What Kinds Of Rugby Exist To Bet On?

There are multiple types of rugby to wager on - Rugby Union and Rugby League. The major difference between the two is team size, with Rugby Union taking 15 players, and League taking 13. Additionally, they tend to be popular in different parts of the English speaking world. in the world of USA online gambling, the Rugby League sees faster gameplay due to limiting the occurrence of rucks and mauls, and putting a limit on how long one team can maintain possession of the ball.

What Are The Major Ways To Bet On Rugby?

The top ways to bet on rugby will be familiar to anyone with any experience at rugby betting sites. They are:

  • Moneylines
  • Spreads
  • Totals
  • Futures

Moneylines: Rugby moneylines handicap individual matches. For example, Team A could be a -200 favorite, which would mean that you have to bet $200 to win $100 on them.

Spreads: Rugby spreads are another method of handicapping. With a spread, Team A could have odds that put them as 10 point favorites, which means they need to win by more than 10 points for those that bet on them to win.

Totals: Totals wagers refer to the total points scored in a game, and generally are set such that bettors pick over or under a number that the sportsbooks have devised.

Futures: Futures bets are given in moneyline form, and refer to events that are far off in the future, such as betting on who will win the Australian National Rugby League when only the first week has happened.

Where To Bet On Rugby:

Rugby betting can take place at rugby betting sites across the world, but the majority of it takes place at USA online sportsbooks located outside the United States. These sportsbooks are international, which means they offer wagers on sports far outside of the US norm, like rugby. They are regulated and safe to use inside the US, and they have been used by bettors both inside and outside of the US for generations.

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What Makes A Rugby Sportsbook Good?

There are tons of different rugby betting sites out there, but what makes the right sportsbook for you if you are a fan of rucks and mauls? We've come up with several criteria for rugby sportsbooks, each of which is important, and we believe these are what you should be looking for when you pick sportsbooks. As a note, you should select multiple sportsbooks that meet these criteria, as it is important to shop lines.

Qualities Of Top Rugby Sportsbooks

  1. Regulated And Trusted - Your rugby sportsbook should be regulated in its country of origin, and have a good reputation.
  2. Odds On Union And League - Your sportsbook of choice should have odds on both styles of Rugby.
  3. Reliable Real Money Deposits And Withdrawals - Your chosen sportsbook needs to have easy and safe ways to move money around.

Rugby Mobile Betting Apps

Online Sportsbooks using Bitcoin

Mobile betting apps are available in the United States, but many state sponsored sportsbooks do not offer rugby odds. Unfortunately, those state sponsored sportsbooks are the only ones that have official apps on the Google Play Store and App Store.

However, rugby betting sites offer odds on rugby, and they can be used on mobile devices via mobile websites. All you have to do is visit one of them in your device's mobile browser, and you should be ready to bet with mobile gambling sites. When you've done this, your phone will automatically notice that it's a mobile website, and display an app-like version of it for your ease of use.

Rugby Live Betting

Live betting is available on rugby, although it's not particularly special. Bovada and other online sportsbooks offer live betting in that their lines change and move as the matches happen, and bettors can place wagers on the live lines when they are in progress. This is not always available - the bigger the event, the more likely they are to put the effort into providing live odds - but it is occasionally an option at the online sportsbooks. The Australian NRL is one of the more well known rugby leagues, and will more commonly have live odds.

Top Three Rugby Live Betting Wagers

  1. Who Will Score Next?
  2. Live Moneylines
  3. Live Spreads

Rugby Betting Bonuses

Rugby betting is most commonly available at international rugby betting sites as opposed to state-regulated ones, as it's a more popular sport outside of the US than inside it. Rugby deposit bonuses are the best way to get additional cash for your wagers, and you will want to weigh the value of the bonus against the amount of rollover imposed on it.

Best Rugby Deposit Bonuses

  • Bovada's 50% Bitcoin Match Bonus - 5x Rollover - Code: BVSBITCOIN50
  • MyBookie's 50% SportsĀ  Bonus - 10x Rollover - Code: MYB50
  • BetOnline's 100% Crypto Bonus - 14x Rollover - Code: CRYPTO100

Rugby League Vs. Rugby Union

Rugby Union is more popular in Europe, specifically close to the British Isles, while Rugby League is the popular form of play in places like Australia and New Zealand. There are also several differences in how the rules for each of them work.

Rugby League

  • 13 players
  • Six tackle limit on possession
  • No rucks or mauls

Rugby Union

  • 15 players
  • No tackle limit on possession
  • Rucks and mauls occur only after tackles

Rugby League is a faster experience, thanks to the tackle limit, and the reduction of rucks and mauls, while Rugby Union is the more traditional - and violent - of the two.