Georgia Online Gambling Sites

Legal Georgia Gambling

Despite Georgia gambling sites not being state regulated, no legislation outlaws online gambling. Therefore, GA residents have access to the many Georgia online gambling sites available on the internet. These operators are not based in the United States and are not restricted by US regulation. Residents of the Peach State can get in on the action with online gambling which offers everything from casino games, poker, sports betting, bingo, roulettes slots, and many more gambling options.

Through online gambling, GA residents are able to participate in casino games, sports betting, table games, card games, and much more without the need to travel outside the state to find a gambling operator. Georgia online gambling sites bring the same casino gambling excitement to the palm of your hands. Online gambling operators are also usually compatible with mobile devices, making the options for GA residents to participate in online gambling seemingly limitless. As long as the GA resident of legal age, there is no other barrier to stop them from getting in on the action. If you are looking for the best ways to gamble legally in Georgia, you are in the right place.

Betting On March Madness Player Props In Georgia

Along with the future odds for the winner of the 2023 March Madness tournament, online sportsbooks in Georgia offer a wide variety of player props for every team involved. There are props for players to hit their point total, score a certain number of threes, total fouls, and more. Prop betting at most online gambling sites offers live and fire player props for March Madness in Georgia.

March Madnes Betting at Bovada Sportsbook


Population10.62 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesAtlanta, Brunswick

Number Of Land Based Casinos1

Gambling RevenueUnknown

State Licensed DFSYes

State Licensed Sports BettingNo

Land Based Poker RoomsZero

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsNo

Best Georgia Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

Here at USAOnlineGambling, we will provide you with the best and most trusted Georgia online gambling sites in order to ensure all Georgia residents have a safe and secure way of online gambling. Here you can find reviews of some of the best gambling sites in order to ensure the best ways to play to win big in the Peach State. The online gambling sites we prefer are the ones that host a variety of options for Georgia residents. These online gambling sites host options for any way you wish to gamble. Whether it be casino games, sportsbooks, or online poker, these are readily available on online gambling sites. They also host a wide array of payment options, ensuring GA residents can find the most comfortable way that suits them. There is seemingly no limit to the possibilities that can be found with online gambling in Georgia.

Best Online Sportsbooks

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Best Online Poker Sites

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How We Pick The Best Georgia Gambling Sites

  • Going to trusted and high profile betting sites.
  • Finding secure payment options for gamblers
  • Looking for the most betting options and games
  • Reliable customer service and communication
  • Listening to friends and other gamblers of the sites.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Georgia

Georgia residents will be able to buy lottery tickets online, participate in online poker, casino games, bingo, and even sports betting at Georgia gambling sites. With online gambling, Georgia residents have a seemingly endless supply of gambling options. These gambling options also host options within themselves. For example, with online slots, there are games for 3-reel, 5-reel, 7-reel, and progressive slot jackpots. There are a variety of ways for players to play and win big. Online gambling brings the wild casino atmosphere to the fingertips of GA residents.

Online Casinos Options for Georgia Residents

Online Casinos

When it comes to online casino gambling in Georgia, Ignition Casino is the cream of the crop among the available options. Ignition is home to more than 300 slots and casino table games, with live rounds of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and many more being available 24/7. Ignition is widely trusted with online casino bettors, and it's the quality of their experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Benefits of Georgia Online Casinos:

  • Can participate in online casino gambling without the need to travel to another state.
  • Can play online poker, slots, roulettes and many other games in Georgia.
  • Many different payment options including Bitcoin and credit cards.
  • Bonuses and promotions available to all Georgia residents.
  • Ability to play casino games on your mobile device.

Online Sportsbooks for Georgia Bettors

Online Sportsbooks

Sports betting is one of the most popular pastimes for bettors, and the ability to conveniently and quickly access a sportsbook through the internet has grown to become extremely popular. Residents in Georgia can rely on Bovada Sportsbook to satisfy their wagering needs, with thousands of lines on nearly any sport imaginable being available. Bovada has risen to the top of the online sports betting industry, being reliable and trusted by thousands of online sports bettors.

