Online Gambling In Massachusetts 2024

Legal Massachusetts Gambling

Legal online gambling in Massachusetts happens outside of casinos in 2024, much to the contrary of many people’s expectations. While gambling within the Massachusetts state lines you will be able to enjoy horse racing, skill games, daily fantasy sports, sports betting, live table games and more. In order to take part in USA online gambling, you must abide by the rules and regulations that they present. You will find the ins and outs of online gambling in Massachusetts throughout this page.

Online gambling is popular nationwide and is a fast-growing market, as there are plenty of online gambling sites for those who are feeling lucky. Here you will also find the safest and easiest ways to access online gambling in Massachusetts without having to doubt yourself on if it is legal. From knowing the gambling age in Massachusetts to the exact laws behind DFS, sports betting, online casinos and more, knowing the necessary information is crucial to safely betting online.


Population6.89 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesBoston, Worcester

Number Of Land Based Casinos3

Gambling Revenue$273.8 Million

State Licensed DFSYes

State Licensed Sports BettingYes

Land Based Poker RoomsNo

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsYes

Best Massachusetts Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

When choosing which online gambling site, you’re going to play on, the top things to look at are if they are safe and trusted, and how the mechanics of the site work as well. This includes aspects like depositing and withdrawing money as well as some bonuses that they might offer. It helps if you are able to read 2024 gambling sites reviews.  In our experience, the best online gambling sites are the ones with the best odds, and the ones that are the easiest to use.

Best Online Sportsbooks

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Top Online Casinos In The USA

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Best Online Poker Sites That Accept US Players

Poker Site
100% up to $500
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100% up to $1000
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How We Pick The Best Massachusetts Gambling Sites

We take a bunch of different things into consideration when we look at the best online gambling sites. We look at how smooth things run on the site like how easy it is to deposit and take out money and what kind of bonuses that these sites might have to offer upon signing up. Also, we look at if the site is safe and trusted enough to use and how good their customer service is.

  • Looking for great promotional offers to increase your bankroll from the start.
  • Ensure the licensing requirements set the regulatory standards.
  • Easy deposit methods for funding an online gambling site.
  • Value player's opinions of the site and their betting options.
  • Play the gambling sites ourselves to ensure they are of quality.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Massachusetts

There are many online gambling methods that residents of Massachusetts are allowed to do. They are allowed to place bets on horse races, games of skill and fantasy sport to name just a few. With this many options for betting in Massachusetts, understanding each of them individually can help new bettors find their betting niche.

Massachusetts Online Casinos

Online Casinos

In Massachusetts, online casinos have not been regulated by the state but online gambling sites are allowed and you can use them with ease. There are many different options of USA online casinos. They offer similar games that you would find in a land-based casino. You’ll be able to find slot games, table games, live dealer games, and more.

Best Online Casino in Massachusetts: Ignition Casino

Benefits of Massachusetts Online Casinos:

  • Play in your own home
  • There's always a seat at the table
  • Avoid the crowded smoke-filled casinos
  • Find the best online blackjacks games
  • Bet at any level that you want

Massachusetts Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

Land-based sports betting is not easily found in Massachusetts but citizens of the state can find and enjoy using MA online sportsbooks. These USA online sportsbooks have been used for some time now around the country and have not had any problems. They are easy to use and easy to deposit and withdraw money with. They also all offer a wide variety of sports that could be popular worldwide or only watched by a couple of hundred people. Overall, they provide excellent opportunities for those who wish to wager on sports in Massachusetts.

Best Online Sportsbook in Massachusetts: Bovada Sportsbook

Benefits of Massachusetts Online Sportsbooks:

  • Best lines worldwide
  • Loads of prop bets
  • Bet on Boston teams
  • Easy withdrawal methods
  • Reliable and secure

Massachusetts Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

Online poker has been popular for a while in Massachusetts. Most of the online poker sites for Americans offer different versions of the game such as Texas hold ‘em, Seven-card stud, Deuce to seven triple draw, five-card draw and many more. You will be able to find some poker rooms on online sportsbooks as well. Some of them offer great incentives for signing up. If poker players want to be even more cautious, you can even find sites with live dealers to ease the doubts that online poker brings. Forms of payment on these sites are easy as well. It's an easy in and easy out process for depositing and withdrawing money.

