Top Online Casinos In The USA

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How Does Online Blackjack Work?

Online blackjack follows the same rules as traditional blackjack at online blackjack sites for USA players. A player and a dealer both receive a hand to have a total hand value as close to 21 without going over. The player is the first to choose whether to hit (receive another card), double down (double their bet and receive another card without the option to hit again) or stand (lock in their hand). Then it is the dealer’s turn. If the player’s hand busts (goes over 21), it is an instant losing condition.

Most online blackjack sites run their games through a browser or blackjack app. Online blackjack games are played against a computer dealer or live blackjack dealers that you can see over a video feed.

Best Online Blackjack Sites For USA Players

Best Online Blackjack Sites

Major online casinos are generally the best bet for safe and legal blackjack online. These online casinos have the resources needed to invest heavily in their gaming technology, meaning that their online blackjack games are smooth, well-developed, and have already been tested thoroughly by huge player bases. Websites like Bovada and Ignition are best for USA online gambling; built on global brands, their top-notch online casino includes both live and computer dealer blackjack games.

Live Dealer Blackjack - Online Casinos With Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack

They are a relatively recent invention, but live dealer blackjack games have quickly gained popularity. As technology has improved over the past several years, it has become possible for online gambling sites to emulate the experience of actual casino betting by connecting players via video feed to an actual dealer. Live dealers will react and respond verbally to player messages and they deal using a physical deck of cards. The main functions of live dealer blackjack are creating an experience that closely resembles that of a traditional casino and providing skeptical players with peace of mind that they are not being cheated by a card shuffling algorithm.

Many online casinos have begun offering live dealer play options for blackjack along with a selection of other popular casino table games. Whereas a few years ago live dealer play was a unique way for a company to set itself apart from the competition, it is quickly becoming an industry standard and an expectation from players. Most major online casinos have adopted live dealer blackjack.

Online Blackjack For Real Money

It is possible to bet, win and lose real money playing online blackjack no matter where you are in the United States. There are a handful of states that offer state-regulated online blackjack, and online casinos based in other countries offer real money online blackjack to players throughout the United States. The states that offer fully legal online casino gaming—New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania—have some great online blackjack options, but for most players international online casinos are the best legal way to play.

These international sites are not subject to federal or state anti-gambling laws. These online casinos accept deposits and withdrawals through a variety of payment methods. For deposits, credit/debit card payments are accepted, but cryptocurrency is the recommended method of transaction because it also functions for withdrawals and crypto transactions are processed nearly instantaneously. Online blackjack deposits with international casinos are also eligible for huge deposit bonuses, which are covered further down on this page.

Free Online Blackjack For US Players

There are plenty of free online casinos for blackjack in the U.S. that serve as a nice distraction for a few minutes on the way to work or while waiting in a doctor’s office. Without the risk-reward element, find a free bet blackjack game at any of the gambling sites we recommend in their practice mode. Playing free versions of various real money blackjack games, get a better feel for both the game itself and its expected payouts.

Bovada Casino

Popular Online Blackjack Games

Blackjack has a number of variations. Like most table games that have been around for decades and been played by millions of people, blackjack evolved differently in different regions and with different populations of people. Traditional single hand blackjack evolved into multi-hand blackjack, pontoon, and dozens of other increasingly niche subgenres of the card game. While there are far too many variations of blackjack to list here, a few of the most popular that can be played online are:

Mobile Blackjack Apps

Mobile Blackjack Apps

Blackjack is also available on mobile gambling sites with international online casinos. Having developed specialized mobile sites that are optimized to provide full functionality, they don't require you to take up space on your phone with a blackjack app for USA players. Mobile sites look and function exactly like a desktop.

Blackjack Bonuses And Promo Codes

One of the biggest incentives of online blackjack sites is the prevalence of huge deposit bonuses to benefit players. Most of these bonuses come in the form of deposit matches wherein a website offers to match a portion of a player’s deposits. The percentage of that portion varies depending on what the deposit is funding, what payment method is used, and what seasonal or time-sensitive promotions a gambling website is running at the time of the deposit. Some of these bonuses require specific codes, while others are automatically applied when a deposit is made. Every deposit will be listed alongside its terms and conditions.

Blackjack bonuses usually fall under the general umbrella of “casino bonuses” and can be worth up to several thousand dollars depending on the website. Bovada, for instance, offers players multiple 100% deposit matches worth up to $1,000 each using pre-set codes. These bonuses do require players to wager the full value of their deposit before cashing out any winnings, but the bonus money is an amazing cushion for players to start winning faster.

Notable Blackjack Bonuses

  • Bovada: 100% deposit match up to $1,000 (redeemable three times, codes: NEWWELCOME and BV2NDCWB)
  • Ignition: 25% Bitcoin deposit match Bonus up to $1,000 (Unlimited uses)
  • Café Casino: 500% deposit match up to $5,000 (only valid with first deposit)
  • 200% deposit match on first deposit, 100% deposit match on next three up to $1,000 each (codes: HELLOSLOTS200 and HELLOSLOTS100, respectively)

Online Blackjack Software

Every online blackjack site uses a different software. Most contract a third-party company that specializes in blackjack software, and often this software offers better payout rates than you would find in a brick-and-mortar casino. It is worth researching which software a particular website uses for its blackjack games if you plan to wager serious money. The following is a list of common blackjack software providers and their lowest available house edge:

