2024 Hawaii Online Gambling Sites

Hawaii Online Gambling Sites

For those of you that are looking at using legal Hawaii gambling sites, you have stumbled upon the right page. Here you will find out about all types of gambling such as online poker, online casino games, sports betting and more in Hawaii. As Hawaii’s gambling scene is strictly focused on Hawaii-based gambling organizations, players that use international online gambling sites for US players will have their choice of many options. Local laws prevent many land-based gaming establishments from opening up so using online gambling sites keep Hawaii residents and tourists engaged.

Throughout this page, learn everything you need to know about legal USA online gambling in HI. Between the laws, the games, and a little more background on the Hawaii gambling regulations, you will find all you need to get started. Before getting into all of the details, choosing the site itself can be the most important decision you make.


Population1.416 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesHonolulu, Lahaina

Number Of Land Based CasinosZero

Gambling RevenueNone

State Licensed DFSNo

State Licensed Sports BettingNo

Land Based Poker RoomsNone

Lottery ServicesNone

Mobile Betting OptionsNo

Best Hawaii Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

As you are searching for the perfect Hawaii online gambling site, one of the more important things to keep in mind when looking is to see if it is safe and trustworthy. Knowing that it is both safe and trustworthy will make your experience on the site much better since you are secured. Also, take a look around the site to see if it is easy to operate and how it works with depositing money as well as collecting your winnings. Also before signing up, players should read USA online gambling site reviews and compare bonuses between sites to see which one would give you the better offer for choosing them.

Best Online Sportsbooks

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Top Online Casinos In The USA

125% up to $1250
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150% up to $1,500
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350% up to $2500
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Best Online Poker Sites That Accept US Players

Poker Site
100% up to $500
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100% up to $1000
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100% up to $1000
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How We Pick The Best Hawaii Gambling Sites

  • Make sure the games are easy to use and enjoyable.
  • Customer Service needs to be quick and responsive whenever there is a problem.
  • Check to see if the incentives and promotions are worth signing up for.
  • Look at the reviews of the site from real people that use them.
  • Make sure you are enjoying the site.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Hawaii

In the state of Hawaii, there aren’t any state-regulated forms of gambling. This news should be any discouragement whatsoever. There are plenty of online options that people in Hawaii can use freely as they are 100% allowed.

Hawaii Online Casinos

Online Casinos

Online casinos are not technically regulated in Hawaii, which means that Hawaii residents are able to use them as they are not unlawful. There are a ton of safe and well-known USA online casinos for you to choose from. They all offer games that you would normally find in a land-based casino to make you feel that you are there such as slot games, poker games, roulette and more.

Benefits of Hawaii Online Casinos:

  • Always find an open seat
  • Wide variety of games to choose from
  • Smokeless air
  • Deposit and withdraw as much as you want when you want
  • Promotions are worth your time

Best Hawaii Casinos

Ignition Casino

Ignition casino has been one of the top Hawaii casinos for several years and based on the endless amount of features and games that they offer, it isn’t hard to see why. They have hundreds of casino games to choose from going from several slot types, to blackjack, to roulette, and several others. They also do a great job in giving back to their users with endless promotions and casino tournaments for you to enjoy, some of which can earn you up to $100,000 in jackpot funds that are rewarded weekly.

Hawaii Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks are frowned upon in Hawaii, although they are available in the state via offshore locations. These sportsbooks are located in places like Canada, Curacao and other countries. Although they are not regulated in the United States, they are regulated in their home countries, and they are completely safe and allowed. They are all great US sports betting sites for people at all levels of sports betting whether you’re an everyday bettor or a beginner. They offer a ton of sports to choose from, all at different odds.

Benefits of Hawaii Sportsbooks:

  • Large options of sports to choose from
  • Bet as much as you want
  • Follow sports around the world
  • Tons of prop bets
  • Live betting on your favorite sports

Top Sportsbooks In Hawaii

Bovada Sportsbook

If you are looking for the best sportsbook in Hawaii, Bovada is your go to and it isn’t even close. You’ll be able to find odds on sports and teams that you wouldn’t even imagine possible including big named leagues in the NFL and NBA to smaller market sports in darts, snowboarding, and futsal. Not only can you bet on these games like normal with the gamelines, but they also offer different ways to bet as well with prop bets, futures odds, parlays, and round robins amongst many others. In addition to all the odds, they also have a great customer service system that runs 24/7.

Hawaii Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

There aren’t any online poker sites that are regulated in Hawaii, but there are other options for you to be able to enjoy the popular card game. You have the green light to use any of these sites whenever you want in Hawaii as there is no state ban against online poker. You will find that there are many more online poker games in the US than you will find in any land-based poker room like seven-card stud, Omaha hold ‘em and the classic Texas Hold ‘em. All of these sites have great incentives to sign up and they are safe to use.

