Oregon Online Gambling Sites 2024

Oregon Online Gambling Sites

Welcome to a complete overview of legal gambling in Oregon. While residents can’t pump their gas in Oregon, Oregon's robust gambling options have since grown to include tribal casinos, poker, bingo, a lottery, and sports betting. But while Oregon is a much friendlier state to gamblers than most, there are still some obstacles and caveats that bettors should be aware of at Oregon gambling sites.

This page will cover these caveats along with many other important Oregon gambling topics. It will cover both state-licensed and international gambling options for a variety of different activities, including poker, sports betting, casino gaming, and pari-mutuel wagering. Our goal is to consolidate as much Oregon gambling information as possible so that this page can be a one-stop shop for bettors and so that they can make the most informed possible decision about where to wager their money. Like most states, Oregon’s laws can be arbitrarily restrictive of certain forms of gambling, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t legal options available. The important thing is to understand the options you have at your disposal and the benefits and drawbacks they present.


Population4.218 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesWarm Springs, Lincoln City

Number Of Land Based Casinos12

Gambling Revenue$1.25 Billion

State Licensed DFSYes

State Licensed Sports BettingYes, but no college sports

Land Based Poker Rooms18

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsSports Betting, Daily Fantasy

Best Oregon Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

There are numerous different gambling sites available to Oregon residents, with most being based outside of the United States. As almost all of these sites claim to be the best, it can be difficult for casual or even experienced gamblers to make a good decision about which site is best for them. Most people simply don’t have hours of free time to do research on whether or not each gambling site is trustworthy. At USAOnlineGambling.com, we do all that legwork, so you don’t have to. Through our review process, we filter out all the gambling sites whose claims to greatness are misleading or wildly off-base.

All the sites we recommend have been thoroughly screened to ensure that they meet certain universal quality standards—things like quality customer service and reliability. Once we have determined that they meet these standards, all we can do is provide our readers with the information they need to make a decision that suits their own needs, as gambling sites can have wildly different strengths and weaknesses that will suit different gamblers differently.

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Best Online Poker Sites That Accept US Players

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How We Pick The Best Oregon Gambling Sites

  • All our recommended gambling sites must be trusted by their users.
  • They must have an unblemished track record of data security.
  • Sites we recommend must have betting options that rank among the best in their respective categories.
  • We can’t recommend sites that don’t have the infrastructure needed to avoid complications during high traffic periods.
  • Customer service must be available 24 hours a day via multiple communication methods.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Oregon

The most notable form of online gambling in Oregon right now is sports betting, which the Oregon Lottery operates through its official Scoreboard app. Other state-sanctioned Oregon gambling sites include pari-mutuel wagering through platforms like TVG. All other online gambling is explicitly prohibited by state law, but these laws are powerless to prevent players from using international gambling sites. International sites usually offer a superior betting experience to domestic ones anyway, and the fact that they are accessible and legal for all makes them a no-doubt choice for any Beaver State residents looking to gamble online.

Oregon Online Casinos

Online Casinos

While Oregon does have 11 tribal casinos (and a 12th has been proposed), the state’s laws explicitly ban the operation of online casinos. Oregon residents can still bet on casino games online, but they must do so through global Oregon gambling sites rather than ones based in the state. These online casinos for US residents offer a huge range of casino gaming products like poker, table games, slots, and more. Online casinos also offer simple, hassle-free banking that boasts great bonuses and allows you to start spending your winnings even faster than a brick-and-mortar casino.

Benefits of Oregon Online Casinos:

  • Option to play with a live dealer or a computer dealer
  • Play from anywhere
  • Huge deposit bonuses
  • More gaming options than a physical casino
  • Better financial security than a physical casino

Best Oregon Casinos

Ignition Casino

On Ignition Casino, you’ll find any casino game that you can imagine such as slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and super 6 all in live dealer and digital form, and games like keno as well. With Ignition, you do not have to leave your home to play any of your favorite games as you can access them from any computer or smart device that has access to the internet. That said, there will be no more crowded casinos that forced you to wait to play your favorite games.

