Best NFL Betting Sites

There are a ton of excellent NFL betting sites on the internet, and it is a shame to highlight only a few on this page. Using multiple betting sites is incredibly important for the sake of shopping lines, and shopping lines is something that every NFL bettor should do. That said, the two sites below come very highly recommended.

Bovada Sportsbook

Super Bowl Bonuses And Promotions

Bovada SportsbookBovada is one of the leading sportsbooks out there, perhaps the industry standard in online gambling. It has an extremely well-designed website that has excellent customer service, great reliability, and amazing betting options. Frankly, it’s everything you can ask for in a sportsbook. When we write these reviews, those are the metrics we think about, and Bovada is an industry leader in all of those metrics. One thing to be aware of when signing up at Bovada is that they tend to offer bonuses on various types of things. For example, when you sign up, there are bonus codes available that can provide different types of benefits to you, such as a matching bonus on your first deposit.

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MyBookie Sportsbook

The Newbie On The Radar

MyBookie SportsbookMyBookie is the sportsbook of sportsbooks, home to the best lines and weirdest bets around. MyBookie is known for its high level of customer service, ease of deposit and withdrawal, and good overall reliability. One thing that is extremely worth highlighting at MyBookie is that they are, by far, the sportsbook that is the most willing to offer you weird and out of the norm odds on various events. For example, during Super Bowl 54, while most sportsbooks were offering odds on the game and the over/under, MyBookie had those, plus odds on whether or not someone would flash the camera, and whether or not Lizzo would show up on the broadcast in a thong. If you’re looking to add a little spice to your sports betting, MyBookie is the place.

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How We Choose The Best NFL Betting Sites + Online Sportsbooks

When we recommend sportsbooks to you, we look for a few different things before doing so. The primary thing we look for is how reliable they are – you’re using an online NFL sportsbook, and it is important to be able to trust the place you’re gambling at. Then, we look at how good the odds are, how quickly they pay out, what kind of reputation they have, what kind of bonuses they offer, and how easy it is to place bets at the sportsbook in question.

  • Reliability
  • Ease Of Use
  • Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Reputation
  • Bonuses
  • Odds

How To Sign Up At An NFL Betting Site

Signing up at NFL betting sites like the ones mentioned above is very easy to do. For example, let’s say you wanted to sign up at BetOnline. Signing up is easy as all you must do is enter your first name, last name, email, and date of birth. Once you do that, you have made an account and as soon as you make your first deposit (and, hopefully, remember to use a code to get bonus cash when you do), you will be off to the races to place bets on all the teams in the NFL.

NBA Betting FAQ

What’s Happening In The NFL This Month?

Right now, the NFL is currently in their offseason with minimal free agency still going on but, teams are currently opening up training camps right now as well. There has also been talks about the upcoming season and how the process would work with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Players had a deadline of August 6th if they want to opt-out of the season or not. For those high-risk players opting out, they would receive a stipend of $350,000.

Online Vs. Land-Based NFL Betting

Online Vs. Land-Based NFL Betting

What you get when you bet online vs. land-based NFL betting can be very similar or very different. There are a lot of differences, but probably the most prominent one is the hometown hero difference. Let’s say you are in a casino in Kansas, right next to Kansas City, Missouri, home of the Kansas City Chiefs. Well, what you’ll see there is that the odds on the Kansas City Chiefs will be worse for you as a bettor because the goal of the sportsbook is to balance the money coming in on both sides of the bet. People tend to bet on the team they like; so, in the Kansas City area, you get a lot of people betting on the Chiefs, which pushes the lines toward them, giving you worse odds if you wanted to bet on them. On the online sportsbooks, this is much harder to do, as they accept players from all over the world, there are no hometown hero effects. Some other differences between online and land-based NFL betting include:


  • Easy to access from home.
  • Up-to-the-minute lines.
  • Bets placed easily.
  • Amenities, unfortunately, limited to what you have in your house.
  • Great ability to shop lines – you just check another sportsbook.


  • Must be at a casino/racetrack/lottery supplier.
  • Extremely quickly updated lines.
  • Easy to place bets.
  • Amenities provided – you’re basically at a really nice bar that is also a casino.
  • No ability to shop lines, as you have to use the sportsbook at the casino.

What’s Happening In The NFL This Month?

