Utah Online Gambling Sites

Utah Online Gambling Sites

Legal gambling in Utah is more extensive than people tend to think - it’s more than just betting in sweaty bars with bookies, and it’s more than going to the casino to play the slots. In fact, legal gambling in Utah tends to take place over the internet to some degree, and that will be reflected in the organization of this page, which focuses on Utah online gambling sites.

While everyone knows that you can go to a casino outside of the state, not everyone knows that the internet can replace these things, in a much safer and more legally pleasing manner. Overall, there is a lot to be learned from understanding Utah’s online betting ecosystem. From how to choose a legal site to understanding what is offered, this page will cover it all. Find out all of the best Utah online gambling sites, which feature games from online bingo to DFS, casinos, and even sports betting. USA online gambling is the best option for anyone in the state and there are still plenty of Utah gambling sites to keep your money at risk.


Population3.206 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesNone

Number Of Land Based CasinosNone

Gambling RevenueNone

State Licensed DFSYes

State Licensed Sports BettingNo

Land Based Poker RoomsNo

Lottery ServicesNo

Mobile Betting OptionsDaily Fantasy

Best Utah Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

We examine a lot of different websites that have a lot of different qualities. There are a couple main things that we look for before anything else. The first is whether or not the website is regulated, regardless of where. This is the one thing that we look for above all else - the websites that we use need to be regulated, no matter what. Regulation means that they are subject to the laws of their home country, and that means things like inspections as well as other enforcement.

The next thing that we look at is whether or not the USA online gambling sites in question is trustworthy and has a high reputation among the gambling community. The gambling community is, by and large, savvy, and doesn’t like being scammed, and for that reason, we trust the websites that the gambling community does as well. We would be remiss if we did not mention that many of our editors and contributors are part of the gambling community as well - we use these websites as well, and we trust them for our own personal use.

Best Utah Gambling Sites

100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
500% up to $5000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $4000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
4 Star Rating
200% up to $2000
4 Star Rating
50% up to $250
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
250% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $300
4 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
4 Star Rating

How We Pick The Best Utah Gambling Sites

  • We do our research on all of the options
  • We make sure that the website in question has a license
  • We find you the best deposit bonuses at all of the websites
  • We make sure each website has a lot of deposit and withdrawal options
  • We read the terms and conditions for you

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Utah

There are a lot of different types of online gambling that are available to Utah residents and bettors. Most people, thinking of online gambling, think of online casinos, online sports betting, and online poker rooms. However, in Utah, there are more options than simply just those. For example, Utah bettors can place wagers on daily fantasy sports, play bingo, bet on horse races, and play online slots as well. There are a lot of options for Utah’s online gamblers, and the next few sections will be dedicated to discussion of those options.

Utah Online Casinos

Online Casinos

Online casinos are the lifeblood of the online gambling ecosystem. As the name might imply, they are all encompassing websites that offer a lot of different types of gambling. Indeed, many of the other types of gambling that are discussed on this page can take place at many of the online casinos as well. For example, you can play both poker and slot machines, or bet on sports, at almost all of the major USA casinos.

Benefits of Utah Online Casinos:

  • Signup bonuses to double your money
  • Membership brings additional loyalty rewards
  • Wagering limits are high
  • Can play anything from slots to blackjack
  • Available on mobile devices

Utah Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks are some of the most important types of online gambling as far as the online gambling ecosystem goes. The USA sportsbooks are major drivers of traffic, and major news stories sometimes themselves. The major online sportsbooks are some of the best oddsmakers around, rivaling the Vegas sportsbooks, and even exceeding them in some cases. If you want to bet on sports in the United States, many of the online sportsbooks are going to be your best bet, both in terms of providing unbiased lines, and in terms of ease of use.

Benefits of Utah Sportbooks:

  • Use different sportsbooks to shop lines
  • Find the best odds and bets around
  • Large amounts of unique betting opportunities
  • Signup and reload bonuses keep you profitable
  • Easy deposits and withdrawals

Utah Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

Poker is one of the most interesting games to play - a game of skill, and a game of luck, simultaneously. The game is one of the most famous in the world, taking place in all sorts of movies, and everyone, surely, has a bad beat story to remember. Poker is available online at all sorts of websites, from the major online casinos to the smaller online poker rooms. There are a lot of interesting ways to play online in Utah, and many of the websites are excellent and reputable USA poker sites .

Benefits of Utah Online Poker:

  • Play multiple hands at the same time
  • Live dealers add excitement
  • Games are available at all times
  • Many different types of games available
  • Play from home or on the go

Utah Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Daily fantasy sports is a relatively new addition to the world online sports betting and online gambling, The basic premise of online daily fantasy sports is that you can pick a team of fantasy players, and then enter that team in a contest to win big money. Contests can range from the small contests with low entry fees (think 50 cents) to larger contests with million dollar prize pools. There are a lot of options for playing DFS, and a few large major providers, but overall, it is a welcome addition to the online gambling landscape - although it is technically not classified as gambling in many states.

