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Where To Bet On College Basketball

Most players have a few options for where to bet on college basketball inside the United States, although some are limited. Regulations on sports gambling vary between states. Some states have fully online sports gambling, some states have sports betting at casinos, and some states have no sports betting at all - at least, nothing state run. Across America, online sportsbooks are accessible to everyone - as long as they’re located offshore. These college basketball sportsbooks are able to offer all sorts of wagers - usually better options than one can find at even the best regulated sportsbooks. This is, of course, subject to change - many states have been working hard to catch up to the offshore books, and several of them have offered complete online sports gambling. However, there are significant disadvantages to the state books.

Many state sportsbooks restrict the kinds of wagers you can place on college basketball. Some restrict the ability to wager on in-state college basketball teams, some restrict the ability to wager on games that take place in the state, even if no state team is involved. Still more limit the ability to place live wagers on games, and some even restrict the ability of bettors to place prop bets on college basketball players. The major upside of the offshore books is that they do not have any of those restrictions - not a one.

States With College Basketball Betting Restrictions

There are many states with college basketball betting restrictions. Restricting the ability to bet on college sports has become a common theme for regulated sportsbooks in the US, giving internationally licensed sportsbooks the edge in this area. Legal sportsbooks that are licensed from other countries offer secure college sports betting for players in all 50 US states. While some regulated markets have decided to allow college sports betting with no restrictions, the states below do restrict some types of college sports betting:

  • Colorado – Does not allow player props
  • Indiana – No betting on Indiana-based teams
  • Arizona – No betting on Arizona-based teams
  • Iowa – Prop betting is not allowed for college players
  • Oregon – No college sports betting is allowed
  • New York – No betting on NY college teams
  • New Hampshire – No betting on NH college teams or games played in the state
  • Pennsylvania – No betting on PA team’s player props
  • Rhode Island – No betting on Rhode Island teams
  • Tennessee – No college player prop betting for TN teams
  • West Virginia – No prop betting for WV team’s players
  • Virginia – No college sports betting allowed
  • Illinois – No college betting for online books
  • Connecticut – No betting on college sports lines other than tournaments

College Basketball Mobile Betting Apps

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Mobile gambling apps for college basketball are available, although it will depend on what state you’re in. The online college basketball sportsbooks located offshore do not operate via apps, only the sportsbooks that are state-regulated do. This means that many college basketball bettors will be using offshore sportsbooks via their mobile browser instead of state-regulated apps, for various reasons. If you don’t want to download something, or simply do not have a state-regulated option in your state, you can easily turn to the online sportsbooks for solid wagering opportunities.

College Basketball Live Betting

Live betting is a great way to get involved in college basketball wagering, as it allows you to leverage your knowledge of the sport to try to beat the books in real time. Live betting is generally split up into two subsections: live moneylines and play-by-play betting. Live lines change as the game goes on, with the team that is winning becoming more and more favored. This lets you hedge against your pregame bets, or double down on good plays. Play-by-play betting involves wagering on aspects of the next play, like who will make the next shot, as the game is happening. Both styles of betting are huge in college basketball, and really reward fans who understand the game, and how it swings back and forth. Only the online sportsbooks offer play-by-play betting, so if you’re interested in this, you’ll want to find an online sportsbook that suits your needs. Normal live betting has been restricted in several states, so if you’re in one of those states, you’ll need to use an offshore book in order to access it. As always, engage with college basketball gambling at your own risk.

College Basketball Gambling FAQ