Benefits of Georgia Online Sportbooks:

  • Ability to bet on your favorite team without having to leave the state.
  • Bonuses and promotions available throughout the year.
  • Betting lines for all major sporting events worldwide.
  • Multiple payment and deposit methods.
  • Live betting throughout games.

Online Poker for Georgia Residents

Online Poker Site

Playing poker online is extremely popular. For Georgia residents, Bovada Casino offers the ideal online poker experience, with quick pop-in games to a range of full blown tournaments to choose from. Bovada offers a 100% matching bonus up to $500 when new users sign up and hit the felt, boosting funds to give players some room to make bigger bets. The Bovada experience is renowned in the online betting world, and the user experience at the site has been overwhelmingly positive.

Benefits of Georgia Online Poker:

  • Huge tournaments with players from all across the country.
  • Multiple deposit and payment methods for Georgia residents.
  • Cards are shuffled and dealt fairly with lack of human error.
  • Play poker for money legally without leaving the state.
  • Ability to play poker games from a mobile device.

Georgia Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a form of sports betting that involves creating a virtual or fantasy sports team using the stats and performances from real-world athletes. Georgia residents are able to participate in online DFS through online sports betting or fantasy sports sites. With DFS, everyday Georgia residents and tourists alike will have the opportunity to play to win big. Each day there will be games available to play on, allowing for the constant opportunity take home big prizes. DFS is made easy in Georgia thanks to online sites.

Benefits of Georgia Online DFS:

  • Multiple tournaments with players from all over the world.
  • Bonuses and promotions available daily.
  • Play DFS from your mobile device.
  • Free entry available.
  • Set up your own league and play your friends.

Best Online Bingo Options in Georgia

Online Bingo

Though Bingo may not be the first thing that comes to mind when bettors think about gambling, a number of online casinos offer live bingo games for users to enjoy. Ignition casino offers a variety of bingo games for players to choose from, along with a number of unique and specialized online games. If bingo is your preference, Ignition casino is the place to be for all your bingo needs.

Benefits of Georgia Online Bingo:

  • Same intense bingo game without having to travel.
  • Play bingo from your mobile device.
  • Purchase multiple cards fast and easy.
  • Unique game modes like Bingo Goal.
  • Play at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

Georgia Online Lottery

Online Lottery

Luckily for Georgia residents, the Peach State is one of six gambling states that lets you purchase your lottery ticket online without having to go to a lottery retailer. The lottery system in Georgia offers a downloadable application to your smart devices in which you can purchase different forms of lottery tickets including Mega Millions, Powerball, and Cash4Life. You can even go as far as purchasing scratch-off tickets on the app as well.

Some guidelines fall under the Georgia online lottery system as well. The revenue behind the online lottery is split into three parts. 45% of it goes towards prize money for future drawings, 35% goes to the Lottery for Education, and 10% goes into a scholarship account. It is also worth noting that any prize claimed over $5,000 will be subject to a $100 fee. Also, for any prizes looking to be claimed up to $200,000, you’ll have 180 days to claim your winnings.

Benefits of Georgia Online Lottery:

  • Buying lottery tickets without having to leave your home.
  • Play to win huge jackpots from your fingertips.
  • Purchase tickets multiple times throughout the day.
  • See the results from your mobile device.
  • Claim your winnings online without having to go to a brick and mortar location.

Betting Horse Races Online for Georgia Residents

Online Horse Racing

Betting on horses is one of the classic wagers that is immensely popular with hardcore and casual gamblers. At Bovada Racebook, bettors can experience all the excitement of the track in the comfort of their home, with lines open on numerous horse races around the world. User experience is overwhelmingly positive at Bovada, with bettors returning every day to place bets on horses and much, much more.

Benefits of Georgia Online Horse Racing:

  • Bet on horses from your mobile device.
  • Legal Georgia horse betting without having to leave the state.
  • Fast way to place your winnings onto another race.
  • Fund your account with many deposit options including crypto
  • Watch the race in real-time.

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Georgia?