Right now, the big news in the NFL is pre-draft workouts and free agent moves. For example, several teams hired new coaches already this offseason, the first pick in the draft is a common topic of discussion (Joe Burrow is the prohibitive favorite, but some national sports media networks seem set on drumming up drama about him), and the potential for big players to change teams is in the air as well. Players like Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers and more are all potentially on the move, and the landscape of the NFL could shift drastically moving into the 2020 season.

Understanding NFL Betting Lines

Online Vs. Land-Based NFL Betting

Football betting lines are fairly straightforward. The basic gist is that sportsbooks don’t let you just pick which team will win and then get your money doubled if you’re right. They set odds on teams winning, and you get paid out according to that. This is what is known as the moneyline. The other way NFL lines tend to play out is that you can bet on a certain team + or – a number of points, where the number serves as a handicap. This is what is known as a spread. You’ll notice, going through this section, that the odds are not exactly even. This is because the USA online sportsbook always takes a cut of the action, known as the vigorish, or vig. this has given rise to the saying “the house always wins”. This business model incentivizes the sportsbook to make the lines as close to even as possible so that they can pay the winners with the losers’ money, and pocket the vig.

How To Bet On The NFL

There are a large variety of ways to bet on the NFL in 2020. Probably the most common of these is betting on the spread, followed by betting on the moneyline, but betting on totals, prop bets, and futures are large parts of the NFL betting market as well.

NFL Moneylines

A moneyline is a handicapped pick ‘em. You pick a team to win, that team has certain odds to win which reflect the payout ratio should they win. Let’s say the New England Patriots are playing the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots might enter the game as -700 favorites, meaning that you would have to bet $700 on them in order to win $100 if they win. The Dolphins, meanwhile, might be +450 underdogs, meaning that a bet of $100 on them will yield $450 should they win. Betting on either of those outcomes is referred to as taking the team on the moneyline, so if you bet on the Dolphins +450, you would be taking the Dolphins moneyline.

NFL Spreads

Spreads are perhaps the most common NFL bet type. The best way to understand spreads is to look at them, so let’s use an example here. We’ll stick with the Patriots and the Dolphins, because it’s a clear one: one team is heavily favored over the other. Here is what the spread for that game might look like:

New England Patriots (-10.5) @ Miami Dolphins (+10.5)

What this means is that the Patriots have to win by more than 10.5 points in order for a bet on them to cash. The Dolphins, meanwhile, can win the game, or lose by less than 10.5 points in order for a bet on them to cash.
Notice the half-point there – this is what is known as a hook. It is important to understand the role this plays. In this game, effectively, it is saying that the Patriots have to win by more than a touchdown and a field goal. Given the way NFL scoring works, it is overwhelmingly likely that the Patriots will not win by exactly 11 points. This hook makes the line seem a little more reasonable and prevents the sportsbooks from having bettors hit the exact spread, or "push" their bet.

NFL Totals

Totals are very easy to understand. Sportsbooks will set a line on how many total points will be scored in a game, and this line is referred to as the over/under line. For example, in our hypothetical Patriots/Dolphins matchup, let’s say the over/under line is set at 50.5.

OVER 50.5 (-110)
UNDER 50.5 (-110)

You’ll notice that again, the sportsbooks are taking a cut here – each side of the bet has -110 odds, which if you recall, means that it takes a bet of $110 in order to win $100. No matter which way you decide, taking the over or the under comes with the same payouts. This is often the second-most popular way to bet on the NFL, as it only requires a simple response.

NFL Props

NFL Prop Betting is a time-honored tradition that goes back to the days of “hey, I bet this guy can run for 60 yards”. Prop betting is literally that simple – the most common prop bets are things like “will Patrick Mahomes throw for over 300 yards?” and “will Tyreek Hill have more than six catches?”. Prop bet stands for propositional bet, which is really all they are – proposition. It is simply a bet on whether a thing will or will not happen. The odds are set by the sportsbook in question, and the types of bets range from the generic to things like “will the broadcast mention that Jimmy Garoppolo used to play for the New England Patriots”. Prop bets are a lot of the fun of NFL betting, and they are an excellent tool in the arsenal of an experienced bettor - especially during the Super Bowl.

