Colorado Online Gambling Sites

Colorado Online Gambling Sites

Colorado online gambling sites are a hot topic of conversation in Colorado. Online sports betting was approved by voters in 2019, and launched in 2020, meaning there are state based alternatives to the big international sports betting websites. Horse racing can be done both online and at racetracks. Colorado is also home to the Colorado Lottery which can only be played through the purchasing of tickets at licensed lottery retailers. As for casino gaming options outside of going to local venues, offshore internet casinos are legal for residents in the Centennial State to use for all of their internet gaming needs.

Not only are there offshore casino gaming options but there are state sanctioned Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) outlets as well as online sportsbooks for fans of these games to wager on. Whether or not the state has its own Colorado online gambling sites is irrelevant as fans of any kind of gambling for money can be done on the internet with the offshore operators that are available to residents of Colorado. Readers of our USAOnlineGambling network will have access to all of the information needed in order to become knowledgeable about Colorado online gambling sites.  From local to offshore sites, all that needs to be known about online gambling in Colorado can be found here.


Population5.75 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesDenver, Colorado Springs

Number Of Land Based Casinos42

Gambling Revenue$842 Million

State Licensed DFSYes

State Licensed Sports BettingYes

Land Based Poker Rooms4

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsSports Betting

Best Colorado Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

The best Colorado gambling sites are all located offshore. No casinos in the state allow for internet applications at the moment. However, residents have the ability to use multiple offshore online casinos. These casinos are licensed and regulated to do business with residents of the Centennial State. The games available at the best USA gambling sites will include slots, poker, and various table games.

The greatest gambling sites for the people of Colorado will not only have multiple games and years of being in business, but they will also have a lot of funding methods for members to be able to choose from. This will help when it comes to deposits and payouts. Two of the biggest benefits to the best online gambling sites in Colorado are that they feature mobile access for complete convenience to their members as well as numerous promotions and bonuses that one will not find at brick and mortar establishments.

How We Pick The Best Colorado Gambling Sites

  • Whether or not a site is licensed and regulated to do business.
  • The variety of games that they offer members.
  • Having easy payment methods that suit your needs.
  • Being a member of a gambling site that has mobile access is everything.
  • A site that has a handful of ways to get a hold of them if you have a problem.

Best Colorado Gambling Sites

100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
500% up to $5000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $4000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
4 Star Rating
200% up to $2000
4 Star Rating
50% up to $250
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
250% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $300
4 Star Rating

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Colorado

There are a number of different types of online gambling available for Colorado residents. No matter what kind of game you enjoy wagering on, it’s open for bets at internet casinos. These casinos are offshore but they are very much legal. They have games like bingo, slots, poker, sports betting, horse racing, and a ton of table games.

All of these games are eligible for gamblers in Colorado to enjoy. The only restriction comes in the age category. It varies as to what the legal age is depending on what type of gambling you choose to do. All of the ages are listed on this page by category. As long as you are the proper age in Colorado, there is a whole wide world of online gambling types open to you.

Colorado Online Casinos

Online Casinos

Colorado loves gambling but their land-based casinos do not offer any internet gaming platforms, yet. So what’s a snowed in Colorado resident to do when they want to gamble at the casino? Turn to online casinos, of course. These casinos are 100% legal to use in Colorado. There are numerous internet casino websites to choose from when looking to join a site.

Colorado online casinos have a large variety of games from poker to slots to blackjack and all of the most popular choices of interest to gamblers. Deposit and withdrawal methods are easy for members to be able to make transactions and an added bonus are all the promotions and rewards that players are eligible for when using these sites. Brick and mortar casinos do not have nearly as many promotions as online gambling websites do for players in the state. This page will list all of the best internet casinos to join to help bettors keep busy on those frigid Colorado days.

Benefits of Colorado Online Casinos:

  • Convenience. Being able to play casino games with your phone from anywhere at any time of day.
  • A large variety of games to choose from, as many or more than any Las Vegas casino.
  • Bonuses and promotions that allow for free gambling which could result in real money wins.
  • Reliable companies with customer service that are there 24/7 to fix every problem as soon as it arises.
  • Casino style fun at home style prices.

Colorado Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

Colorado is currently home to local online sports betting platforms. Gambling on sporting events became legal at the end of 2019 and a launch date for mobile applications in the state took place on May 1, 2020. There are multiple events that can be wagered on with the use of local sportsbook apps. Even after they have launched, sports bettors can use online internet sportsbooks for all of their sports betting needs. These sports betting sites are legal to use and list a wide array of events that span the globe. Gamblers in Colorado can have multiple sportsbook accounts for both state and offshore platforms and do so legally.

