Pennsylvania Online Gambling Sites 2024

Legal Pennsylvania Gambling

Between the hundreds of sports betting props, multiple legal casino betting sites, online poker, and more, Pennsylvania is one of the most accessible states for legal 2024 online gambling in the US. Being an influential gambling state, Pennsylvania was one of the first states to launch state-regulated sports betting and was the second state to launch regulated online casino gambling. PA is not only one of the most inclusive gambling states but they have no major restrictions for Pennsylvania gambling sites in 2024, allowing professional and college sports betting.

For most forms of online betting in PA, residents have to be over the age of 21 to engage in legal gambling activities. Between the regulated sites that have been recently introduced and the legal sites for USA online gambling that have been operating for over a decade, the PA gambling market is filled with legal outlets for online gambling through state-regulated and internationally licensed gaming sites.


Population12.8 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesPhiladelphia, Pittsburgh

Number Of Land Based Casinos15

Gambling Revenue$1.5 Billion in Tax Revenue

State Licensed DFSYes

State Licensed Sports BettingYes

Land Based Poker Rooms10

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsSports Betting, Daily Fantasy

Best Pennsylvania Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

With many different ways to engage in legal online gambling, there are hundreds of sites that offer the activity in Pennsylvania. There are regulated and internationally operated sportsbooks, casinos, and poker sites that are available online, as well as online lotteries and bingo sites. Depending on the type of Pennsylvania gambling site and betting activity, there are different limits and bonuses for deposits and processing times for withdrawals. When using online gambling sites that are state regulated in PA, credit cards are the most efficient form for deposits. However, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the fastest transaction method and charge no fees but are only accepted at internationally licensed gambling sites at this time. Players can learn more about the best websites to gamble in PA with by reading the 2024 USA gambling sites reviews that our experts have crafted.

Best Online Sportsbooks

50% up to $250
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $300
4 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
4 Star Rating

Top Online Casinos In The USA

125% up to $1250
5 Star Rating
200% up to $3000
5 Star Rating
150% up to $1,500
5 Star Rating
350% up to $2500
5 Star Rating

Best Online Poker Sites That Accept US Players

Poker Site
100% up to $500
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating

How We Pick The Best Pennsylvania Gambling Sites

  • Accessibility for all gambling types and live dealer action.
  • Prioritize the benefits of each individual gambling need.
  • Safe, secure, legal, and reliable monetary transactions for no or limited fees.
  • Licensed and regulated by a governing body.
  • Bonuses for online slots, including rebates, free spins, and tournaments.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Pennsylvania

Data is limited to the exact size of the state-level online gambling industry in Pennsylvania, but there are plenty of different options at Pennsylvania gambling sites. Some of the most popular options include sports betting, pari-mutuel wagering, slots, table games, and daily fantasy games. International online gambling is even more extensive and varied and offers all the above options along with more niche features like live dealer games, sudoku, war, bingo, keno, and more. Pennsylvania’s nascent online gambling industry is still in the early stages of its development, so with enough time it could surpass its international competition, but for now, the in-state options lag noticeably behind their more established competitors.

Best Online Casino In Pennsylvania

Online Casinos

Bovada offers the best online casino for all Pennsylvania players, with no restrictions to the types of games that can be played from a mobile device. There are hundreds of different slot games available to play at Bovada 24/7, with some of the most popular being the live table game options for Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and Baccarat. There are different types of bonuses that can be redeemed for all new players of the USA online casino site, with the highest bonuses through cryptocurrency deposits that have a 75% deposit match.

Benefits of Pennsylvania Online Casinos:

  • Play from anywhere, not just in Pennsylvania
  • Enjoy live dealer games from poker to blackjack
  • Find a table at whatever minimum you'd like
  • Play multiple hands at once without clogging up a table
  • Play at your own pace and at your own time

Best Pennsylvania Online Casinos:

  • Unibet Casino
  • SugarHouse Casino
  • Hollywood Casino

Best Pennsylvania Online Sportsbook

Online Sportsbooks

While online sports betting has always been extremely popular in Pennsylvania, Bovada is one of the most popular books because of how long it has been trusted in the state. At Bovada, players can place wagers on college and professional sports from their mobile devices, even if they are watching a game live at the stadium. There are future and live game props for all major and minor sports at the USA online sportsbook, with no restrictions for any Pennsylvanian bettors.