NFL Futures

Futures bets are fairly straightforward. Put simply, when you bet on a futures bet, you are betting that a thing will or will not happen, with odds set by the sportsbooks. To return, once again, to the example of the New England Patriots, one way of betting futures is to bet on a team to win the Super Bowl. If you wanted to bet on the Patriots to win the next Super Bowl, and you went to an online gambling site to bet on it, you would see something like the following

New England Patriots +1100

This number reflects the payout should they win the Super Bowl. A bet of $100 on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl will pay out $1100 if they do. Futures odds on the Super Bowl are also adjusting, so betting on a team during a losing streak or when a star player is injured is a bettor's best bet.

Creating An NFL Parlay

Parlay betting is when you add “legs” to your wager by increasing the number of things that need to happen for you to win, in exchange for increased payouts if all the legs of the parlay are correct. For example, let’s say you think the Patriots will cover the 10.5-point spread in their game against the Dolphins, and you also think that the Indianapolis Colts will cover the spread in their game against the New Orleans Saints. You can parlay these two games together, and receive better odds by doing so, but you run the risk of losing the bet if either team does not cover the spread.

There are a couple of tips to keep in mind for parlays. First, understand how they work: as you add legs to your bet the chance of all of them hitting decreases, so as your payout goes up, the likelihood of you seeing it goes down. Second, it is generally useful to keep parlays to low amounts of legs, as they become dramatically more unlikely to hit the more legs you add to them. Finally, it can be worth betting on the results you expect independent of the parlay so that you do not lose everything if one leg of the parlay does not cash.

Live Betting On The NFL

Live betting on the NFL allows you to react to events that are happening in the game as they happen. A good example of the utility of live betting is, let’s say a heavy favorite goes down early, but you still think they’re going to win the game. For a real-life example, remember the Chiefs-Texans playoff game this year? The Texans jumped out to an early 24-0 lead, and the Chiefs' odds fell dramatically. If you had bet on the Chiefs while the Texans were ahead, you would have gotten better odds than before the game, as the Chiefs were the favorite. You have to be quick, though – live betting is no time for second-guessing.

Is Betting On The NFL Legal In The US?

USA NFL Betting

As long as you are above the legal gambling age, the answer is generally yes. The things to keep in mind with regard to the legality of the online sportsbooks are twofold. First, the UIGEA requires that financial institutions not process funds they know are related to gambling or going to providers of gambling. This doesn’t make it illegal to place bets with online gambling sites, but it does make it difficult to fund your account sometimes. As long as you are using a reputable, licensed, and regulated online sportsbook, you will not run into any issues.

Betting Tips

Betting Tips On The NFL

The most important tip we can give you is that shopping for lines is crucial – NFL betting, like most sports betting, is about the marginal gains you can make over time, and that means that shopping for lines is one of the most important things you can do – it affects your margins in a very real, very effective way. For example, one betting site may offer odds for the Ravens to win at +120 while another book has them as the favorite of -115. If a bettor was only registered to the latter sportsbook, they would be missing out on an underdog wager. Sometimes the numbers can be close or far away, but regardless, finding the best line to your benefit is crucial.

Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl is the biggest event in American sports gambling, and perhaps the biggest event in sports gambling, period. It is estimated that over $5 billion was gambled on Super Bowl 54 when all types of betting are taken into account: online sportsbooks, state-sanctioned sportsbooks, pools, etcetera. The Super Bowl is heaven for gamblers because the extra eyes that it draws allow sportsbooks to offer odds on minutiae that are not often available outside of the Super Bowl. For us, it’s the biggest workday of the year, as we keep everyone updated on all of the bets that cashed and all of the lines that were covered.

Mistakes To Avoid When Betting On Football

Obviously, the biggest mistake to avoid is not properly managing your bankroll, betting out of your means, and wagering too many units on a bet. These are all money management mistakes, and when you are placing bets, it is incredibly important to manage your money in a healthy way. Another is buying the hook. Effectively, buying the hook is purchasing an alternate line. For example, when the line is Dolphins +2.5, you can buy the hook and take the line to Dolphins +3, and instead of, say -110 odds, you will get -120 odds. The utility of this is that if the game goes into overtime, where a field goal ends the game, the bet still cashes at +3, where it doesn’t cash at +2.5. The downside is the increased odds – over time, -120 odds are a lot harder to remain profitable with than -110 odds – you need to be winning a significant amount more with -120 odds to make money than you do with -110 odds.