFS site. This is highly inadvisable, however, as if you are discovered playing in a banned state, your account will be locked, and all your winnings will be voided.

Washington Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Online bingo is slowly gathering steam as an accessible casino game. Although bingo crowds skew older (and are thus less likely to play online), there is still a niche market for online bingo. Gambling sites that offer online bingo usually host it under a “specialty games” section, along with games like keno or sudoku. Some sites offer different variations, like 30-ball or 80-ball bingo. The main draw of online bingo is that you can play immediately without waiting for organizers to set up a game.

Benefits of Washington Online Bingo:

  • Play different variations of bingo
  • Join a game instantly rather than waiting for one to be scheduled
  • Collect winnings immediately
  • Different available buy-in levels
  • Games are faster and more intuitive

Washington Online Lottery

Online Lottery

Washington’s Lottery has been hugely successful for the state with its seven different draw games and nine different scratch-offs, but the state does not sell lottery tickets online. There are also no trustworthy international online lottery sites, and all sites that claim to run a trustworthy lottery should be treated with suspicion and avoided. Most are only trying to swipe financial or personal data from players.

Washington Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

There are two full-time horse racing tracks in Washington - Emerald Downs in Auburn and Sun Downs in Kennewick. Bets can be placed on location at the tracks, at a licensed off-track betting parlor (there are 13 such facilities throughout Washington) or online. The main online horse betting options are TVG, a multi-state horse betting platform for all legal horse racing states, or major international sportsbooks, which offer better odds but focus more on international racing events than local ones.

Benefits of Washington Online Horse Racing:

  • More types and variations of casino games
  • Play from anywhere, on your phone or on a computer
  • Faster payouts and deposits
  • Bonuses worth up to $1,000
  • No wait times for your favorite games or for cashiers.

Best Washington Online Casinos

100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
500% up to $5000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $4000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
4 Star Rating
200% up to $2000
4 Star Rating

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Washington?

Bovada Online Gambling

Washington has made it difficult to legally bet on sports online. That said, we know of nobody who has ever been arrested or prosecuted for using an online sportsbook, and we know that there are plenty of people in the state using Bovada without issues. The basic thing happening here is that, in most states, the world of online gambling is a bit of a legal gray area, but in Washington, they have a specific law that prohibits people from using online gambling sites. However, those sites are still available to Washington bettors, including Bovada. It’s sort of up to you if you want to use them - nobody has been punished for it before. It is likely worth consulting a lawyer if you would like to know more.

Washington Online Slots

Online Slots

Slots are the most common and popular form of gambling because of their elegant simplicity. Online slots take that simplicity up a notch because online slot machines don’t require expensive hardware to operate. Because of this, online casinos can host hundreds or even thousands of different slots on their websites at little added cost. The best part of online slots is that your favorite machines will never go out of rotation in favor of newer models, as online slots don’t require physical space within a casino. Other myriad benefits include easier deposits and withdrawals and adjustable betting rates.

Mobile Gambling In Washington

While state-sanctioned mobile gambling is not available, gambling sites based in other countries offer expansive mobile gaming options. These websites can’t offer apps on American app stores, so they have instead developed optimized mobile sites with an interface designed for touch screens. These mobile sites are easily accessible through normal browsers, as entering an online gambling site’s web address will automatically redirect you to the mobile site. These sites are supported by all major devices, including iPhone, Android, and tablets. As long as you have a secure wi-fi or data connection, these mobile sites are a safe and legal way to gamble.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

There aren’t any mobile sports betting apps available in Washington, but players can still bet on their phones using licensed international sportsbooks like BetOnline and MyBookie. These websites have developed optimized mobile sites for their users, accessible from anywhere without a download. These mobile sites function similarly to an app, with an optimized touch screen interface and access to the full range of betting options. Unfortunately, international companies can’t offer gambling apps through American app stores, so the closest actual app for sports betting to Washington is Oregon’s Scoreboard app.

Mobile Casinos Apps

Mobile casino apps are a similar story to sports betting apps. Washington does not have legal online gambling, so there aren’t any state-licensed casino apps. International gambling sites like Ignition and Bovada can offer players fully featured mobile sites optimized to function like a dedicated app, but they can’t actually offer downloadable apps in American app stores. Thankfully, these online casino mobile sites are brilliant, offering the full quality and depth of experience as their desktop counterparts.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Washington

Despite the state’s laws against online gambling, players can still bet, win, and lose real money on all their favorite gambling activities. Online gambling in Washington offers better payout rates along with easier banking. While most gambling sites accept traditional debit and credit cards for deposits, withdrawals are slightly more complicated. American banks can’t legally process payments from online gambling sites, so withdrawal can be inconvenient for players. Thankfully, cryptocurrency offers an easy way to bypass this inconvenience. Crypto transactions are usually processed immediately and money can be quickly transferred from a crypto account into a normal bank account.

Free Online Gambling In Washington

There are a number of free online casino betting apps available for play in Washington. Poker apps like Zynga, Appeak and World Poker Club do a great job of simulating a real poker experience without forcing players to risk real money. There are similar apps for other casino games, and sports bettors can place no-risk bets on their favorite events using ESPN’s Streak for the Cash game. Free gambling unfortunately lacks the bite of real money gambling though. The lack of a risk vs. reward dynamic ensures that free gambling loses its luster quickly.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Washington?

