Rhode Island Online Gambling Sites

Rhode Island Online Gambling Sites

Rhode Island's gambling industry, like many northeastern states, features laxer rules than much of the country, but its online gambling offerings still leave much to be desired. Full online casino gambling is still unregulated by the state, and there doesn’t appear to be much likelihood of that changing in the near future. Rhode Island has made limited progress in regulating certain types of online gambling, but they are unfortunate half measures in the face of demand for full regulation of all popular forms of gambling.

While Rhode Island lacks the broad gambling freedoms of New Jersey or Pennsylvania, its residents can still legally enjoy convenient, powerful platforms for online gambling. The key is that the legal Rhode Island gambling sites are operated internationally, rather than within the state. While state regulations might prohibit certain types of online gambling, these state regulations do not have jurisdiction over websites operating in other countries. Because of this, Rhode Island residents can enjoy legal online poker, slots, blackjack, and all other types of casino gaming through international gambling websites.

StateRhode Island

Population1.059 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesProvidence

Number Of Land Based Casinos2

Gambling Revenue$9.4 Million

State Licensed DFSYes

State Licensed Sports BettingYes

Land Based Poker Rooms2

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsSports Betting, Daily Fantasy

Best Rhode Island Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

At USAOnlineGambling, we review dozens of different Rhode Island gambling sites looking for the best possible playing experiences for our players. It is important to cast a wide net with our reviews, as there are dozens of different sites claiming to be the best, but only a small handful that are actually worth visiting. We test each site thoroughly to ensure that they live up to important quality standards. To earn a USAOnlineGambling recommendation, a site must offer both a high-quality experience and a trustworthy one, as we stake our reputation on these recommendations.

After universal quality standards have been assured, the next step is differentiating between multiple sites of high quality. This is trickier than it sounds, and there’s no foolproof way of making a concrete recommendation when every site has its own distinct advantages and drawbacks. Every player has their own preferences in a gambling site, so the best gambling site for one might not be the best for another. For example, if one Rhode Island resident only plays online poker, the best website for them will be different than one who only plays slots.

Best Rhode Island Gambling Sites

100% up to $1000
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500% up to $5000
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100% up to $1000
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100% up to $4000
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100% up to $1000
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50% up to $250
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50% up to $1,000
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250% up to $1,000
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100% up to $300
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How We Pick The Best Rhode Island Gambling Sites

  • All our online gambling sites must have extensive, 24-hour customer service.
  • Payout rates must be at or above industry average.
  • Our sites must have extensive and reliable technological infrastructure.
  • These sites must have an extensive array of betting types.
  • Banking must be easy and accessible for all players.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Rhode Island

Any form of gambling you can imagine being available at a casino is also available legally online. Since Rhode Island is one of the few states with legal online gambling for sports betting and pari-mutuel wagering in Rhode Island, while international websites offer legal access to other types of online gambling, including full online casinos. The breadth of options has helped online gambling grow into a multi-billion-dollar industry with millions of players all around the world and tens or even hundreds of thousands of players in Rhode Island alone.  Here are a few of the most popular forms of online gambling.

Rhode Island Online Casinos

Online Casinos

The only USA online casinos in Rhode Island are those hosted outside of the United States. The state itself does not license any online casinos, so there are no domestic operators available. International online casinos offer every imaginable form of casino gaming, from roulette wheels to poker tables and slot machines to online blackjack tables.  With player bases numbering in the hundreds of thousands or even in the millions, online casinos like Ignition and Bovada can afford to offer better payout rates, better security, and more betting types to their players than any brick-and-mortar casino ever could.

Benefits of Rhode Island Online Casinos:

  • World-class data security to protect personal and financial information.
  • Economies of scale allow online casinos to offer better payout rates
  • Wider selection of casino games and betting types
  • Accessible from anywhere via any Internet-connected device
  • Fast and easy banking with Bitcoin

Rhode Island Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

Rhode Island is one of the increasing number of states to offer legal online sports betting. Although there are no major professional or college sports teams in Rhode Island, the northeast is enough of a hotbed for sporting activity to support a successful sports betting industry for the state. There are only two casino sportsbooks in Rhode Island, each of which operates its own online sportsbook as well. Unfortunately, both of these online sportsbooks require that players register in-person at the casino before they can gamble online.