Oregon Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

The primary online sportsbook in Oregon is the state-run Scoreboard app, which offers fans the ability to bet on most major professional sporting events around the country. Unfortunately for Oregon, the Scoreboard app has been criticized for its less than stellar performance and experts were projecting it to come in way under its yearly revenue goals even before the Coronavirus outbreak began. Another potential reason for the low Scoreboard adoption rates is the fact that it does not allow fans to bet on college sporting events at all, whether they involve an in-state university or not.

USA online sportsbooks that are based globally don’t have this problem, and they offer more consistent performance than the Scoreboard app, so they have become the preferred option for Oregon players. These international sites offer players a huge variety of game lines and prop bets on sporting events and leagues all around the world. Placing a bet takes only a few clicks and can be done from anywhere. International sportsbooks also offer immense deposit bonuses to help boost players’ bankrolls so they can bet and win more while risking less.

Benefits of Oregon Sportsbooks:

  • Bet on college sports
  • Massive deposit bonuses
  • Online sportsbooks are better developed than the Scoreboard app
  • Easy banking for deposits and withdrawals
  • More game lines and prop bets than in-state operators

Top Oregon Sportsbooks

Bovada Sportsbook

Using Bovada to bet on sports in Oregon is not only convenient, but beneficial, and for good reason. They are often referred to as the best sportsbook in Oregon for more than just the odds that they have to offer. One of the main benefits that they have on their platform are odds on college sports which is something you do not have access to on the Oregon run sportsbooks. You can even bet on college sports in Oregon with Bovada using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Oregon Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

Online poker is another one of the gambling types that is explicitly prohibited by Oregon law. There are 18 total poker rooms with 144 total poker tables throughout the state, but as with sports betting and casinos, online play is relegated to international gambling sites only. These USA poker sites, available to players all around the world, offer downloadable poker software that grants players access to poker games of various rule types against both human opponents and against a computer dealer (for games like three-card stud). These online poker sites offer faster games with more player choice, as well as interesting options for things like tournament play.

Benefits of Oregon Online Poker:

  • More variations of poker available to play
  • Play against human or computer opponents
  • Streamlined, faster gameplay
  • No waiting for a table to open up
  • Cash out your winnings immediately with cryptocurrency

Best Oregon Poker Rooms

Ignition Poker Room

The poker room at Ignition is simply elite and they have tons to offer that make your poker experience enjoyable. One of their biggest benefits is that you do not have to wait long to play in cash games as they offer hundreds at a time with there always being an open seat. They also have huge tournaments that are run weekly, monthly, and seasonally. These tournaments could pay out millions in prizes each year. New users looking to play can also earn up to $3,000 for signing up.

Oregon Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are somewhat hard to categorize, as they combine elements of traditional fantasy and conventional sports betting. Essentially, DFS games function like regular fantasy sports, except that rosters are reset after each game or each week. This means that a bad draft pick or an unanticipated injury can’t tank an entire season for players. There are different options for head-to-head and tournament-style play, with tournaments sometimes paying hundreds of times the buy-in fee to winners. DFS games are completely legal in Oregon, and all major DFS operators, including DraftKings and FanDuel, accept players from the state.

Benefits of Oregon Online DFS:

  • Frequent new lineups afford added flexibility
  • Enter multiple lineups into contests
  • Potential huge prizes for tournament DFS games
  • Fantasy sports for a huge variety of different leagues
  • Salary cap system ensures fair balance between teams

Oregon Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Bingo is a classic and universally recognized and beloved form of gambling, but its audience generally skews older and less tech-savvy. Because of that demographic issue, online bingo has not enjoyed the same popularity as other forms of online gambling. Still, the sites that do offer online gambling, like Bovada, offer a streamlined, faster bingo experience. Benefits of USA online bingo sites include the ability to fill out a bingo card automatically and the fact that you never have to wait for organizers to set up a game before jumping in to play.