USA Online Gambling

This is not one of the regulates states with legal online gambling, but it is available. Online gambling is not supported by the state of Washington, but gambling through international websites is still safe and legal. The only forms of gambling that are legal in Washington are in-person gambling at tribal casinos, pari-mutuel wagering at various locations, brick-and-mortar lottery ticket sales, and a limited selection of gambling games at licensed non-tribal facilities. Lawmakers considered a bill, S.B. 6277, in 2019 that would have allowed online sports betting anywhere in the state, but the bill was ignored in favor of a more conservative bill that limited sports betting to sportsbooks located inside tribal casinos. For now, the only state-licensed form of online gambling is pari-mutuel wagering via TVG.

With no available in-state online gambling operators, and the Wire Act preventing interstate online gambling, international gambling sites are the only legal way to gamble online in Washington. These international operators are not subject to American federal law or Washington state law, and anti-gambling laws are not written to punish individual gamblers anyway. If sports betting is successful in Washington, it could prompt lawmakers to consider further expanding gambling options in the state to expand opportunities for generating tax revenue. Daily fantasy sports (DFS) seems like the next logical target for legalization, as most people would consider DFS to fall under the same umbrella as sports betting.

Online Gambling Laws In Washington

When Washington was integrated into the union as a state in 1889, its constitution expressly forbade all forms of gambling. Betting on horse racing was eventually legalized in 1933, but other forms of gambling remained illegal. Underground gambling still proved impossible to contain, and in the 1970s, lawmakers finally began to legalize various types of gambling. Casino gambling was prohibited until 1992, when the Washington Legislature signed its first gaming compact with the Tulalip tribe.

More compacts were signed and tribes all over the state began operating full-fledged casinos, and over time, it became accepted that Washington gambling should be conducted almost exclusively through these tribal casinos. The next frontier appears to be online gambling, but the state does not want to intrude upon the tribes’ monopoly over the state gambling industry and risk violating gaming compacts. Tribes seem content with the status quo for now, but as online gambling grows more popular across the United States, tribal leaders could begin lobbying the state for the right to offer statewide online gambling. Such an expansion would be hugely profitable both for casinos and for the state.

Legal Gambling Age In Washington

The legal gambling age in Washington is 18 years old. Many Washington casinos still elect to require that their patrons be at least 21 years old to maximize the value of their liquor licenses. International online gambling sites accept all players who are at least 18 years old for all forms of gambling. These sites may require you to demonstrate proof of ID, and failure to do so will result in you voiding your winnings.
  • Lottery: 18
  • Parimutuel: 18
  • Casinos: 18-21
  • Bingo: 18
  • Online Poker: 18
  • DFS: n/a
  • Sports Betting: 21

Where Are Washington Gambling Sites Regulated?

Because there are no state-licensed Washington gambling sites, all sites available to Washington players are regulated by their country of origin. International gambling regulations are generally much looser than domestic laws, and more player-friendly by extension. That shouldn’t be interpreted as a lack of security, however. Major international gambling sites are held to strict standards for payout rates, account and data security, and availability of customer service. These universal standards ensure that players are treated fairly and not exploited by online gambling operators.

Who Can Play At Washington Online Gambling Sites?

All the online gambling sites available to Washington players are available to players all over the U.S., with a negligible few exceptions. These sites aren’t subject to the Federal Wire Act or state laws about online gambling, and their only restrictions generally have to do with age—all major gambling sites require that their players be at least 18 years old. Players in other states can access the same range of gambling activities as players in Washington, including poker, sports betting, blackjack, slots, and more.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Washington

Gambling tax in Washington: 25% (federal)

Washington does not tax gambling winnings, unlike most other states that tax gambling as revenue. The federal government, however, still taxes gambling winnings in Washington at its standard rate of 25%. Gambling losses are deductible on your taxes up to the same value of your winnings, but no more than that. It is advised that you disclose all gambling-related income when you file your taxes, as failing to do so is felony tax evasion and will be prosecuted as such if discovered. This applies to online gambling winnings as well.

Gambling Revenue In Washington

Gambling Revenue

Washington has made great use of its lottery revenue and its casino taxes, primarily allocating them to an education system that ranks seventh in the United States, as well as pension funds and general infrastructure improvements. The addition of sports gambling to casino portfolios should add $10-20 million to those annual tax collections. Tribal casinos are not required by law to publicly disclose their finances, so there is no way to know exactly how much Washington residents wager every year, but the number is likely in the several billions of dollars.

Future Of Washington Online Gambling

With the surprising decision to expedite the process of passing a sports betting legalization bill in March 2020, Washington put itself in a decent position for the future of its gambling industry. Still, the limited scope of the law means that Washington will remain in the bottom half of states when it comes to gambling freedoms. Online gambling remains a distant possibility. Lawmakers could have passed a more expansive sports betting bill that would have allowed tribal casinos to operate online sportsbooks as well, but these were passed over in favor of a more restrictive bill.