  • Amaya 0.26%
  • Amigotechs 0.38%
  • Amuzi Gaming 0.38%
  • Arrow’s Edge 0.72%
  • BetSoft 0.38%
  • Boss Media 0.11%
  • Bwin 0.46%
  • Cryptologic 0.21%
  • Dragonfish 0.44%
  • Gamesys 0%
  • Habanero 0.55%
  • Microgaming 0.31%
  • Net Entertainment 0.38%
  • Novomatic 0.26%
  • Pala Interactive 0.46%
  • Playtech 0.14%
  • PokerStars 0.39%
  • RealTime Gaming .54%
  • Rival 0.66%
  • Saucify 0.23%
  • Soft Magic Dice 0.25%
  • SoftSwiss 0.56%
  • Visionary iGaming 0.79%
  • Vista Gaming 0.78%
  • Wager Works 0.45%
  • WGS Technology 0.36%

Best Online Blackjack Payouts

There are two primary variations of blackjack payouts: 3:2 blackjack and 6:5 blackjack. The payout rates of these two variants are in the name, as a winning hand at a 3:2 table will pay out $3 for every $2 wagered, a 6:5 table will pay out $6 for every $5 wagered. It goes without saying that players should strive to play at a 3:2 table whenever possible. The house edge greatly increases as 6:5 tables, which are mainly used to increase the profitability of low minimum bet games.

Wager Payout 6:5 Payout 3:2
$1.00 $1.20 $1.50
$5.00 $6.00 $7.50
$20.00 $24.00 $30.00
$50.00 $60.00 $75.00
$100.00 $120.00 $150.00

With no additional information about which cards a player or a dealer holds, the odds of winning a single blackjack hand playing with optimal strategy are about 42.2%, with an additional 8.5% chance for a push and a 49.1% chance to lose. If we assume every player will immediately re-bet the same value whenever their hand results in a push, the win percentage increases to 46.4% and the loss percentage increases to 53.6%.

When playing with optimal strategy, the house edge in 3:2 blackjack is only about 0.5%-- by far the lowest of any casino table game. With 6:5 blackjack, the house edge increases to around 2%. In other words, if you played 3:2 blackjack over an infinite number of hands, the house would only take home 50 cents for every hundred dollars wagered. At a 6:5 table, the house would take home two dollars per hundred wagered.

Is Online Blackjack Legal?

USA Online Sportsbooks

Yes, online blackjack is legal in 2024. The legality for in-state operators offering online blackjack varies heavily from state to state, but international online casino blackjack is accessible to all. While most states are restrictive of online blackjack and federal law prevents players in other states from using the online blackjack platforms hosted in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, international gambling sites do not fall under the jurisdiction of either state or federal law.

Anti-gambling laws are also designed explicitly to target gambling operators rather than players, so the players that do fall under the jurisdiction of anti-gambling laws are not actually vulnerable to them. Not even the staunchest anti-gambling states have prosecuted individual players for gambling online. The only legal hurdles you need to be worried about when playing online blackjack also apply to gambling at brick-and-mortar casinos: taxes. All gambling winnings, whether they came at a state-licensed casino or an international online gambling site, must be reported on your taxes. Failure to do so can land you in trouble for felony tax evasion.

States That Have Legal Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is legal in every state, but that does not mean that every state licenses domestic operators to provide online blackjack to their players. Many states have physical casinos that offer online blackjack, but only three states in the union offer online blackjack that is controlled by a state regulatory agency. These are the only states with fully legal online casino gaming. The three legal online blackjack states are:



While the other 47 states do not have state-licensed online blackjack options, residents can still legally play online blackjack through operators based in other countries. With headquarters outside of the U.S., these companies avoid the restrictions of state and federal anti-gambling laws. These international blackjack websites are regulated by their country of origin, which ensures that players, their money and their personal data remain adequately protected against exploitative business practices.

Future Of Online Blackjack In The USA

Online gambling as a whole is experiencing a steady rise in the United States, with online sports gambling being slowly adopted by a handful of states every year. While the evolution of the online black industry is moving agonizingly slow, international online casinos will help hold people over during the years it will take for online blackjack to become more widely accepted in the United States. With the world in a state of financial flux and gambling being a reliable producer of tax revenues, there could be some incentive in 2021 for state governments to begin considering legalizing additional forms of gambling, including online blackjack to recoup budget shortfalls caused by COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Blackjack

Is Online Blackjack Legal To Play?

Yes, whether you live in a state with legal online casino gaming (DE, NJ, PA) or not, there are legal online blackjack options. The most popular of these options are international online casinos that are available to all players who can provide valid proof of ID and age (18+). Be sure to report winnings on your taxes.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Play Online Blackjack?

International online blackjack sites require that their players be at least 18 years old to participate in all forms of gambling. The three states with legal online blackjack all require that players be at least 21 years old. You won’t need to prove your age to register an account, but you will be asked to do so before you are allowed to withdraw winnings.

Which Type Of Blackjack Should I Play?

This comes down to personal preference. There are numerous different variations of online blackjack to choose from, and the only way to figure out which one is best for you is to test them out. The only universal guideline we can offer is that you should never play 6:5 blackjack if 3:2 is available, as you are just arbitrarily restricting your expected winnings when you do so.

Can I Play Online Blackjack In Nevada?

Surprisingly, the gambling capital of the world does not offer state-licensed online blackjack. Nevada’s many casinos have leveraged their power to prevent the state government from legalizing online casino gaming, which they believe would cut into their profits. International online blackjack is still available, but some websites do not accept accounts registered in Nevada.

How Do I Deposit Money Into My Online Blackjack Account?

The most common and easiest way to deposit and withdraw money from your online blackjack account is through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crypto is a secure, untraceable currency protected through an encryption software called blockchain. Crypto transactions are processed nearly instantaneously and can be transferred easily from your crypto wallet into a traditional bank account.