Benefits of Colorado Sportbooks:

  • Wagers from all over the world are available to bet on.
  • Political bets and entertainment bets are also available with internet sportsbooks.
  • Being able to use your cell phone to make sure all your wagers are in is one of the best benefits.
  • Lifelong freeplays with each deposit made to a member’s account.
  • The ability to shop lines for the best odds around.

Colorado Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

Coloradoans love poker so their love of online poker is no different. It’s the luxury of playing poker without having to put on pants. If you find that at a brick and mortar facility, where are you gambling? There are no state sanctioned poker sites for residents to gamble on the game but that does not mean there are no options.

Offshore internet casinos provide a wide variety of poker for fans of the game. They have live dealer games, various types of poker, and access to get involved in poker tournaments. All of these activities are legal for gamblers in Colorado to take part in. With the amount of poker that can be done legally online and the convenience of being able to do it from anywhere with the use of a mobile phone, why would anyone ever choose to play any other way?

Benefits of Colorado Online Poker:

  • The ability to enter tournaments and play from home with your desktop computer or mobile device.
  • Having a number of different poker styles available at your fingertips with the click of a button.
  • Playing for real money with legitimate businesses that will get your winnings to you quickly.
  • Having sites that include live dealer style games to make the experience that much better for the bettor.
  • There are no drink minimums or smoke filled lounges to worry about.

Colorado Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Colorado online Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a legal activity for residents to participate in. DFS is one of the few internet options for gaming that Colorado allows gamblers to enjoy at a state level. There are plenty of websites where DFS can be found for Coloradoans that love the game. Offshore internet sites are also a very real option for DFS as well. DFS fans in Colorado have double the amount of choices when it comes to finding an outlet on the internet to wager on their game of choice.

Benefits of Colorado Online DFS:

  • Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) was made for the internet gamer in mind making that a benefit in itself.
  • Being able to be an introvert and yet still interact with others through a screen makes life a little less lonely.
  • Being part of a community while also being able to make money doing something fun is kind of the dream.
  • Having various DFS sites to choose from and join to be able to have more options when gambling on the game.
  • Not having to leave where you are in order to play.

Colorado Online Bingo

Online Bingo

There are a number of online Colorado bingo sites for enthusiasts of bingo to join. State-affiliated bingo websites are non-existent but offshore casinos offer bingo to their players. Bingo is a very popular game in the Centennial State and there are over 60 halls throughout the state where players go to play the game in person. With online bingo, there is no need to fight the snow in order to get your fix, making it a great choice for lovers of the game in Colorado.

Benefits of Colorado Online Bingo:

  • Playing bingo online means you can be a young person and not feel so bad if you’re in a crowd of older folks.
  • Having a large number of bingo games to choose from all in one place.
  • Not needing to catch the bus to a bingo hall because everything can be done on a computer or cell phone.
  • Playing for real money at whatever time you’d like to play, even if it’s when you wake up at 4 am.
  • The possibility of meeting others on the internet that enjoy gambling on bingo.

Colorado Online Lottery

Online Lottery

The Colorado Lottery does not have any online lottery options. All purchases must be made at retail locations. Scratch offs and lottery tickets can be checked online with an account on the state’s lottery webpage. Scratch off tickets can be entered into the system to see how much a ticket has won, the way the machines at stores work for such tickets. No other websites allow for  online lottery play in the state of Colorado.

Benefits of Colorado Online Lottery:

  • Colorado does not have any online lottery options however, here are some of the benefits.
  • Not having to go to a retail location to purchase tickets.
  • Being able to buy as many tickets as you’d like without holding up the line.
  • Never forgetting your ID and making the whole trip to the store a waste of time.
  • Worrying about making it on time before the cutoff is no longer a worry if you can make your purchase online.

Colorado Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

Colorado online horse racing is available with various advanced deposit wagering services for the Centennial State. These online horse racing options are offered along with the racetrack betting at horse race track locations. Not only can gambling on horses be done in this manner, there are multiple offshore internet sports betting sites that are legal for residents of Colorado to use. They cover a number of horse races on a global scale for bettors in the Centennial State to enjoy once they are members of such sites.

Benefits of Colorado Online Horse Racing:

  • Being able to wager on horse races from all over the world.
  • Accessing live betting where you can bet on the race as its happening right in front of you.
  • Having the best odds on the horses and the greatest information available before making any decisions.
  • Potentially receiving higher payouts due to better odds than at a typical racetrack.
  • Not needing to purchase a really ugly hat that you’ll or they’ll only wear once

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Colorado?