Bovada Online Gambling

Georgia is a state that loves to gamble, from poker games to betting on the Georgia Bulldogs, and there are a ton of great ways to gamble over the internet? One question we get a lot is how exactly Bovada is allowed to operate, so let’s break that down. The basic idea behind Bovada, as well as most of its competitors, is based on a loophole in US gambling law. Basically, the US tends to criminalize the establishments that provide gambling, making it illegal for people to offer odds on various sporting events, or online casino play, for example. However, they do not make it illegal for people to take part in those activities, for the most part. Bovada takes advantage of this by being located outside of the United States to avoid these negative consequences, and you as a bettor can use them in all of the states that do not explicitly prohibit doing so.

Georgia Online Slots

Online Slots

Since GA does not have any land-based casinos, online slots are the only place for GA residents to find the best ways to play casino slots. Online slots sites offer the same level of gambling that would be found at a land-based operator with a seemingly endless pool of options. Whether you plan to play 3-reel or classic slots, 5-reel, 7-reel or progressive slots, online slot sites have options available for you.

Benefits of Georgia Online Slots:

  • Multiple slot games at your fingertips.
  • Progressive slots with people all over the country, leading to a bigger prize pool.
  • Play slots legally without having to leave the state.
  • Play slots at any time of the day.
  • No waiting for others as online slots never get full.

Mobile Gambling In Georgia

Many online gambling sites offer mobile compatibility for legal online gambling in Georgia. Some even offer apps, though gambling apps in GA may be difficult to come by as GA does not host any state-sanctioned operators. Most other online gambling sites function wit HTML which is compatible with all smartphones. Meaning whatever mobile device you may have, whether it be Apple products like iPhone and iPad, or android products or Black Berry’s, mobile gambling in GA is very much possible.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

The Peach State has yet to authorize any state-sanctioned sports betting operators, meaning that residents and tourists alike who which to participate in sports betting will have to use online betting operators. These betting sites may not offer sports betting apps, but they do run using HTML meaning they are compatible with all mobile devices. These sportsbooks offer betting lines for sports bettors of all kind betting lines as well as a wide array of sports for sports bettors in GA to participate in. Mobile sports betting in GA is very much a possibility for all residents and tourists alike.

Mobile Casinos Apps

Since Georgia does not host online state-sanctioned gambling operators, there may be very few apps available to GA residents looking for casino gambling.  The good thing is, the Georgia online casino sites offer a lot of options for residents to use their mobile devices for casino gambling. These sites tend to use HTML making them compatible with most mobile devices without the need to download an official app. These sites host a slew of casino games for GA residents. These sites are also compatible with a number of mobile devices including android and apple products.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Georgia

Online gambling operators offer real money online gambling for all Georgia residents. This means that if you are in the state of Georgia, you can still use real-world money to play and win. With real money gambling, you are able to play for huge real money prizes that can go up to the millions in some events. Online gambling allows for this high stakes gambling without the need to travel to a land-based operator. The ability to play and win big from the comfort of your own home is one of the main draws to online gambling in Georgia.

Free Online Gambling In Georgia

There are many free online gambling sites that are available for Georgia residents to participate in online gambling. These free sites allow for the same high stakes gambling games however they do not reward real money. Players instead will be playing to win an in-game currency that is then used to play more. These free sites are easily accessible to Georgia residents and are a great way to participate in intense gambling without the risk of losing real money.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Georgia?

USA Online Gambling

Online gambling is very much legal in the state of Georgia. Although GA has yet to regulate any state-sanctioned gambling operators, there is no law written in Georgia’s legislation that forbids online gambling. This means that casino gambling, sports betting, and online poker are all very much allowed in the state of GA and residents of the Peach State can participate in these games through online gambling sites. There is no shortage of online gambling in GA so residents and tourists alike can gain the same level of intense games of chance that would be found in a land-based casino without the need to travel.

Online Gambling Laws In Georgia

Georgia has no regulated state-sanctioned online gambling operators available in their state as they have yet to regulate gambling of any kind within the state. The only things available in the state of GA is purchasing lottery tickets online and bingo. This means that in order to participate in gambling in Georgia it must be done so through online gambling sites that are not regulated by Georgia legislation. These sites are easy to use, widely available, and are the only way Georgia residents are able to participate in casino gambling without leaving the state.