Benefits of Pennsylvania Online Sportsbooks:

  • Bet on a great variety of events, teams, and leagues
  • Better odds than brick-and-mortar sportsbooks
  • Easy to place a bet
  • Choose from more deposit and withdrawal options
  • Extensive live and in-play betting

Best Online Poker Site In Pennsylvania

Online Poker Site

While Pennsylvania does have many different online poker options in the state, Ignition has been used and trusted the longest in the state for legal online gambling. When using Ignition, players can choose from betting on quick and automated poker games or joining live tournaments with a large prize pool and minimal entry fees. However players decide to wager at the best online poker site in the US, Ignition will offer new player bonuses with up to $3,000 available through deposit match bonuses.

Benefits of Pennsylvania Online Poker:

  • Play with people all over the state or around the world
  • Play from home or on the go
  • Begin a game instantly
  • Faster payouts
  • Both computer and live dealer options

Best Pennsylvania Online DFS Site

Online Poker Site

DraftKings is one of the best online daily fantasy apps in the US, and is available for all Pennsylvania residents. With daily contests and minimum entry fees of $5, DraftKings makes it easy for bettors to jump into the action, without committing heavily to the activity. This DFS app in Pennsylvania is perfect for players that want to enter a single contest or 20 contests, with big prizes attached to every single lineup created.

Benefits of Pennsylvania Online DFS:

  • Lineup flexibility throughout season
  • Salary cap ensures fairness
  • Industry competition provides great player experience
  • Options for many sports
  • Full mobile compatibility

Best Online Pennsylvania Bingo Site

Online Bingo

Online bingo gives all Pennsylvania residents the chance to win big and Bovada offers the best online bingo casino games. Pesca Bingo is one of the more popular options at Bovada, with free play and real money versions available to all Penn players. This real money bingo game for US players allows for extra balls to be purchased, giving players an extra chance to win big on 12 different possible patterns.

Benefits of Pennsylvania Online Bingo:

  • Faster
  • More convenient and accessible
  • Usually higher stakes
  • More options and permutations
  • More banking methods

Best Online Lottery Site In Pennsylvania

Online Lottery

BetOnline delivers an inclusive and exciting online lottery experience, through many scratch off and keno games available for all online Pennsylvania gamblers. New players at BetOnline can receive up to $1,000 on their first crypto deposit and existing players can receive monthly reload bonuses that have a 20% deposit match. There are also weekly rebate bonuses and monthly prizes available for all players that hit up the US online lottery games played in BetOnline’s online casino.

Benefits of Pennsylvania Online Lottery:

  • Easy to purchase tickets from home
  • Helps keep lottery ticket sales consistent during, say, a nationwide pandemic
  • Check past winning numbers
  • Don’t feel obligated to buy a Slim Jim with your ticket
  • Risk a little to win millions

Best Pennsylvania Online Horse Racing Site

Online Horse Racing

Before betting on any live or future horse racing events, it can be beneficial for all Pennsylvania horse bettors to check out Bovada’s Racebook and the hundreds of different wagers available. Through a mobile device or computer, Pennsylvania residents can access USA online racebooks that offer odds and props on the biggest races around the world. There are even new player and rebate bonuses that can be accepted at Bovada for new and existing players of the book.

Benefits of Pennsylvania Online Horse Racing:

  • Bet on more races
  • Don’t need to drive to a track or an off-track betting facility
  • Access to more information
  • Virtual horse (and camel!) racing
  • Place larger bets with fairer odds

Best Online Slot Site In Pennsylvania

Online Slots

There are hundreds of options for online slots at Slots.LV for all players in Pennsylvania, with bonuses and instant deposits available. With the wide selection of slots, there are endless ways for players to win big at Slots.LV. That is especially true with the USA online slots site accepting the thousands of dollars in crypto deposits that are offered. Pennsylvania residents of all 67 counties can take advantage of the online slot machines at Slots.LV and request payouts on winnings that are processed and delivered within 24-48 hours.