Bovada Online Gambling

Bovada is one of the most popular and influential online casinos. People across America use Bovada for things like sports betting, playing poker and other types of online gambling. But, is it legal to use Bovada in Colorado? As far as users are concerned, the answer is yes. There is nothing prohibiting the use of online sportsbooks and casinos like Bovada, as long as the user is above the legal gambling age in the state. So, if you want to place a bet on the Rockies or the Avalanche, you're good to go. However, the website would likely not be allowed to operate were it located in Colorado, which is a big part of why Bovada and other websites like it tend to be headquartered outside the United States, and accessible via the internet.

Colorado Online Slots

Online Slots

Colorado online slots are available by way of offshore casino sites. No casinos in the state offer online platforms for gamblers to use. However, there are both slot machine websites dedicated solely to the slot machine game as well as online casinos with slot title offerings. It is legal for all gamblers in Colorado to become members of these websites and play all of the games available through these applications. If possible, some of the best online slots sites are ones that are all encompassing casinos so that players have multiple games to play at their fingertips.

Benefits of Colorado Online Slots:

  • Having hundreds of slots to play all within one website.
  • Never waiting on some person to get off the machine you want because they are always available.
  • Wagering more than just a coin at a time on with different slot games.
  • Winning free spins that equate to bigger winnings in the long run.
  • Being able to play from home on nearly every game.

Mobile Gambling In Colorado

Mobile gambling in Colorado is available for horse racing, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), and sportsbooks. Outside of that, casino gaming is available with the use of offshore internet casino websites. These sites do not offer downloadable applications for mobile phones but are all sites that are accessible through mobile devices. Members can log into their accounts with the use of their cell phones. Everything that is available on a desktop casino website can be done on a mobile device from gambling to changing account information and making deposits and withdrawals. This allows internet casinos to be extremely convenient as they can be accessed at any time of day from wherever you are with the use of a cell phone.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile sports betting applications in Colorado are available for both state and offshore applications. Colorado online sportsbooks are up and running. In addition to those, the offshore sports betting sites are legal to use and can be used with mobile devices. While these sites do not have actual apps for download, they can be accessed on cell phones with the use of the internet. These sportsbooks allow their desktop versions to be fully used on a member’s mobile device. This is not only convenient but now it allows sports bettors to have their sportsbooks on hand 24/7 to place bets whenever they’d like from wherever they are.

Mobile Casinos Apps

Offshore internet casinos can be used on mobile devices with the use of the online casino’s mobile interface. Desktop websites are condensed down to fit into the palm of your hand. They have everything that the computer version offers made for the convenience of a cell phone. All casino action from games to account information can be accessed through a users’ mobile device. And a bonus to not being an actual app means more storage space on your cell phone for all those selfies of you out and about while still being able to gamble.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Colorado

Real money online gambling sites in Colorado are offshore gambling websites. They offer their members a wide variety of games like slots, baccarat, and plenty of table games. With all of these offerings comes multiples methods for funding your gambling account in order to play for real money. Every site takes debit and credit cards and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Outside of these methods, different gambling businesses will take different forms of payment depending on which site you decide to join.

The most popular methods used at real money online gambling sites are the most common and widely accepted ones which are Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and debit and credit cards. After putting money into your account, you can begin gambling right away for the chance to profit in a major way. Unless you’re just terrible at the game you chose to wager on, in which case you’ll lose and deplete your online account of the money you recently deposited. However, if you win, you can request an easy payout with one of these methods. Whether it’s making deposits or withdrawals, doing so with online casinos for Colorado residents is a very simple process.

Free Online Gambling In Colorado

Many free online gaming options exist for Colorado gamblers. These free options can either be a section within a paid internet casino site or an altogether free gambling website.  Gambling for free means a player has all the thrills of playing casino games without any of the risk of putting down real money. Using fake money allows players to practice their game, have fun, and play for high stakes which is something they may never be able to do when playing with real money. It’s a fun experience for anyone that loves casino games without the fear of losing anything.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Colorado?

USA Online Gambling

Colorado is one of the lucky states that have legal online gambling. Online casino gambling is legal in the state of Colorado. Residents have access to online horse race betting, sports betting, and Daily Fantasy Sports which are state sanctioned. For all other casino gambling like roulette, poker, slots, and table games, gamblers in Colorado can play on offshore casino sites that are legal. The Centennial State is full of people that have been members of websites such as these for years. Offshore internet casino operators are located in areas like Curacao, Canada, Costa Rica, and the UK. They are all licensed and regulated to operate in their home countries.