Benefits of Oregon Online Bingo:

  • Safe and expedient banking options
  • No waiting for a large group to organize a game
  • Collect winnings immediately
  • Doris can’t challenge your bingo because a computer tracks results
  • Different options like 30 and 80-ball bingo

Top Bingo Sites In Oregon

Bovada Bingo

Bingo has been known as one of the friendliest and most entertaining forms of gambling for years and Bovada Casino offers one of the best bingo games you can ask for. Similar to playing at a bingo hall, their bingo games run the classic rules with multiple different ways to win. Aside from the classic games, they’ll run special bingo games as well with other ways to win. Regardless, you’ll get the same thrill playing bingo in Oregon on Bovada as you would at any land-based bingo hall.

Oregon Online Lottery

Online Lottery

There are no online lottery tickets in Oregon that are specific to the Beaver State, but popular USA online lottery sites that are used around the country offer many similar-style games with massive wins. These sites will primarily offer online scratch-offs and historic lottery games like keno in Oregon. Online lottery games in Oregon are primarily available through some of the largest online casino providers in the world, with players also able to play some of their games like slots if they want an online game of chance that could pay out large.

Best Lottery Sites In Oregon

Ignition Lottery

Playing the lottery in Oregon isn’t just playing the big draw games, you can play scratch card games as well and Ignition has you covered. Similar to the scratch-off games that you would find at the lotto retailers in Oregon, they have 14 different games to choose from and offer prizes of over $100k. Being that they are sold from Ignition, you can even win rewards to use on their site with these cards as well. That said, you don’t have to leave your home anymore to play your favorite lotto scratch-off games.

Oregon Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

Oregon has a long history of horse racing, but the state’s primary horse racing track, Portland Meadows, closed in December 2019. Thankfully, another track, Grants Pass, was granted the primary state license in its stead and has been authorized to host many races every year. Oregon gamblers can bet at US horse racing sites such as TVG, Twin Spires, or via licensed race betting sites. TVG and Twin Spires have a better selection of small, local races to choose from, but international sportsbooks offer better odds on bigger races and more prop bets.

Benefits of Oregon Online Horse Racing:

  • More prop bets
  • Better odds on big races
  • Parlay horse racing bets with other sports
  • Never wait through lines to place or cash a bet
  • More available information on each horse

Top Oregon Racebooks:

Bovada Racebook

With horse racing one of the oldest and most popular forms of gambling, it makes sense that you use a top racebook to place your bets. You can bet on any horse race that comes to mind no matter the size or if it is nationally recognized or not. At Bovada, you can also take advantage of a 3% rebate that they have for horse racing that does not have a rollover requirement on it either. With Bovada, you can also bet on the big races months in advance before the official pool for the race is even set.

Oregon Online Slots

Online Slots

For decades, slots have maintained their place as America’s most popular and accessible form of gambling. Their enduring popularity owes largely to the fact that they are so easy to play: sit down, insert money, pull lever, profit. Online slots in Oregon offer the same simplicity with even more player freedom. One single USA online slots site can host hundreds or even thousands of different slots because they don’t require physical space or expensive machinery. Other benefits include the ability to adjust your bet level for every individual machine and the fact that nobody can hog your favorite slot.

Benefits of Oregon Online Slots:

  • Hundreds of different slots all in once place
  • Adjust risk level to your own preferences
  • Play without driving to a casino
  • Cash out your winnings immediately
  • Online slots are generally packaged with other great online gambling options

Bet At Bovada Sportsbook

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Oregon?