Benefits of Pennsylvania Online Slots:

  • Lack of expensive physical machines means more variety
  • More ways to win
  • No waiting for someone else to leave their machine
  • Cumulative jackpots
  • Free play options

Bet At Bovada Sportsbook

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Pennsylvania?

Bovada Online Gambling

Bovada is a great resource to have available no matter what kind of gambling you are doing, from sports betting to playing poker, and so the question of legality is a common one. The basic idea is that if Bovada was located in the United States, they would not be allowed to operate, but they are not located in the United States. Similarly, the laws that are written about this are targeted at providers of gambling, not consumers of gambling. Bovada basically exists in a gray area, but the consumers of gambling, the users of its website, are not in the same gray area - in most states, there are no laws preventing them from using an online gambling website. One thing to keep in mind is that you must make sure you are over the legal gambling age, no matter what.

Mobile Gambling In Pennsylvania

Mobile online gambling is not only available in Pennsylvania but is actively encouraged by both state and casino officials. Major international Pennsylvania gambling sites cannot host apps on U.S.-based app stores. Instead, they offer mobile gambling sites for iPhones in the US that are also available on all major devices that are optimized for a touch screen interface and have access to the site’s full range of betting options. Mobile gambling is great both for dealing with an excess of downtime and for, say, betting on a Philadelphia Eagles game while watching it with your friends at a bar.

Pennsylvania also licenses plenty of in-state sportsbooks to offer mobile gambling. It taxes the revenue generated from these operators, which is great in theory, but in practice, it means that in-state gambling firms find novel ways of passing high tax costs onto their players. Individual players will have to decide which option is better for them. International mobile gambling sites offer better odds and payouts, while domestic ones offer more familiarity.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Major online gambling firms like DraftKings and FanDuel offer mobile sports betting apps to Pennsylvania players. International gambling sites can’t offer dedicated apps, but they can offer fully-featured mobile sites that function similarly to apps. The international mobile betting sites offer more betting options, higher and faster payouts, and more extensive customer service. Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie are probably the three online sportsbooks with the best mobile websites.

Mobile Casino Apps

Mobile casinos are a great way to pass the time, and Pennsylvania players have access to a huge number of Pennsylvania gambling sites for both free and real-money casino gambling. Other online casinos, based outside the United States, also feature great mobile play options for slots, table games, video poker, and more. The best mobile casino app will depend largely on your area of interest. Poker players will likely enjoy BetOnline's extensive list of poker game types, while slots players will prefer for its hundreds of specialized slot options. The most well-rounded option is probably Bovada, which offers its players a nice mix of different types of gambling.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Pennsylvania

As has been covered already, you can gamble real money in Pennsylvania, online and legally. Pennsylvania has embraced real money online gambling sites in the US in a way that few other states have, with widespread legislative effort for the industry. There are also numerous out-of-state gambling options that are not limited by the Federal Wire Act. All these online gambling platforms offer more options, more payment options, and an overall more streamlined and efficient experience than brick-and-mortar betting.

Free Online Gambling In Pennsylvania

Many online casinos offer free online gambling options for some of their most popular virtual games. These free-play US gambling sites offer many types of gambling, with games like slots, roulette, keno, and blackjack, allowing players to either play for fun in a low-stakes environment or to learn both the rules of the game and the system they operate on before risking real money. There are also dedicated free play options for every game you can imagine, many of which are freely downloadable on major app stores. Free online gambling can even win players money in certain tournament formats. Daily fantasy games are other popular options for free gambling, as they facilitate a deep engagement with the sports that we hold so dear.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Pennsylvania

USA Online Gambling

Online gambling is legal in Pennsylvania, both in terms of state-regulated online gambling and broader international online gambling. Pennsylvania is one of only a small handful of states in the union to offer fully legal online casino and sports betting, which were regulated in the state as a result of HB 271 in 2017.

So far, the gamble has paid off. For sports betting, which has been one of Pennsylvania’s primary focuses for industry growth, the state is now seeing over 89% of its total sports betting handle coming through online and mobile play at Pennsylvania gambling sites. As the online gambling infrastructure throughout Pennsylvania continues to grow and improve, it could potentially be worth several billion dollars a year, which would keep huge amounts of money in state and contribute greatly to statewide tax revenue. Gambling revenues are taxed at 34% in Pennsylvania, with individual cities taking 2% more on top of that. In other words, Pennsylvania has seen huge benefits from legal online gambling.