Benefits of Hawaii Online Poker:

  • Never wait to play
  • Enjoy different poker games
  • Safe and easy to use sites
  • Live dealer games are interactive
  • Play with a poker face at all times

Hawaii Top Poker Sites

Bovada Poker Room

Poker players in Hawaii do not have to look any longer for a reliable and credible poker room as BetOnline has you covered. They offer all of the perks that an in person poker room has in terms of plenty of tournaments each week and many sit and go cash games. The main benefit of them though is that you never have to wait to play as there will always be an open seat given the abundance of tables. Not only will you be able to play poker from home on your computer, but BetOnline also has mobile poker rooms as well that you can access from anywhere from any mobile device with internet access.

Hawaii Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Daily fantasy sports has not currently been regulated in Hawaii but that should not gear you away from playing. You will find the same thing on any online daily fantasy site whether it is regulated or not. You can enjoy playing the one day game without any commitment and play for as much as you want on any day that you want.

As the NCAA and NFL season approaches, millions of daily fantasy players are researching their favorite players.

Benefits of Hawaii Online DFS:

  • No season-long commitment
  • Play with your favorite players
  • Build a lineup for any sport
  • Risk-free
  • Good sign up promotions

Hawaii Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Playing bingo either online or at a bingo hall in Hawaii is not authorized in the state. However, you do not need to rely on the state to be able to enjoy playing the classic drawing game. The larger online gambling sites are the ones that usually offer the game. It is a great way to spend your afternoon without having to go to a bingo hall that is most like filled to capacity. Instead, you can enjoy playing at online bingo sites from the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Hawaii Online Bingo:

  • Play as many cards as you want
  • Avoid crowded seating
  • Easy to hear and see when calling numbers
  • Play whenever you want
  • Sites are easy to use

Best Bingo Sites In Hawaii

Slots.lv Bingo

Bingo is one of the oldest and most known forms of gambling and Slots.lv has a great bingo suite with plenty of games to choose from. In total, they have seven different bingo games that you can enjoy playing. Of those bingo games, they offer different types that have different amounts of numbers drawn, different targets to hit, bonus rounds, and more that way you are never tired of playing the same bingo game just with a different theme each time.

Hawaii Online Lottery

Online Lottery

Unfortunately, for residents in Hawaii, they do not offer an online lottery game. If you are looking to play the big drawing game, however, online US lottery sites offer a game that is similar call keno. When looking for a site to play keno you need to be cautious as there are games that scam you out there. It would be safest to do a full background check of the site before entering into the drawing

Top Online Lottery In Hawaii

Bovada Online Lottery

With the lack of a state-sanctioned lottery in Hawaii, BetOnline is the closest thing to the lotto in the state. While they do not offer the classic lottery system where you pick numbers and see if they get drawn or not, they do offer one of the most popular lotto games which are scratchcards. You have 14 different scratch-off games that you can pick from. Each of their cards could pay you out up to 650x the cost of the card.

Hawaii Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

There are no horse racing tracks in Hawaii being that it is not authorized in the state. If you are still looking for a way to bet on the horses, online gambling sites are the way to go. You can enjoy betting on any horse in any race around the world.

Even though there are no physical horse racing venues in the state, that doesn't mean local residents can't bet on the horses during the Kentucky Derby, or during the Breeders' Cup. Just log into your favorite online US horse racing site and bet on your horse.

Benefits of Hawaii Online Horse Racing:

  • Bet on multiple races
  • Choose any horse around the world
  • Avoid going to an outdoor racetrack
  • Bet as much as you want
  • Bet on the big races

Top Hawaii Racebooks

Bovada Racebook

Without any race tracks in Hawaii, those looking to bet on horses need to turn to one of the online racebooks, and luckily for you, MyBookie is known as one of the best racebooks in Hawaii. Any bets that you’d be able to place at the race track can be placed on MyBookie including trifectas, quinella, exacta, and much more. You can even get in on horse race futures odds for big time races including Triple Crown races. They also offer great horse race bonuses including an 8% rebate that doesn’t have any rollover requirement to it and is funded to your account the next day.

Hawaii Online Slots

Online Slots

Enjoying online slot machines might not be regulated in Hawaii but it is not unlawful so you should feel free to go ahead and play them as much as you want. Online slot sites in the US offer any slot game you could think of. You will find the same games at any online site that you would in any land-based casino. You won’t be disappointed when playing these games.

Benefits of Hawaii Online Slots:

  • Promotions worth signing up for
  • Play when you please
  • Deposit and cash out quickly
  • Reliable site connection
  • Earn rewards for playing

Bet At Bovada Sportsbook

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Hawaii?

Bovada Online Gambling

Hawaii has some of the most restrictive online gambling laws in the entire country, and for this reason, a lot of attention is paid to the online gambling sites that are used by many people throughout the US. Hawaii’s laws do not allow for the operation and management of a lot of land based gambling opportunities, so if you wanted to place a bet on the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, Bovada is your most likely legal option.