Global online sportsbooks offer a preferable, hassle-free alternative to this convoluted process. These international sportsbooks will accept all players who are at least 18 years old and can show valid proof of ID. As with online casinos in general, online sportsbooks that accept US players have more resources to offer a better quality of experience. For example, online sportsbooks can offer extensive live betting options because they have enough global players that there is guaranteed to be a market for it. They can also offer betting on unconventional sports like Australian rules football or cricket, and betting odds involving local, northeastern teams are not skewed by regional bias.

Benefits of Rhode Island Sportbooks:

  • Tons of live betting options
  • An unparalleled selection of prop bets and game lines from all over the world
  • Odds aren’t skewed by regional fandom
  • Create parlay bets with sports all over the world
  • Bet on the go with optimized mobile sites

Rhode Island Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

While there aren’t any state-licensed online poker sites in Rhode Island, residents can still play at internationally licensed poker sites like 5Dimes. There are also several nearby states with legal online poker, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. To play online poker, all you need to do is register an account with an online poker site, then download that site’s poker software. This will give you access to a wide array of poker variants to play either against a computer dealer or against other players all over the world at a live dealer poker room. The advent of online poker has made the game more popular and accessible than ever before.

Benefits of Rhode Island Online Poker:

  • Play both single and multi-player poker
  • Many different variants to choose from
  • Tournament play options create opportunities for big wins on small bets
  • Play from a computer, phone, or tablet
  • No need to regulate your body language

Rhode Island Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) emerged as an alternative to traditional fantasy sports in the mid-2010s and have since supplanted traditional fantasy. The Rhode Island Legislature ruled in 2016 that online daily fantasy sports games were completely legal, and all major DFS providers now operate within Rhode Island, including DraftKings and FanDuel. While Rhode Island levies heavy taxes and fees on its casino and sports betting operators, its regulations on DFS providers have been laxer and have allowed competition within the state to flourish.

Benefits of Rhode Island Online DFS:

  • Flexible lineups relieve the typical frustrations of fantasy sports
  • Play fantasy for all your favorite major sports leagues
  • Protective measures to prevent one bad performance from ruining your lineup
  • Lineups reset after every game, allowing for more engagement
  • Tons of industry competition promotes a better player experience

Rhode Island Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Bingo is still hugely popular in the United States, but its primary demographics skew older. As a result, online bingo has not exactly seen runaway success. Still, most major online casinos do offer one or more forms of online bingo. Ignition, for example, has 11 different variants of instant play bingo. Some websites even offer live dealer bingo, although the appeal of a live dealer for bingo is limited. The primary selling points of online bingo are the fact that you never have to wait for a large group of people to organize a game, and the overall pace of play is much faster.

Benefits of Rhode Island Online Bingo:

  • Many different variations available
  • No need to wait for a large bingo group to form
  • Speed of play is faster and more streamlined
  • Some websites allow you to fill out cards automatically
  • Collect your winnings immediately using cryptocurrency

Rhode Island Online Lottery

Online Lottery

Rhode Island does not sell lottery tickets, scratch-offs, or any other form of lottery game online. Additionally, there are no reputable international online lottery ticket sites, so residents looking to purchase a lottery ticket will need to do so at a licensed brick-and-mortar retailer like a grocery store or a gas station. Any website claiming to offer a legitimate online lottery should be viewed with heavy suspicion. The closest state to Rhode Island that sells lottery tickets online is New Hampshire.

Rhode Island Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

Rhode Island used to have several of the most lucrative horse racing tracks in the country, but all have now either shut down completely or pivoted to greyhound racing. Rhode Island’s two casinos still offer simulcasting of horse races at other tracks, but they heyday of Rhode Island’s live horse racing scene is long past. Still, legal online pari-mutuel betting is available using local platforms, as well as numerous international online racebooks. Twin Spires and TVG offer a better selection of local and regional races, while the international betting sites offer more player-friendly odds on major horse racing events around the world.

Benefits of Rhode Island Online Horse Racing:

  • Bet on races outside of Rhode Island and all over the world
  • Choose between multi-state and international wagering platforms
  • Parlay horse bets with bets on other sports
  • Better payouts with international pari-mutuel wagering sites
  • More races to choose from with domestic pari-mutuel sites

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Rhode Island?

