Delaware Online Gambling Sites

Delaware Online Gambling Sites

Welcome to, your source for everything you need to know about Delaware online gambling sites. Gambling in Delaware traces back to prior to the formation of the United States, with horse racing finding immense popularity in the mid-18th century and a peer-to-peer wagering market developing around it. Possibly as a result of that long history, Delaware now has some of the friendliest gambling laws in the country, behind only casino industry giants New Jersey and Nevada.

Delaware residents have more gambling options than most people, as their state is one of only a few in the entire country to have fully legalized online casino gambling. However, Delaware online gambling websites are unique, as the state sanctions only in-person betting. Still, with only three casinos in the entire state and a population of less than a million people, Delaware’s in-state gambling options are limited compared to the wealth of options offered by Delaware online gambling sites based all around the world. This page will help Delaware users navigate both the in-state online gambling options and these better-known USA online gambling sites.



Largest Gambling CitiesWilmington, Dover

Number Of Land Based Casinos3

Gambling Revenue$24.46 Million

State Licensed DFSSome

State Licensed Sports BettingYes

Land Based Poker Rooms3

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsNo

Best Delaware Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

Our reviews for online gambling sites thoroughly examine many of the best Delaware gambling sites, both in the state of Delaware and around the world, eliminating those that don’t meet reasonable standards that all players should expect. These universal standards include things like data security, customer trust, and of course, the quality of the available gaming options. After we have gone through the process of weeding out the websites that don’t meet our high baseline expectations of quality, determining the best website becomes subjective for each individual player, so we instead aim to give gamblers the information needed to come to their own conclusions about the best USA gambling sites to use.

Best USA Online Sportsbooks

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Best USA Online Casinos

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200% up to $2000
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Best USA Online Poker Sites

Poker Site
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100% up to $1000
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How We Pick The Best Delaware Gambling Sites

  • Every gambling site we recommend must have a perfect track record of consumer safety.
  • Customer service must be available at all hours through multiple lines of communication.
  • For whichever types of betting our recommended sites offer, their options must be among the industry’s best.
  • Sites must be easy to use with an accessible user interface.
  • Payout rates must be at or above industry standards, because no gambler plays to lose.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Delaware

Delaware is one of only three states in the country with fully legal online gambling sites (the other two being Nevada and New Jersey). This includes sports betting, online poker, online casinos, and more. While state-regulated options are available, they unfortunately lack much of the quality inherent to international alternative options. Global gambling sites also offer a few option that state-regulated options in Delaware can’t feasibly match, like online live dealer games and sports betting on games and leagues all over the world.

Delaware Online Casinos

Online Casinos

Delaware online casinos are available in addition to the international online casinos that are available to players in all states. Through online casinos, players can wager real money on all their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own home, including poker, slots, blackjack, etc. Online casinos have several key advantages over brick-and-mortar casinos, including increased convenience for both gaming and banking, a superior selection of betting options, and better odds and payout rates thanks to a broader player base. Online casinos for US players (international ones at least) also offer lucrative bonuses to both new and returning players, so they’re more economically efficient as well.

Benefits of Delaware Online Casinos:

  • Wider variety of betting options
  • Easy instant banking using cryptocurrency
  • Deposit bonuses worth upwards of $1,000
  • Broad player base ensures best odds and payouts
  • Play from anywhere, including home

Best Delaware Casinos

BetOnline Casino

Casino gaming is very popular in Delaware and if you want the best possible casino experience in Delaware, you need to be using BetOnline. They let you play all of their casino games with up to 17 different forms of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. They have several hundred slot games, blackjack tables, roulette games, baccarat, and plenty of other enjoyable casino games. You can enjoy playing all of these games from your home without having to go to the actual casino.

Delaware Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

Online sports betting is allowed in Delaware, but so far operators have been discouraged from setting up online sportsbooks by the massive licensing fees and taxes associated with doing such. Delaware has three brick-and-mortar casino sportsbooks, but all three operate on thin margins and none has yet adopted an online sportsbook option.