Benefits of Utah Online DFS:

  • Adds personal investment to watching sports
  • Play DFS with sports from basketball to hockey
  • Low entry costs make it easy to start
  • Set lineups easily
  • Payouts tend to be very high for big contests

Utah Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Bingo is one of those games that many people tend to think of as something other than gambling, and as such, it might be a surprise to see it on this list. However, when considering the world of online bingo, it is important to understand how online bingo works. Normally, bingo is a social game, that takes place in real life, over an extended period of time. You can do this with online bingo as well, but you can also play multiple cards simultaneously, which makes it feel a lot more like playing lottery scratch offs than anything else. Online bingo provides a truly unique experience, and is fully customizable to whatever you want it to be.

Benefits of Utah Online Bingo:

  • Great signup and reload bonuses
  • Can get free cards via email to
  • Bingo tournaments add competition to Bingo
  • You can play a lot of bingo in a short period of time
  • Customizable style of online gambling.

Utah Online Lottery

Online Lottery

Utah does not have an online lottery, but more than that, Utah does not have a state lottery at all. Utah’s bettors would be best served by playing lottery games at the major online casinos, such as Keno style games. Keno games are similar to playing the lottery, although not like the major draw games, but more like the smaller lottery scratch offs or something like that. Keno is a decent replacement for the lottery, although obviously it is not the same as playing a game like Powerball or Mega Millions.

Utah Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

Horse race betting is one of the oldest types of gambling in America, and indeed around the world. People have been betting on horse races in some form or another for centuries, from the ancient chariot races in Rome all the way to the modern Triple Crown races in the USA. In some ways, horse race betting is the father of sports betting - it is a simpler system, requiring much less handicapping, but gave rise to many of the ways in which people bet on sports today. Horse race betting is a popular pastime in Utah, and there are a lot of ways to bet on the ponies while using an online device in the state.

Benefits of Utah Online Horse Racing:

  • Good signup bonuses keep you going
  • Horse betting is an ancient yet simple type of betting
  • Racebooks broadcast live horse races so you can keep track
  • You can win big money
  • Easy to understand how to bet on horses

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Utah?

Bovada Online Gambling

Utah is one of the most restrictive states in the country when it comes to the practice of gambling, and its laws regarding online gambling are similar. While we know of nobody who has ever been arrested for online gambling in Utah, it seems as though the state is explicitly against it, in a way that would prevent people from using websites like Bovada in a fully legal manner. Bovada still exists in the state, and is still available for the gamblers in the state, but there probably is not a way to play on the website in a fully legal manner in Utah. For more, it would be best to consult a lawyer.

Utah Online Slots

Online Slots

Online slot machines are actually incredibly similar to their real life counterparts, with one big difference. If you want to play slot machines in real life, you have to go to the casino in order to sit in front of a screen and try to win money. With online slot machines, you can do that from the comfort of your living room, in your favorite sweatpants, drinking your favorite drink. There are a couple other interesting differences, such as the ability to customize your spin cost, which gives you a greater deal of control over the online slot machine experience compared to the real life one, but overall they are very similar experiences.

Benefits of Utah Online Slots:

  • You can play slots in large online tournaments
  • Games are available whenever you want
  • Flexible spin cost helps to customize your winnings
  • Easiest type of gambling to start with
  • Significant jackpots compared to time and skill investment

Mobile Gambling In Utah

The main thing to understand about mobile gambling in Utah is that the majority of online gambling in Utah tends to be done using websites that are not located in Utah, or in the US at all. However, there are a lot of ways to use those websites for mobile gambling. In the next couple sections, we will discuss mobile gambling as it pertains to sports betting and casino apps and mobile betting options for both of those types of betting.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

The major online sports betting retailers tend to not use apps, but rely on mobile websites instead. This is for a variety of reasons, but two stick out. First, they are not located in the US, and rely on this status in order to be usable by US bettors. This causes conflicts if they try to get apps onto major US based retailers like the App Store and the Google Play Store. These conflicts prevent them from running major apps. Another big reason is that they don’t like offering downloads - by using mobile websites, they limit the amount of work you need to do to gamble online.