Bovada Online Gambling

Bovada is one of the best online casinos around, and it provides some services that the state run sportsbooks lack. For example, the state run sportsbooks in Oregon prohibit college sports betting, which is a rough scenario for any Oregon Ducks fan to be in. However, at Bovada, that Ducks fan could place as many wagers as they wanted to on the Ducks. This is because the laws in most US states are targeted at the providers of gambling, not the consumers. The short answer is that as long as you are above the legal gambling age, there are usually not laws that prohibit your usage of the Oregon gambling sites, including Bovada.

Mobile Gambling In Oregon

There are a few available forms of mobile gambling in Oregon. The most commonly used mobile gaming platform in Oregon in the Scoreboard app for smartphones and tablets, which allows residents to bet on a limited number of professional sports leagues and events. Outside of Scoreboard, mobile gambling is restricted to online casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites, etc. that are based outside of the United States. Although these sites can’t offer downloadable apps in American app stores, they have a broad range of features and offer mobile online gambling sites in the US that function nearly identically to a specialized app.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Oregon’s only sports betting app is the Oregon Lottery-run Scoreboard app. While the convenience of an app is nice, Scoreboard is still working out a host of issues, including a recent shutdown due to a ransomware attack on the company that operates its sportsbook. International Oregon gambling sites can’t offer downloadable apps to American players, but they do feature fully optimized mobile sites with interfaces that function identically to traditional apps and a wider variety of sports betting options than you would find even at a brick-and-mortar casino sportsbook. Mobile users of these online sportsbooks can benefit from the same deposit bonuses, which can top $1,000 in value, as desktop users.

Mobile Casinos Apps

The only actual casino apps available in Oregon are the free play ones that simulate casino games without actually offering the thrill of risking real money. Online casinos are explicitly outlawed by the state’s code. International Oregon gambling sites are still legal because they don’t fall under Oregon jurisdiction, so that is the preferred way to play for most Oregonians. These international sites can’t offer downloadable apps to American players, so they have prioritized developing reliable, well-designed mobile sites with access to their full array of desktop features. These mobile sites are accessible from anywhere with a reliable wi-fi or data connection.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Oregon

Oregon players can deposit, win and lose real money with both the state-run Scoreboard app and with Oregon gambling sites based all around the world. For deposits, both in-state and international gambling sites accept traditional payment cards like VISA and MasterCard. Many real money gambling sites for Americans also accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which is generally their preferred transaction method. Withdrawals can be more complicated, as domestic banks aren’t permitted to process payments from international gambling sites. Instead, players are recommended to withdraw using cryptocurrencies, which are faster, more secure, and more convenient for moving the money quickly from your gambling account into your actual bank account.

Free Online Gambling In Oregon

There are a handful of free online gambling options in Oregon, but only a few that actually offer the chance to win real money.  Free casino games and poker apps on app stores offer a fun approximation of what actual gambling is like, but without the risk factor, they quickly grow stale. Many actual online casinos offer free versions of their paid casino games so players can practice and get acquainted with systems before risking real money. The best aspect of free gambling sites in the US is likely not the winnings as those are rarely offered, but instead the experience and trust the players can gain when trying out the free versions of the many Oregon gambling sites available.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Oregon?

USA Online Gambling

There are two forms of online gambling with limited legality in Oregon—pari-mutuel wagering and sports betting—but online gambling is largely illegal in the state. In fact, Oregon is one of the only states in the union that explicitly bans online gambling. ORS 167.109 states that nobody in the state can knowingly accept payment to facilitate an online wager. ORS 462.162 (pg. 50) establishes that off-track horse betting is an exception to this prohibition of online gambling, authorizing the Oregon Racing Commission to dictate circumstances in which online pari-mutuel wagering is appropriate.

The language of these laws only affects operators though, and spares players the wrath of the law. As a result of the specific language used, the act of gambling online is legal, while the act of accepting bets online is illegal—an important distinction. Oregon’s code of laws has no authority to ban Oregon gambling sites located outside of the United States, so Beaver State players can still gamble legally as long as they do it through one of these alternative platforms. Gambling winnings earned with these international sites are still taxable as income, so players should keep detailed accountings of their winnings as well as their losses. See our full list of states with legal online gambling.