Thankfully, online sports betting is still possible in Delaware through international online sportsbooks like MyBookie. While these sites aren’t licensed in Delaware, they also don’t fall under Delaware or U.S. federal jurisdiction, so they are completely legal. These globally-based online sportsbooks for US residents have several key advantages, including better odds and payouts, more sports to bet on, the same huge deposit bonuses as online casinos, and easy betting processes that allow you to place bets in seconds.

Benefits of Delaware Sportbooks:

  • Place a bet in seconds with just a few clicks
  • Parlay bets from events all over the world
  • Odds are not affected by regional bias (you can bet on the Patriots, in other words)
  • Accessible from anywhere with a strong connection
  • Bonuses help increase your bankroll faster

Top Delaware Sportsbooks

MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie has served as one of the best sportsbooks in Delaware for several years and will continue to do so based on its reliability. They have a bunch of odds to choose from on many different sports and leagues without any restrictions in place. Being that MyBookie has its rules and regulations in place, they aren’t required to follow the rules that Delaware has such as betting on in state college sports and events. You can also take advantage of a $1,000 bonus for signing up.

Delaware Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

Delaware offers online poker to its players, one of just a small handful of states to do so. The only operator licensed to provide internet poker to Delaware residents is 888, but there are numerous other poker operators based in other countries that can be accessed as well—with BetOnline likely the best option. US online poker sites use the same rules as the poker variants played in casinos, although many gambling sites offer a wider variety of poker variants than said casinos. Games are fast, streamlined, and easy to pick up for new players. Online poker sites also offer huge deposit bonuses to stay competitive with one another. Savvy players can benefit heavily from these bonuses.

Benefits of Delaware Online Poker:

  • Play more variants of poker than at brick-and-mortar poker rooms
  • Cash out your winnings instantly
  • Play with people all over the world
  • Join a game instantly at all hours of day
  • Faster and more streamlined games

Best Delaware Poker Rooms

BetOnline Poker Room

One of the best poker rooms in the industry has been considered to be BetOnline for many years and it isn’t hard to see why. They run multiple tournaments each week that can pay well over $100,000 in prizes. There are also plenty of cash games for you to play where you won’t need to wait for any seat to be available. Their bonus is also one of the best poker bonuses in Delaware where you can earn up to $1,000 on your first deposit.

Delaware Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are legal in Delaware, per HB 249-17. Right now, the only two DFS operators that accept Delaware players are FanDuel and DraftKings, which are the only two DFS sites that have the capital needed to pay Delaware’s exorbitant $50,000 annual licensing fee. DFS games are a fun alternative to traditional fantasy games. They are faster and more forgiving while still maintaining the layered strategy of regular fantasy sports. The biggest DFS operators even offer tournament games where a lineup entry costing as little as 50 cents can win tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Benefits of Delaware Online DFS:

  • Salary cap system ensures parity between players
  • Balance between instant gratification and nuanced strategy
  • DFS games for numerous sports and leagues
  • Tournament options allow players to win money while risking little
  • Frequent lineup resets prevent bad luck from tanking a season

Delaware Online Bingo

Online Bingo

While bingo is still an immensely popular form of gambling, online bingo has never found the same popularity. This could be due to any number of factors, including the fact that bingo players tend to skew older than other forms of gambling. Still, many sites do offer both 30 and 80-ball online bingo.  Online bingo sites for Americans feature some of the same benefits as other types of online gambling, like fast withdrawals, a wider variety of betting options, and the ability to play instantly. Online bingo players are also eligible for deposit bonuses that can be worth thousands of dollars.