Bovada Online Gambling

Rhode Island only has two major casinos, and that means that a lot of gamblers are left without easy access to a casino. Bovada is an industry leader in online casino services, but is it legal for Rhode Island residents to use? The general rule is yes, but there are some things to note. First, Bovada is only legal to use - if it were located in the United States, it would not be allowed to continue operation. However, it is located outside of the United States, and is thus able to continue operation. This gray area allows bettors to continue to use it without worry.

Rhode Island Online Slots

Online Slots

Online slots have proven to be just as popular as their physical counterparts. Rhode Island does not offer any licensed online casino gaming, meaning that there aren’t any in-state operators offering online slots, but international online casinos have hundreds of different slots on offer. Online slots do not require expensive machinery or large amounts of physical space, meaning that they are much more cost-efficient than slots at brick-and-mortar casinos. As a result, payout rates for online slots are generally much better. Additionally, most online slots allow players to set their own wager level so that players can bet what they are comfortable with.

Benefits of Rhode Island Online Slots:

  • One website can host hundreds of different slots
  • Payout rates are better because the slots are inexpensive to run
  • Multiple people can use the same slot concurrently
  • Adjustable wager levels
  • Cash out your winnings immediately

Mobile Gambling In Rhode Island

Mobile gambling is available and legal in Rhode Island. The only form of state-licensed mobile gambling (with real money at least) is through Rhode Island’s two licensed online sportsbooks. Neither the Twin Rivers nor Tiverton casino offer a mobile sports betting app, however. The only available real money gambling apps are those for daily fantasy providers like DraftKings and FanDuel. The best way to bet on a mobile device, whether its sports betting, casino gaming, etc. is to do so at an international online gambling site. These sites feature well-optimized mobile sites for phone and tablet users.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

No Rhode Island operators offer a dedicated sports betting app. Mobile sports betting is available through all online sportsbook websites, but the best websites to use are those that invest in developing mobile sites with interfaces optimized to work with a touch screen. International online sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline cannot offer downloadable apps in American app stores, but they have done an excellent job developing mobile sites that look and function just like apps without requiring a download.

Mobile Casinos Apps

The only dedicated casino apps available in Rhode Island are shallow free play apps that emulate traditional casino games without offering a risk-reward element. International online casinos, just like global sportsbooks, maintain fully featured mobile sites. Players are automatically redirected to these mobile sites after entering the desktop site from a mobile device. Through the mobile site, players can access all available forms of casino gaming, including roulette, craps, poker, slots, and more. Mobile players also have access to all the same benefits as desktop users—benefits like large deposit bonuses, great payout rates, and thorough security.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Rhode Island

You can legally gamble with real money in Rhode Island, and there are even a few real money online gambling options available. Gambling websites generally accept traditional payment methods like credit/debit cards and e-wallets for deposits, but withdrawals are a bit trickier because of quirks in federal banking laws. As a rule of thumb, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the simplest and most rewarding way to bet. Real money online gambling is both more convenient and more lucrative than gambling at physical retail casinos.

Free Online Gambling In Rhode Island

The two most popular forms of free online gambling in Rhode Island are downloadable casino games apps with a simulated bankroll and daily fantasy sports contests. The downloadable apps are good for a few minutes of entertainment, but the DFS games offer a layered strategy. Some DFS sites even offer free entry tournaments with real money prizes, meaning that you can win money without risking any. Outside of these two options, the best way to gamble online for free is to play free versions of casino games at real money gambling sites like XBet. By practicing with a simulated bankroll, you can gain a better understanding of both the payout rates for each game and the systems behind the game.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Rhode Island?

USA Online Gambling

Yes, online gambling is legal in Rhode Island. Daily fantasy sports were the first form of online gambling officially approved by the state in 2016. DFS legalization did not require a new piece of legislation; Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin found that DFS was legal under pre-existing Rhode Island laws. Two years after that landmark case, the state legislature passed RI S.B. 37, which authorized both retail and online sports betting.