Online Gambling Laws In Oregon

Oregon gambling dates to the 1940s, when Portland Meadows opened up as the state’s premier horse racing track. Gambling options in Oregon have gradually expanded since then, with charitable and social gaming being added in the 1970s and a state lottery and tribal casinos being regulated in the 1980s. There were several attempts in the 1990s and 2000s to regulate nontribal casinos, but these measures were overwhelmingly opposed by Oregon voters. Online horse betting was declared legal in 1997. Oregon actually offered online sports betting before the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act; the first online sports betting platform in the state was shut down in 2007 before the state launched the current Scoreboard app in October 2019.

Legal Gambling Age In Oregon

Legal gambling ages in Oregon starts at 18 years old, but players must be at least 21 years old to bet on sports through the Scoreboard app or to participate in any form of gambling besides bingo at casinos. Gambling websites based in other countries have much simpler universal age requirement, with most requiring only that players be at least 18 years old and provide proof of government-issued ID.
  • Lottery: 18
  • Parimutuel: 18
  • Casinos: 18-21
  • Bingo: 18
  • Online Poker: 18
  • DFS: 21
  • Sports Betting: 18-21

Where Are Oregon Gambling Sites Regulated?

The Scoreboard app is regulated by the Oregon Lottery and the state of Oregon receives the majority of its revenues. TVG is owned and operated by Betfair, but because it operates in states throughout the U.S., it is subject to federal gambling laws. For sites based outside of the U.S., they are regulated by their country of origin. Generally, international gambling sites are more loosely regulated than those in the U.S., but they still have strict controls to ensure that players receive fair payout rates and adequate data security.

Who Can Play At Oregon Online Gambling Sites?

The Scoreboard app is geo-fenced to Oregon’s borders, but all other international gambling sites are accessible from anywhere. Players in Oregon can play at these sites, as can players in Washington, California, Montana, Idaho, etc. As long as a user meets a the minimum gambling age requirement (generally 18 years old) and can provide a valid form of government-issued ID, they are free to wager and win real money at global online gambling sites.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Oregon

Gambling tax in Oregon: 25% (federal) +5 to 9.9% (state income)

Oregon taxes gambling winnings as income, except for prizes offered by the state lottery that total less than $600 in value. Winnings are additionally subject to a 25% federal tax, regardless of how much is won. Oregon does deduct gambling losses up to the same amount as winnings, but state lawmakers have recently considered repealing this provision. Even fi you win money gambling with an international website, it is strongly recommended that you report your winnings on your taxes. If you fail to do so, you can be prosecuted for felony tax evasion.

Gambling Revenue In Oregon

Gambling Revenue

Tribal casinos in Oregon are not required to publicly disclose financial information, so it’s impossible to be certain exactly how successful they are. The Scoreboard app, which is run by the Oregon Lottery, fell woefully short of expectations in the 2020 fiscal year, but the lottery itself has been very successful, with $1.25 billion in sales in 2019. One study estimated that Americans gambled a total of $150 billion per year, which averages out to $458.72 per person. With Oregon’s population of 4.2 million, that would amount to over $1.9 billion in annual gambling handle.

Future Of Oregon Online Gambling

Although Scoreboard has been a disappointment for Oregon, the state seems to have a bright outlook for the future of online gambling. A thriving casino industry already exists in the state and the development of Scoreboard at least established a precedent that the legislature is willing to support the regulation of some types of online gambling so long as it can monetize it. Future developments for Oregon gambling sites will likely need to work in conjunction with Oregon’s tribal casinos, who could benefit greatly from partnering with third-party companies like William Hill to offer online gambling throughout the state. Currently, the state legislature is considering SB 1503, which would regulate collegiate sports betting in the state, but is not looking at full online gambling expansion.