Benefits of Delaware Online Bingo:

  • You don’t have to wait for a game to organize
  • Drawing is faster and more streamlined
  • Automatically fill out cards with random numbers if desired
  • Cash out winnings immediately following a game
  • Multiple bingo variants available

Best Bingo Site In Delaware

Aladdins Gold Bingo

There are plenty of bingo options for you to play in Delaware and Aladdins Gold Casino is one of the premier options when it comes to this. They have several different bingo games for you to play that each come with different ways to win and massive payouts. The great thing about playing bingo here is that not only can you win cash prizes, but casino rewards as well. You can enjoy playing these bingo games right from your phone or any smart device with internet access.

Delaware Online Lottery

Online Lottery

While the Delaware Lottery is a thriving business all its own, it does not have any options for online lottery play. Tickets for draw games are not available online, but they do link you to the online games available through Delaware's many casinos. Additionally, there are few reputable international online lotteries, and any sites claiming to offer such are likely trying to fleece consumers of their personal and financial data. Delaware players looking for an
legit online lottery sites
will have to wait until legislation changes to allow online ticket sales, or play at online international casinos.

Top Delaware Online Lottery

BetOnline Lottery

Although you can’t play the big draw lottery games on BetOnline, they do have scratch card games for you to choose from that are played the exact way as the ones you would find in smaller lotto retailers. They have jackpot prizes coming in at more than $100,000 as well as different casino rewards like free spins and bonus round games. In total, there are 14 different scratch offs with different themes to them and different ways to win meaning you can stay entertained throughout your play.

Delaware Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

Horse racing in Delaware dates back to the mid-18th century. All three of Delaware’s casinos feature a horse racing track, and state residents can enjoy dozens of races every year. Each track has onsite betting stalls, as well as off-track parlors located within the casinos themselves. Delaware residents can also bet at US horse racing sites like the nationally licensed TVG and Twin Spires betting platforms, as well as through international sportsbooks like BetOnline and MyBookie.

Benefits of Delaware Online Horse Racing:

  • Bet from home without having to travel to a track
  • Bet on both local and international races
  • Better odds at international betting sites
  • Make use of huge deposit bonuses
  • More available information for making smart bets

Best Delaware Racebooks

MyBookie Racebook

There are plenty of horse races for you to bet on every single day and MyBookie really comes through with all of the top horse race odds. You can place any bet on horse races that you can think of right on their site without having to go to an actual race track. When betting on horses on MyBookie, be sure to use their 8% rebate that doesn’t come with any rollover requirement ensuring that you get the most out of your bonus money.

Delaware Online Slots

Online Slots

Slots have maintained their place as America’s most popular form of betting for decades. This popularity owes largely to both the simplicity and ubiquity of slot machines. Delaware’s casinos feature nearly 6,000 combined slot machines, but they are still dwarfed by the online slot offerings of sites like Slotocash and Online slots are not limited by physical space requirements or expensive hardware, so individual sites can host hundreds or thousands of different online slot machines which can all be played concurrently by hundreds or thousands of players. US online slots sites also offer the same deposit bonuses as other forms of online casino gaming.

Benefits of Delaware Online Slots:

  • Hundreds or thousands of different slots available on one website
  • Never wait for someone else to finish using your favorite machines
  • Old favorites aren’t replaced by newer models
  • Adjust your bet level based on comfort
  • Top-notch data security

Bet on NFL Games at MyBookie

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Delaware?

Bovada Online Gambling

So, let’s say you’re an ardent fan of the University of Delaware. You love the Hens, you want to place a bet on their basketball team, and you want to use Bovada to do it. One problem: you’re not sure it’s legal. Well, here’s how that works. The basic reality of Bovada’s situation is that they are located outside of the United States. This is important because it is not allowed for anyone to offer sports bets and casino gambling over the internet in many US states. However, in those same states, it is not criminalized to use websites like this. That’s the basic contradiction that Bovada relies on in order to provide the services that it does - you are allowed to use them, but they cannot exist within the United States. That is why the online sportsbooks and casinos all tend to be located outside of the States. However, Delaware is a notable exception to this rule. In Delaware, bettors are prohibited from the use of Bovada by Bovada themselves, which does not accept players from the state.