Additional forms of online gambling are also legal in Rhode Island via internationally regulated gambling websites. While there are state laws in place against online casino gaming, these international websites are not subject to either state or federal anti-gambling laws. As a result, they are completely legal and accessible to all Rhode Island players. The only restrictions are a requirement that players have proof of ID and be at least 18 years old. If you are still concerned that gambling with these sites is not explicitly legal under Rhode Island law, know that no state in the country has ever prosecuted an individual simply for gambling online. Anti-gambling laws are in place to impede operators, not players.

Online Gambling Laws In Rhode Island

Like most northeastern states, gambling has always existed in Rhode Island. The first few decades of operation were under-the-table and operated by the wealthy and by organized crime syndicates. Pari-mutuel wagering was regulated in 1934, and Rhode Island’s two horse racing tracks would go on to become two of the most popular and profitable tracks in the country before being shut down in the 1970s. Rhode Island introduced a state lottery in 1973 that proved hugely successful. Casino table gaming was regulated in 2012, and daily fantasy sports and online sports betting were regulated in 2016 and 2018, respectively. The recent flurry of activity could be a positive development toward fully legal online casino gambling in the next several years.

Legal Gambling Age In Rhode Island

Rhode Island is one of the most forgiving states in the country in terms of its gambling age laws. All forms of legal gambling within the state are available to all residents 18 or older, with the exception of daily fantasy sports. It is unclear why DFS players must be 21 years old. The legal gambling age for international online gambling is also 18 years old. For both in-state and international gambling sites, players will be required to show proof of a government-issued ID before they are authorized to collect their winnings.
  • Lottery: 18
  • Parimutuel: 18
  • Casinos: 18
  • Bingo: 18
  • Online Poker: 18
  • DFS: 21
  • Sports Betting: 18

Where Are Rhode Island Gambling Sites Regulated?

Rhode Island gambling sites are regulated by whichever jurisdiction they operate out of. Operators based in Rhode Island are regulated by the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation, which oversees all gambling business operations in the state. International gambling sites are regulated by their country of origin. While online gambling laws are generally laxer in these countries, that shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that they are lawless. Regulatory agencies in other countries still closely monitor payout rates and consumer data security to ensure that companies are not taking advantage of their players.

Who Can Play At Rhode Island Online Gambling Sites?

The availability of Rhode Island gambling sites beyond the state itself depends on the nature of the operator behind the site. Domestic operators in the United States can only offer online gambling to people located within their state, but international gambling sites are available to players all over the United States. In other words, the residents of Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, and all of Rhode Island’s other neighboring states can legally gamble at most of the same sites as Rhode Island players.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Rhode Island

Gambling winnings tax in Rhode Island: 25% (federal) + 3.75-5.99% (state)

In addition to the flat federal gambling winnings tax rate of 25%, Rhode Island taxes all gambling winnings as income. In other words, the tax rate will depend on your total amount of reported income during the year. The highest personal income tax rate in Rhode Island is 5.99%, meaning that the maximum overall gambling tax rate is 30.99%. This applies whether you win your money with a Rhode Island gambling operator or an international one. You should always report gambling winnings on your taxes, as a failure to do so constitutes felony tax evasion and can and will be prosecuted if discovered.

Gambling Revenue In Rhode Island

Gambling Revenue

In fiscal year 2019, the Rhode Island Lottery reported a total of $1.08 billion in gambling revenues between lottery ticket sales, sports betting, and casino gaming. Revenues have increased steadily year-over-year in every year since 2012 and have seen an overall 53% increase since 2010. Tax rates on gambling operators are very high in Rhode Island and generated hundreds of millions of dollars for the state’s General Fund, as well as specific commissions. Lowered tax rates could potentially encourage more operators to set up shop in Rhode Island, which could increase overall gross and tax revenues.

Future Of Rhode Island Online Gambling

Rhode Island has been unfortunately done a lot to shoot its online gambling industry in the foot, not the least of which has been its excessive taxes and licensing fees for various gambling operators. While the state’s ability to capture a large percentage of gambling revenue through taxes isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a slightly lower tax rate could stimulate growth and encourage more betting, which could, in turn, lead to more overall tax collections, a la Pennsylvania. After the COVID-19 pandemic, online gambling could be an avenue for Rhode Island to pursue as a way to help the state budget recover, but fully legal online gambling in Rhode Island is still a distant possibility at best.