Best Poker Site in Massachusetts: Ignition Poker

Benefits of Massachusetts Online Poker:

  • Have countless games to choose from
  • Find a seat at any table
  • Bluff with a smile on your face
  • Endless live dealer options
  • Free tournament entries to large jackpots

Massachusetts Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

Online horse betting in MA is widely available, even as Massachusetts has seen a decline in its horse racing industry over the last decade. Only one retail horse betting application is continually approved by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission - the Plainridge Park. The laws keep changing and harness racing is the only option for Massachusetts horse bettors if they are looking for land-based options. However, with online horse racing sites in Massachusetts, there are always thoroughbred and other pari-mutuel gambling opportunities.

If you’re feeling the urge to bet on the ponies you can go right ahead with ease once you decide on the right best horse betting site in the US for you, just save some of the action for us too!

Best Horse Betting Site in Massachusetts: Bovada Racebook

Benefits of Massachusetts Online Horse Racing:

  • Watch all of the horse races while betting
  • Find the best odds across all racebooks
  • Research a horse within seconds
  • Have betting slips open across many races
  • Withdraw at ease after every big race.

Massachusetts Online Slots

Online Slots

Online slots in Massachusetts fall under the online casino category as you would be able to find slot games through any of the online casino sites. Like online casinos, depositing and withdrawing funds from these slot sites for US players is simple and the sites are easy to maneuver. With slots being one of the most popular online gambling games being played by millions of players around the world, the quality and realistic nature of the newest online slot games will certainly wow even the most experienced players.

Best Slots Site in Massachusetts: Slots LV

Benefits of Massachusetts Online Slots:

  • Avoid the rude slot player in the area
  • Find progressive jackpots at ease
  • Spin for pennies or a few bucks a roll
  • Win other prizes and free tournament entries
  • Earn rebates and prizes for being a member

Massachusetts Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Bingo in Massachusetts is popular as they have different bingo halls around the state. Due to state laws, it is not permitted to be offered online by the land-based operators but that is where the overseas sites come in. Bingo sites for US players have the popular game as one of the specialty games in their online casinos, with many of the bingo sites also offering sports betting and poker.

Best Bingo Site in Massachusetts: Bovada Casino

Benefits of Massachusetts Online Bingo:

  • Play a handful of bingo cards at once
  • Experience different bingo patterns to win
  • Enter into progressive bingo tournaments
  • Can play on your own time
  • Play for free or for large prizes

Massachusetts Online Lottery

Online Lottery

Online lottery sites in Massachusetts offer players the chance to win big on scratch-off tickets. Sites like BetOnline are internationally recognized as some of the best scratch-off lottery ticket sites in the US because of their wide range of cards and potential for big mins. The Massachusetts Lottery does not allow any residents to purchase any tickets or numbers online, but through internationally-based sites, players can get the same experience without ever having to hit a gas station or another certified retailer.

Best Lottery Ticket Site in Massachusetts: BetOnline Casino

Benefits of Massachusetts Online Lottery Sites:

  • Most convenient way to buy lottery tickets in MA
  • Large payouts are available in crypto and wire transfers
  • Easy-to-read instructions so you know when you win big
  • Many different scratch-offs for Massachusetts residents to play
  • Versatile sites let players withdraw or use winnings in the sportsbook, casino, or poker rooms

Massachusetts Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Like online sportsbooks, daily fantasy sites in Massachusetts can be found online as well. They are all easy to use and operate throughout the site. Bettors can easily deposit money into their accounts as well as withdraw whenever you need to. If fans don’t like to be tied up all season to one fantasy league, this is the way to go with ease. The DFS segment has been growing rapidly and is only expected to get bigger. Learn more about how Daily Fantasy Sports gambling works so you maximize the fun and hopefully increase your winnings.

Benefits of Massachusetts Online DFS:

  • An inexpensive way to bet on sports
  • Large total payouts and return
  • Play between leagues or just with friends
  • Find free games on every sport
  • Receive a bonus for signing up

Bet At Bovada Sportsbook

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Massachusetts?

Bovada Online Gambling

Bovada is one of the biggest online casino and sportsbook companies out there, and a lot of bettors tend to ask us if it’s legal to use them in Massachusetts. This is a reasonable question, as Bovada’s legal situation is actually a bit unique. Here’s how it works: Bovada is located outside of the United States, and in this way dodges a lot of the laws that are related to providing online sports betting and gambling websites. Those laws are targeted at providers, for the most part, not the people using the website. In this way, it is generally fine for people to use Bovada to bet on, say, the Boston Red Sox, but it would not be fine if Bovada existed within the jurisdiction of Massachusetts.