Mobile Gambling In Delaware

Delaware’s mobile gambling options are much better than those in other states. With three in-state casinos offering online gaming, there are plenty of competitors to the international gambling sites available throughout most of the country. The international sites still win out in terms of quality and depth of offerings, but Delaware is at least one of just three states to offer full mobile casino apps. Mobile players in the state can choose between the Delaware casino apps and the mobile sites of international online casinos. Although the international sites offer better functionality and feature sets, both are great options.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Online and mobile sports betting options are available in Delaware. Mobile players can still bet on sports, but they must do so through international sportsbooks. These international websites can’t offer downloadable apps, but they do have fully functional mobile sites with an interface optimized for touch screen devices like phones and tablets. These mobile sites offer access to the same extensive range of features as their desktop counterparts.

Mobile Casinos Apps

Delaware’s two largest casinos, Dover Downs and Delaware Park, both feature mobile casino apps. Delaware’s third casino, Harrington Raceway Casino, has online betting but it is restricted to a Netscape-like antiquity of a website. While downloadable apps are nice, none of these casinos can offer the same quality of gaming experience as their international online casino counterparts can. International websites can’t offer downloadable casino apps to American players, but the best ones all feature a fully optimized mobile site with access to their full range of casino gaming features. These mobile sites function nearly identical to a traditional app, down to a touch screen-focused interface.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Delaware

You can wager, win and lose real money at gambling sites in Delaware, as well as international gambling sites based all over the world. The primary banking methods for these real money online gambling sites are debit/credit cards and cryptocurrency. The vast majority of online casinos accept traditional payment cards for deposits, but international sites usually require an alternative transaction method for withdrawals. This is a result of laws restricting domestic banks from processing certain payments. Thankfully, this isn’t a huge drawback because of how good bonuses for crypto transactions are with international gambling sites.

Free Online Gambling In Delaware

The most popular free online gambling site options come in the form of free play casino apps in app stores that attempt to simulate real gambling games. While these apps are fun for a few minutes, the lack of tangible risk and reward makes them lose their luster quickly. Daily fantasy apps also have free play options, which maintain their entertainment because of the possibility of winning money in tournament play as well as the high levels of knowledge and strategy involved in DFS. The most useful free gambling option, however, is playing real money casino games with a simulated bankroll. Many sites offer this feature, which helps new players get a sense of the system and its payout rates.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Delaware?

USA Online Gambling

Online gambling is legal in Delaware and this is one of the first few states that have legal online gambling. The state legislature passed HB 333 in 2012, which authorized the state’s casinos to offer online casino gambling. Delaware was also the second state in the U.S. to offer single game sports wagering. On paper, the gambling industry in Delaware should be one of the strongest in the country, at least relative to its size. Unfortunately, it has been held back by a form of legislative red tape known as “massive, ungodly taxes and licensing fees”, which has scared off new operators from joining the market.

As a result, Delaware’s online gambling is not as well-developed as it should be. There are still a good variety of betting types to use with state-licensed operators, but compared to the gambling websites based in other countries and even those based in other states, Delaware’s operators fall short. State-licensed online gambling types include poker, casino table games, slots, sports betting (in theory), daily fantasy, and other miscellaneous games. But so far, these options have not proved as popular or financially solvent as they should be on paper, and as a result, remain somewhat rudimentary.

Online gambling through websites based in other countries is also legal. With access to millions of players all over the world, these international gambling sites have considerably more financial clout than those based solely in Delaware. They can therefore afford to offer more betting types with more player friendly odds and better payout rates. These sites are accessible by anyone over the age of 18, anywhere in Delaware using any compatible internet connected device.