Mobile Casinos Apps

Mobile casino apps tend to work the same way as the mobile sports betting apps - which is to say, they don’t really exist, as the main online casinos prefer to use mobile versions of their websites instead. In practice, all this really means is that when you want to bet with your online casino of choice, all you have to do is go to the website on the mobile browser of your choice. This will serve you with a mobile optimized version of the website, that looks and feels like an app, and is built for touchscreen interfaces. This website retains full functionality, so that you can make all the bets you need to make on the go.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Utah

All of the websites discussed on this page use real money for their operation, whether that real money be in the form of bitcoins or actual US dollars. You can bet on whatever you need to bet on at these websites, using real money. You will deposit real money, gamble real money, win real money, and, of course, lose real money. It is important that you regard online gambling with the seriousness that it deserves - the same seriousness with which you regard going to a casino in real life.

Free Online Gambling In Utah

Some online gambling retailers will offer free plays in specific scenarios. For example, one common signup bonus is a free play with variable value. Sometimes you will see websites offering free plays of around $500, just for signing up. Another main way you can gamble for free is with practice rooms. Not all games will have this, but some online casinos offer the chance for you to practice using their website. Of course, given that it is practice, there will be very limited rewards, if any, but the true rewards of practicing are experience and skill.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Utah?

USA Online Gambling

When it comes to state online gambling legality, Utah is fairly unique. You can access online sportsbooks and online casinos in Utah, although the state itself does have some quibbles with it. Utah’s criminal code specifically prohibits the act of online gambling, but there is one important thing to note for the prospective Utah online gambler. While the activity is prohibited by the criminal code, we know of nobody who has ever been arrested or prosecuted for use of an online sportsbook or casino. This does mean that if you are in Utah and use an online casino sportsbook, you are doing so at your own risk.

Online Gambling Laws In Utah

Utah is one of the more draconian states in terms of its laws against online gambling. This should not be a surprise given the population of the state, and the leanings that it has with regards to legislating morality. That said, we know of nobody who has ever been arrested or prosecuted in Utah for gambling at an online sportsbook, or at an online casino. The practice is prohibited by Utah’s criminal code, however.

Legal Gambling Age In Utah

One thing that is really important to keep in mind, even when using one of the online casinos, is that you are over the legal gambling age of majority in terms of online gambling where you are located. This is non-negotiable, you must be over the legal gambling age. If the state you are in does not define it, we tend to assume that it is 21. Below, you can find a list of online gambling ages that are applicable to the state of Utah.
  • Lottery: n/a
  • Parimutuel: 21
  • Casinos: 21
  • Bingo: 21
  • Online Poker: 18
  • DFS: 21
  • Sports Betting: 18

Where Are Utah Gambling Sites Regulated?

The major websites for Utah gamblers tend to be regulated offshore. Most of the gambling done in Utah uses websites that are not located inside the United States. This is because of the way the laws are written in many US states - the websites find it more profitable to be located outside the US, and available from within it.

Who Can Play At Utah Online Gambling Sites?

The situation discussed in the previous section means that people from all over the world use the same websites that many Utah residents use to bet on sports and play casino games. In terms of sports betting, this has some important implications. For example, many local sportsbooks have to deal with a lot of local fans betting on the local team. A major global sportsbook doesn’t have to deal with that, and doesn’t have to adjust their lines to accommodate them. In a way, using a global sportsbook is better for Utah bettors than using a local one would be.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Utah

Gambling is taxable in the state of Utah, although it is also worth noting that online gambling is prohibited. This is a major reason why you would want to declare it on your taxes - imagine the IRS finding out that you are getting revenue from a source prohibited by the Utah criminal code. The IRS at your door is basically the last thing that you want.

Gambling Revenue In Utah

Gambling Revenue

Utah does not take in a lot of gambling revenue. The state’s policy towards legislating morality has led it to not open a statewide lottery, let alone consider the revenue possibilities afforded to it by the expansion of online gambling. This is unfortunate, to say the least. It is unfortunate for bettors within the state who find themselves between a rock and a hard place, it is unfortunate for taxpayers who might have a lower burden if online gambling were state sanctioned, and it is unfortunate for those who would benefit from the increased government revenues raised by online gambling.

Will Online Gambling Ever Be Regulated In Utah

It is very unlikely that any form of online gambling will be regulated in Utah anytime soon. Utah is a very strict antigambling state that offers no form of in-state online gambling. Lawmakers do not even present bills to offer online gambling during legislative sessions, showing that the practice is not even on legislators’ minds. Online gambling sites will always be available to gamblers in the Beehive State, but those looking for state-run gambling apps will not be seeing these for the foreseeable future.

Future Of Utah Online Gambling

The future of Utah’s online gambling industry is an interesting one. Given the prohibition on online gambling in the Utah criminal code, there is a fairly hard limit on how popular the industry can be. Right now, it exists in a sort of gray area, where people do use it, but not as many as would use an online sportsbook operated by the state. It is a shame that the state has the stance that it does, and many of the possibilities for growth are informed by changes to state laws, as many neighboring states are legalizing forms of gambling, and Utah might one day take a look around and see the benefits it has brought those states.