Mobile Casino + Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Gambling apps and sites are abundant in Massachusetts as state-regulated companies and international businesses both accept MA residents. Whether it is MA-based mobile apps like Fanduel or DraftKings or foreign mobile gambling sites for US players such as Bovada or BetOnline, there are many excellent options available. The most common mobile gambling method in Mass. is through international sites that allow players to have full access to their sites through web browsers without any downloads necessary. This saves players space on their phones or tablets because it does not require any downloads and avoids the geo-location hassle that Massachusetts gambling apps put players through.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Massachusetts

All of these online gambling sites in Massachusetts deal with the use of real money. There should not be any doubt when using them despite Massachusetts not offering state-regulated sites. Being that they use real money, they accept many different forms of payment such as everyday credit cards to money orders and cryptocurrencies. These real money gambling sites will usually be a notification on these sites letting you know that you are about to use real money to gamble.

Free Online Gambling In Massachusetts

Other than real money gambling sites in Massachusetts, there are options for free for those who are still learning and want to get knowledge on how to play before they bet. Similar to real money sites, you will be notified that there is no money being used before you start playing. Free online gambling sites are a great way for new players to learn as they go so that you don’t actually lose any money while you learn. Once you learn, the games get even more interesting as you are actually playing for something at that point.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Massachusetts

USA Online Gambling

All types of online gambling in Massachusetts are legal through international gambling sites, with Mass. slowing allowing more and more types of legal gambling as well. Horse race betting in Massachusetts has been legal since the 1930s, with the much newer development being the legalization of sports betting in Massachusetts. On August 10th, 2022 then-Governor Charlie Baker signed House Bill 5164 which finally made online and in-person sportsbooks legal in Massachusetts. Online casinos in Massachusetts have failed to be legalized yet, but the presence of legal international options makes this lack of legislative advancement mean relatively little to the people of MA.

Online Gambling Laws In Massachusetts

Similar to before, only games of skill and horse racing are legal in Massachusetts. Other casino games are available through land-based casinos. However, there are no laws that ban online gambling either. Residents can legally use online gambling sites as there is nothing that is stopping them. Without any law in place specifically banning the use of online gambling sites, residents of Massachusetts can use these sites undoubtedly.

Legal Gambling Age In Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, whether it is online gambling or land-based gambling, players must reach the legal gambling age limit to be allowed to do so. At 18 years of age, players are able to play bingo, lottery and horse racing. Once you reach 21 years of age you unlock everything like casino games, poker rooms and sports betting.
  • Bingo: 18
  • Lottery: 18
  • Horse Racing: 18
  • Casino Games: 21
  • Poker: 21
  • Sports Betting: 21

Bet on NFL Games at Bovada

Where Are Massachusetts Gambling Sites Regulated?

Since only some forms of online gambling are regulated in Massachusetts, online gambling players might get discouraged to use anything that is not licensed by the state. This should not be the case. Most of these online gambling sites are regulated in either Costa Rica or Canada. When using those sites, you should be sure to check where they are regulated before using it. There aren’t any places to avoid when searching for a site, it is just for the sake of knowing that it is regulated one way or another. All of the online gambling sites that you will find here have all been regulated and are easy to use.

Who Can Play At Massachusetts Online Gambling Sites?

Yes, if you are residing in Massachusetts you can use the online sites for horse racing and skill-based games. If you are visiting the state, however, you are allowed to use them as well. As long as you are located within the Massachusetts state lines, you should feel free to use them as much as you want while you are there.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts, if you are the lucky winner of anything over $600, you will owe a 5% tax on your winnings. You could expect the forms from the regulated gambling sites for the gambling options in the states to keep track of your winnings and losses. The sites will not present you with this so it is important to keep track of your winnings. You must report them as there is even a section on the forms for “other income” where gambling winnings fall under.

Gambling Revenue In Massachusetts

Gambling Revenue

Being that only horse racing and skill-games are the only Massachusetts online gambling options in the eyes of the state, these and the Massachusetts lottery are the only sources of gambling revenue. Fund are dispsered then through coffers of the state.

What Massachusetts Gambling Revenue Funds

  • Local Aid 20%
  • Transportation Infrastructure Fund 15%
  • Education Fund 14%
  • Commonwealth Stabilization 10%
  • Accelerated Debt And Defeasance 10%
  • Gaming Economic Development Fund 9.5%
  • Community Mitigation Fund 6.5%
  • Public Health Trust Fund 5%
  • Local Capital Improvements Fund 4.5%
  • Race Horse Development Fund 2.5%
  • Massachusetts Cultural Council 2%
  • Massachusetts Tourism Fund 1%