Legal Gambling Age In Georgia

Since GA has yet to officially regulate online gambling, the legal gambling ages for online sites will be the countrywide accepted age of 21. GA legal lottery age is 18 and its bingo age is also 18. This means that if you plan to play online bingo or purchase lottery tickets online, you only need to be 18 years or older. If you wish to participate in other forms of online gambling such as sports betting. DFS, online casinos or online poker, the entry-level age must be 21 years or older.
  • Lottery: 18
  • Parimutuel: 18
  • Casinos: 21
  • Bingo: 18
  • Online Poker: 21
  • DFS: 21
  • Sports Betting: 21

Where Are Georgia Gambling Sites Regulated?

Georgia does not have any state-sanctioned gambling sites. GA has not successfully passed any legislation to allow regulated online gambling. This means that in order to participate in online and mobile gambling within the state of GA, residents must use online gambling sites that are not regulated by the state. GA has not given any indication of brining regulated gambling operators to the Peach State. Until GA lawmakers present online gambling in a house bill and it is voted on and approved by the Governor, GA will continue to not host any state-sanctioned online gambling operators.

Who Can Play At Georgia Online Gambling Sites?

Anyone who is of the Georgia legal gambling age is able to participate in online gambling. This means that GA residents all over the state have access to these online gambling sites. These sites provide any form of online gambling available so GA residents who are of age can gain access to the same gambling experience as they would if they were at a last based gambling operator. In addition, you do not have to be located in Georgia specifically if you want to use these websites - if you travel to Tennessee, for example, you can still use Bovada or BetOnline.

Georgia Gambling Laws Timeline

  • 2022: Georgia lawmakers have hinted at an effort to legalize casinos in Georgia with a bill that came to life in March.
  • 2022: Both David Ralston, House Speaker, and representative Ron Stephens have come out showing their support for previous bills in an effort just ahead of the January 2023 session.
  • 2021: Another online-only sports betting bill was introduced in HB86 and was followed by supporting bills in SB142 and SR135 that would have put the matter on the ballot for voters to decide. All efforts in 2021 did not make it beyond the House vote.
  • 2020: S 403 was proposed to bring online-only sports betting to Georgia with a 10% tax rate and a $900,000 annual fee. The bill was shot down with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic at the time. H 378 was also introduced which would have put sports betting, casinos, and horse race betting on the ballot. The bill moved forward without any real traction before dying out.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Georgia

According to the IRS, gambling winnings are considered taxable income. This means that if you are gambling online in Georgia you must report your winnings to the IRS. It is good practice to keep a record of your gambling winnings so that you will be able to have an accurate account of both gambling winnings and losses to report. This information will be asked for when you are completing your tax forms in the year and they ask for any revenue from gambling wins.

Gambling Revenue In Georgia

Gambling Revenue

As Georgia has yet to regulate gambling, the state has no available way to benefit from revenue rough in through gambling. Until the Peach State approves legislation to bring state-sanctioned gambling operators to their residents, they will continue to lose millions of potential revenue every year. Georgia citizens instead tend to use online gambling sites that aren’t operated within the state, meaning that all of the money being generated by residents is not being taxed by the local GA government. Until GA creates state-sanctioned gambling operators, there is no revenue from gambling in GA besides the lottery and bingo.

Future Of Georgia Online Gambling

In 2021, the Georgia Senate approved SB 142, which would regulate sports betting in Georgia. It is still awaiting action in the state House. In 2022, Senate Resolution 131 was approved by the Georgia Senate but failed to reach the two-thirds support threshold necessary to pass in the Georgia House of Representatives. That bill would have regulated horse race betting in Georgia. Until either SB 142 or another sports betting bill is passed, GA residents will be able to continue online gambling with the many Georgia gambling sites, online racebooks, and online sportsbooks.

Even though two sports betting bills failed to make the GA ballot, Stacey Abrams has shown her support for legal gambling/sports betting in the future. The governor candidate explained how the sports betting tax would be used to help students with average grades receive private and public university scholarships. This concept would be an extension of the lottery-funded HOPE program that was passed in 1993. As the HOPE scholarship currently stands, the program is for students with a GPA of 3.70 and above. Through funds from legal online gambling in GA, the scholarships could benefit students who sit at a “C” grade average.