There are a solid number of in-state online gambling options, from major online sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel to online play options for big brick-and-mortar casinos like Sugarhouse, Valley Forge, and Rivers. These options are good, but customers can do themselves a service by considering international online gambling platforms as well. International online casinos generally have larger player bases than state-regulated ones, which means they can afford to offer more games and more favorable odds to their players.

Online Gambling Laws In Pennsylvania

HB 271 was introduced in January 2017 by a coalition of Pennsylvania lawmakers in both the House and Senate, with its primary sponsor being stated Congressman Jason Ortitay. The process of passing the bill was an arduous one, taking eight months and requiring extensive amendments, revisions, and rewrites. In the text of the final bill, the first 466 pages are nothing but failed language from previous versions of the bill, crossed out to indicate what has been changed. But eventually, Governor Tom Wolf signed the bill because it became clear that online gambling would economically benefit Pennsylvania immensely.

Legal Gambling Age In Pennsylvania

Most forms of gambling in Pennsylvania are legal to players who are at least 18 years old, but more traditional casino games, whether online or retail, are restricted to players 21 and up. This is fairly common in legal gambling states, as casinos generally have liquor licenses and it is more profitable to be able to sell drinks to a consumer base rather than being limited solely to gaming. International online casinos, however, are available to Pennsylvania players 18 and up. The legal gambling age for various gambling activities in Pennsylvania are:
  • Lottery: 18
  • Parimutuel: 18
  • Casinos: 21
  • Bingo: 18
  • Online Poker: 21
  • DFS: 18
  • Sports Betting: 18

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Where Are Pennsylvania Gambling Sites Regulated?

Gambling sites based in Pennsylvania are regulated both by federal gambling laws like the Wire Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), and by the Pennsylvania state government. International gambling sites are regulated by the country that they are based in. While American laws are generally more strict, international gambling sites still adhere to strict regulations for financial and data security, gaming integrity, and fairness toward players.

Who Can Play At Pennsylvania Online Gambling Sites

Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up for Pennsylvania online gambling sites, although players must be at least 21 to play at in-state online casinos. These in-state casinos are geo-fenced so that they are only accessible to people who are within Pennsylvania borders. Out-of-state players can still access all the same international casinos as Pennsylvania players. These international firms do sometimes have restrictions limiting players from certain states, but these are few and far between.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Gambling Tax Rate – 24% (federal) + 3.07% (state)

All gambling winnings in the United States are taxed at a flat rate of 24%, and gamblers are liable to pay taxes on these winnings as failing to do so is a federal crime. Gambling losses are tax-deductible, but only to the amount of money that you won while gambling during the year. Pennsylvania also taxes gambling winnings as income, and the income tax in the state sits at slightly above 3%. While it sucks to have to give away a portion of your winnings, it is still preferable to criminal charges.

Gambling Revenue In Pennsylvania

Gambling Revenue

Pennsylvania made a ton of money on gambling in 2019. The state’s slot machines alone handle over $2 billion in bets every month and earn casinos and other gambling operators in the state over $500 million in revenue annually. Sports betting has been similarly lucrative. The total sports betting handle in Pennsylvania for Fiscal Year 2020 was slightly under $2 billion, with revenues of over $128 million. The state taxes gambling revenues at 34%, with an additional 2% tax going toward individual cities. Altogether, this amounts to well over $100 million in statewide tax revenue between various forms of gambling.  

2021 was a remakably good year for Pennsylvania, and though we're still waiting on full revenue numbers, they hovered at nearly 1.5x the pre-pandemic numbers of 2019. Pennsylvania's online gambling industry has flourished in 2021, and should grow stronger in 2024.

Future Of Pennsylvania Online Gambling

Pennsylvania has already cleared many of the logistical and legal hurdles holding back the online gambling industries of other states. It has removed most barriers to entering the industry and promoted both growth and competition. Gambling revenues continue to set records, despite online gambling in Pennsylvania gambling is still relatively new. The future is bright for Pennsylvania gambling sites, and the state itself should see revenues hold steady or increase throughout the near future.