This makes them legitimate businesses that are eligible to accept gamblers from the United States for legal gaming purposes. The only issue that may arise from using these sites comes from an old federal gaming law known as the UIGEA which could decline your credit or debit card when trying to fund your account. This is not a big deal, just a big annoyance and does not always occur. If it happened often, then members wouldn’t use the debit or credit card methods for their online gambling accounts but they do. Other than this minor issue, using legal state online gambling sites in Colorado is a terrific experience and all of the best websites to join can be found on our network.

Online Gambling Laws In Colorado

Online gambling laws in Colorado are simple. There are laws for state based DFS, horse betting, and sportsbooks. There are no laws set in stone for casino gambling on the internet. This means that online gambling for residents in the Centennial State can be done through offshore online casino websites. These sites are open for gamblers in Colorado to join and participate in. They are licensed, legal, and regulated to be used. Their licenses and regulations come from their home countries where their operations are based. This makes them a legal form of online gambling for all players in Colorado interested in participating in internet gaming.

Legal Gambling Age In Colorado

The legal gambling age in Colorado depends on what game residents are looking to put money on. Just like the voting age is 18 but the drinking age is 21, different games have different age requirements. It’s almost an even split between the ages of 18 or 21 being the two legal ages set for various games of chance or skill. Offshore online casinos and sportsbooks have a required age of 18 to obtain membership, however, it’s best to abide by the legal gambling ages for the activities set by the Centennial State before playing. Below you will find the ages players must be by law in order to gamble legally in Colorado.
  • Lottery: 18
  • Parimutuel: 18
  • Casinos: 21
  • Bingo: 18
  • Online Poker: 18
  • DFS: 21
  • Sports Betting: 21

Where Are Colorado Gambling Sites Regulated?

Online gambling websites for the state of Colorado are licensed and regulated in the countries that they are based out of. These countries more often than not are Costa Rica, Curacao, Canada, and the UK. By U.S. law they may provide their services to residents in the Centennial State as well as nationwide and even on a global scale if that’s a tidbit of information that interests you. The reason they can do business worldwide is because they are legitimate operators that have to adhere to strict rules in their countries to obtain licensure and be able to branch out and allow membership services to other places around the globe.

Rules that these gaming operators need to follow to maintain their businesses are a lot like the rules for gambling by licensed casinos in the United States. However,  it is much easier to get a license for an internet gambling business overseas than it is in the U.S. as the subject is still taboo in some parts of the nation. Once companies become licensed in their home countries they can begin to allow members from the U.S. and the lovely state of Colorado to enjoy all of the games they have to offer through their internet platforms.

Who Can Play At Colorado Online Gambling Sites?

Gamblers in the state of Colorado that meet the legal age requirement are the people that are eligible to play on online gambling sites. Most internet based offshore casinos and other gaming platforms require that their players be 18 years old or older in order to gain membership. But the state of Colorado requires those that engage in gambling to be anywhere from 18-21 to be able to legally play games. All residents that are interested in joining an online gambling site must first see what age they have to be in the Centennial State before they join. The legal ages for each type of gambling is listed on this page. While 18 is the age requirement by websites, it is always best to abide by state legal ages to avoid any future conflicts that could easily be avoided by being the proper gambling playing age in Colorado.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Colorado

Taxes on gambling winnings have two rates in Colorado. One is the state tax rate while the other is the federal tax rate. The state tax on all money made through gambling is set at 4.63% while the federal rate is 24% on all winnings. In total, that’s a combined 28.63% that gamblers in Colorado need to pay on all earnings related to gambling each year. It is up to the residents engaging in the games to be sure to include all gaming financial profits on their tax returns. Failure to do so could result in money owed to the state of Colorado in the future that could come out to be one big chunk of a payment to the IRS.

Gambling Revenue In Colorado

Gambling Revenue

The land-based casinos of Colorado make millions of dollars each year in gambling revenue for the state. Operators have to pay the Centennial State a part of all their annual earnings in the way of a tiered system which is taxed by how much each business brings in each year. These profits go to Colorado and help toward various economical funding needs like the school system. Should online casino business ever become part of the equation for the state, their revenue stream could result in even bigger numbers that would be all for the benefit of the people of Colorado and it’s thriving economy due to the popularity that online gaming would bring.

Future Of Colorado Online Gambling

The future of online gambling in Colorado could very well be the next big thing. With retail based casinos already peppered throughout the state, DFS, a state lottery and now the addition of  sports betting and a mobile platform for it, there is no reason to think that casinos will not be offering internet access for their games one day. However, until that day comes, the residents of the Centennial State have plenty of online offshore options available to them to legally gamble on whatever game they enjoy most. You know the game, the kind you dub your game because you’re so good at it, you claim to own it. All of those titles are online to “own” at your leisure.