Online Gambling Laws In Delaware

Gambling in Delaware dates back to before the beginning of the Revolutionary War. In the mid-18th century, Delaware had a thriving horse betting market as well as lottery gambling, which actually helped incite the British Empire’s anger with the then-colony. The British were convinced that they weren’t receiving their fair share of lottery revenues (disclaimer: they almost certainly weren’t). Puritan officials suppressed legal gambling for several centuries before the 1930s brought the legalization of state-licensed horse betting.

The popularity of horse betting in Delaware helped it gain a partial exclusion from the 1991 federal ban on betting on professional sports. Casino table games didn’t come until 2009, surprisingly, but they were quickly embraced by Delaware’s racetrack casinos and by 2012, Delaware had full online gambling to complement its brick-and-mortar gambling options. Delaware’s casino and gambling industries have been slowly expanding over the years, and will likely expand even further as the state looks to increase revenues in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.

Legal Gambling Age In Delaware

Legal gambling in Delaware starts at 18 years old with the ability to purchase lottery tickets or participate in betting on bingo or horse racing. Casinos and various forms of sports betting have a restrictive legal online gambling age for players who are at least 21 years old. International gambling sites use a universal age requirement of 18 years old, only requiring that players be able to produce a valid government-issued ID before they withdraw any of their winnings.

  • Lottery: 18
  • Parimutuel: 18
  • Casinos: 21
  • Bingo: 18
  • Online Poker: 21
  • DFS: 21
  • Sports Betting: 21

Bet on NFL Games at BetOnline

Where Are Delaware Gambling Sites Regulated?

Online casinos in Delaware are regulated by Delaware Gaming Enforcement under the jurisdiction of Delaware state law. Delaware gambling sites based outside of the United States are regulated by their country of origin. While these international gambling regulations are generally looser than those in the U.S., these sites are still held to strict standards of security and reliability. This is beneficial to both gambling sites and players, as regulations ensure that the sites remain competitive with one another and player friendly.

Who Can Play At Delaware Online Gambling Sites?

Gambling sites based in Delaware are restricted to players physically located within Delaware’s borders. People outside of Delaware can’t use these sites, but they can still access all the same international gambling sites as Delaware players. There are a handful of exceptions to this rule (some international sites don’t allow players from New Jersey or Nevada, for example), but for the most part everyone in the United States who is 18 years old or older can gamble online at the same sites as Delaware players.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Delaware

Gambling tax in Delaware: 25% (federal) + 2.2 to 6.6% (state income)

Taxes on gambling winnings in Delaware range from 27.2% to 31.6%, depending on the winner’s level of overall income for the year. The federal government taxes all gambling winnings at a flat rate of 25%, while state and local income taxes in Delaware also apply to winners in the state. If you fail to report gambling winnings when filing your taxes, you can be prosecuted for felony tax evasion if you are audited. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you report all gambling winnings. Like in most states, gambling losses are deductible up to the amount of gambling winnings.

Gambling Revenue In Delaware

Gambling Revenue

Gambling revenues in Delaware obviously don’t measure up to some higher population states, but the three Delaware casinos have still experienced moderate success to the tune of several hundred millions of dollars in revenue from casinos and an additional $215 million from the state lottery. This money is primarily put toward Delaware’s General Fund, which bankrolls improvements to the state’s education and infrastructure. Delaware’s education system currently ranks 12th in the country despite the state being at a relative disadvantage in terms of tax collections, so gambling revenues have proven very advantageous so far.

Future Of Delaware Online Gambling

Delaware’s tax rate of 51% on sportsbook operators is likely untenable and has stymied potential growth for the industry. Delaware lawmakers were hit with this reality in 2019 as sports betting taxes fell woefully short of what was projected in the state budget. In a small state that is bordered by both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, two of the country’s premier gambling states, Delaware gambling sites simply don’t measure up. In the coming years, Delaware will likely look to expand its gambling industry by removing some of the red tape that gambling operators are currently saddled with, but legislative change is an arduous process, especially for something as controversial as online gambling.