Mobile Gambling In Hawaii

Mobile gambling, like online gambling, is frowned upon in Hawaii but is available depending on how you want to go about it. Online gambling sites do offer their services from any mobile platform. All you have to do is open up your internet browser on your smartphone or smart tablet or any sort of smart device, launch one of the many popular US mobile gambling sites, and you are free to use it from your device on the go. When using an online sportsbook or casino like this, you’ll be operating on a user interface that feels like an app, but does not require that you download anything from the app store, whether you are on iPhone or Android.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

While mobile sports betting apps specifically are not available in Hawaii, you can access Hawaii gambling sites from your phone via mobile websites. Most of the online sites that you are able to use do not have applications that you are able to bet on but as mentioned before, they do offer mobile-friendly platforms that you can access on any mobile device - iPhone or Android - and enjoy betting at any time anywhere.

Mobile Casino Apps

Mobile casinos can easily be accessed in Hawaii, although they do not run apps, instead preferring mobile websites. You can access these websites no matter what kind of smartphone you have, as long as it has an internet browser - iPhones work, Androids work, anything with a solid smartphone browser should be good to go. The online sites do offer mobile-friendly sites as well where you can enjoy any casino game you’d like right at your fingertips. They are as easy to use on your mobile device as they are on a computer.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Hawaii

All Hawaii gambling sites should be treated like real-land based casinos as they all deal with real money being gambled. You need to be aware that you can win, lose, deposit and withdraw real money. Being that it is an online casino, there are different options for you to use as payment. You can use either an everyday credit card or the savvier cryptocurrency like bitcoin. One thing to look for are promotions that are offered either specifically for signing up with bitcoin or with a regular credit card.

Free Online Gambling In Hawaii

The Hawaii online casinos do offer free options of gaming on their sites. The free options are great for those that want to enjoy gambling but don’t want to risk losing the money. It is also good for beginners as you can learn to play while playing against real people without the grudge of losing money. When playing free games, you will be notified that these games are for free and that you will not be spending money. You can play at free US online gambling sites nearly anywhere, with almost every game they have including daily fantasy.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Hawaii?

USA Online Gambling

Online gambling has not been regulated in the Aloha state as of yet. That should not have any say on if you want to play on an online gambling site or not. Whether you want to bet on sports or play poker, there should be no hesitation as you can go and play as you please. There are no laws or anything that would be preventing you from doing so as it is not unlawful and fully legal.

Check out the full list of states with online gambling to see what states allow for certain gambling types.

Online Gambling Laws In Hawaii

Online gambling laws do not authorize any regulated Hawaii online casinos by the state. There is nothing in writing by the Hawaiian government that says you cannot use these sites and if you do come across something like that, check again as it is incorrect. You have the green light to log onto any online casino any time you want.

Legal Gambling Age In Hawaii

Although it is not regulated, online gambling does come with a legal gambling age restriction. No matter what game you are playing, there is a required age for you to meet. Once you are 18 years of ag you are able to play online poker and bet on sports as well. Once you turn 21 years old you are able to gamble on whatever you want in online casinos, horse racing, bingo, lottery and daily fantasy sports.

  • Lottery: 21
  • Parimutuel: 21
  • Casinos: 21
  • Bingo: 21
  • Online Poker: 18
  • DFS: 21
  • Sports Betting: 18

Where Are Hawaii Gambling Sites Regulated?

The online gambling sites are not regulated in Hawaii, or the United States with that being said. That could sound discouraging but should be ignored. Most of them are either regulated in our neighbors up north in Canada or in Costa Rica. You should always check to see where the online site is regulated just for your records, but as long as it is regulated somewhere one way or another, you are free to use them.

Who Can Play At Hawaii Online Gambling Sites?

If you are in the state lines of Hawaii, you are able to play on these online casinos. It does not matter if you are living in Hawaii or just taking a trip to paradise, you can enjoy playing on these online casinos while you are in the state. In fact, residents of any state are able to use these sites whenever they want as well.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Hawaii

In Hawaii, you must record your gambling winnings when paying taxes. In most states, you should record your winnings and your losses but in Hawaii, you are not allowed to claim your losses on your taxes. It is important that you keep track as the online sites will not give you documentation to record them.

Gambling Revenue In Hawaii

Gambling Revenue

Being that Hawaii has absolutely no forms of gambling regulated in the state, they do not gain any revenue from gambling. With a tourism industry such as Hawaii, gambling could rake in a few million annually in tax benefits. However, until this point comes, Hawaii will be funded and operated without any gambling revenue entering their coffers.

Future Of Hawaii Online Gambling

Hawaii is one of two states that do not offer any sort of regulated gambling at all. Since its stance against the industry, state-regulated operators are less likely to attempt to operate. Hawaii did spend some of the late 2010s studying the expansion of Hawaii gambling sites, but their regulated industry in rather set in stone. With online gambling in Hawaii, the future will turn to better technology and improvements surrounding online gaming. Past online gambling bills in Hawaii such as HB 383 in 2021/22 have been proposed, but there's not a lot of hope that any more legislation regarding online gambling in Hawaii in 2024 gets passed.