Idaho Online Gambling Sites

IdahoOnline Gambling Sites

Legal Idaho gambling is available at tribal casinos throughout the state. However, online gambling platforms in the Gem State are only available offshore. Residents seeking to play casino games for money on the internet or through mobile outlets can do so legally with the use of internet gaming operators located outside of the country. These businesses are 100% legal for the people of Idaho to join and participate in their variety of gaming options to play for real money.

Our USA Online Gambling network will provide readers with all of the information needed to fully understand how to gamble online legally in the state of Idaho. All aspects of internet gaming will be covered on this page regarding the Gem State. Not only that, but there will also be various recommendations for some of the best sites to join to participate in every type of casino game available on the internet.

Best Idaho Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

The best Idaho online gambling sites are located in other countries but are completely legal for gamblers in the Gem State. There is no set number of websites that can be joined by gamblers, so they can sign up with as many as they’d like. The best sites are ones that are licensed to do business. This allows members a fun and safe gambling environment to engage in multiple gaming activities. The top websites will have a variety of games listed to be played by members.

All of the most popular games will be available options to gamble on and win money with. Some of the best USA online gambling sites will also have tutorials and free play practice for different casino games. Reliable platforms that are safe with plenty of games to bet on, great customer service, a few ways to fund accounts, and bonuses and promotions for members are all qualities that go into what makes gambling sites in Idaho qualify as being the “best.”

Best Idaho Gambling Sites

100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
500% up to $5000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $4000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
4 Star Rating
200% up to $2000
4 Star Rating
50% up to $250
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
250% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $300
4 Star Rating

How We Pick The Best Idaho Gambling Sites

  • Operations that have years of service to their name means they have a loyal member base
  • Multiple games for members to choose from so there is always something of interest.
  • Easy payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals a no stress situation.
  • Mobile gambling options to give players the ability to gamble whenever they’d like to.
  • Bonuses and promotions for users never hurt the overall experience for bettors.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Idaho

There are all kinds of different types of online gambling available in Idaho. The state has internet horse racing platforms of their own for bettors that love the ponies. For all other internet gambling, casino gamers have the ability to join overseas casino websites that have every game imaginable to play for money.

These games include sports betting, slots, poker, baccarat, bingo, USA online blackjack, keno and much more. There are table games, live dealer games and tournaments all open to members of these legal internet sites for gambling lovers in the Gem State. The best and most popular sites with the most online gambling types available can be found on this network.

Idaho Online Casinos

Online Casinos

Online casinos in Idaho that are legal for residents to join have so much more to offer than the state’s land-based casinos. Idaho’s Tribal casinos have to adhere to strict rules and have a limited menu of games for patrons due to state law. This is not the case for the legal internet platforms for gamblers in the Gem State. These gaming operators are based overseas and are legal for the people of Idaho to join as there are no laws against it.

As long as users are the proper age to engage in the games they wish to play, they have the ability to win money on them. The legal ages for each game can be found on this page. Along with an innumerable amount of gaming options at these USA online casinos, players can use their cell phones to gamble and can do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bonuses and promotions only add to the experience because free plays that they are entitled to could result in real money payouts for gamblers in Idaho.

Benefits of Idaho Online Casinos:

  • More variety from an online casino than most will find at a land-based casino.
  • The convenience of being able to bet at any time from anywhere using a cell phone or computer.
  • Promotions and bonuses for free play that could result in real money if you win.
  • A number of options for payment which include cryptocurrency that allows for extra anonymity.
  • Higher chances of winning more money on the games because the house cut is typically less.

Idaho Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

There are a number of USA online sportsbooks for sports bettors in Idaho that are located in other countries and are licensed and regulated to operate which allows them to offer their services legally. Gambling on sporting events with these operators can be even better than any Las Vegas sports betting venue. They have all kinds of wagers listed from all over the globe that players can gamble on.

Members of these sites can access and bet on events any time from anywhere with the use of a mobile device that has internet capabilities. There is also the bonus of bonuses and promotions given to users of these platforms that are not usually found at brick and mortar sportsbooks, making these websites not just the only legal option for bettors in Idaho but also the best.

Benefits of Idaho Sportbooks:

  • Worldwide sporting events that will all be open for bets including live in-game wagers.
  • Ability to gamble legally without needing to use a state-sanctioned sportsbook as many states don't have them yet.
  • Better odds and higher payouts because all bets are based on pure data and statistics without any emotional ties.
  • The convenience of gambling from your cell phone or computer from wherever you are.
  • Promotions and bonuses that allow for free plays which could equate to real money winnings.

Idaho Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

There are quite a few online poker sites for players in Idaho to join and legally gamble with. These USA online poker sites have all that a player could ask for with the comfort of being able to play in your pajamas. Internet casino operators will have a number of poker options for their members in a variety of styles.

Live dealer poker is available and tournaments are also open for sign ups. Communication features allow players to converse with one another during the games making them that much more interesting. Poker lovers can play for money any time of day with the click of a button using one of the many legal sites available for gamblers in Idaho to join.

Benefits of Idaho Online Poker:

  • Being able to take part in online tournaments without having to go anywhere.
  • Having access to a number of poker games in a variety of styles.
  • Taking part in live-dealer games numerous times a day.
  • Playing from the convenience of your home computer or phone from wherever you are.
  • Easier trash talk behind a screen to fellow players.

Idaho Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Idaho does not allow online DFS operators that other states normally do. All major platforms that offer Daily Fantasy Sports have gotten out of dodge when it became outlawed in 2016. Lovers of DFS will be able to find it on sites that are overseas to play. Operators like FanDuel and DraftKings are no longer available, making overseas platforms the only options for people that wish to play DFS in Idaho. Luckily, there are multiple websites that will have legal USA daily fantasy sports as a category to gamble on for their players.

Benefits of Idaho Online DFS:

  • Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) was meant to be an internet game which in itself is a benefit.
  • Player interaction is built in and easier than ever.
  • Having the ability to play a game you love for the chance to win money is always a plus.
  • Constant access to the game for when that 3 a.m. insomnia hits.
  • Being part of a community of like minded individuals that have the same interests you do.

Idaho Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Most legal casino sites will have bingo for players in Idaho to take part in. Bingo is a very big game among older residents but it is also starting to see a wave of younger gamblers participating in it. There are websites that are strictly dedicated to USA online bingo while other all-encompassing casino platforms will have it as one of their gaming options. Both bingo for money and free bingo playing are available online.

Benefits of Idaho Online Bingo:

  • Playing bingo at any time of day from wherever you are.
  • Not dealing with any weird smelling bingo halls, only the weird smells you created at your own home.
  • Earning money with the game or choosing to practice and play for free with monopoly style money.
  • Chatting with an online community of bingo lovers such as yourself.
  • Playing multiple types of bingo on a variety of sites whenever you feel like it.

Idaho Online Lottery

Online Lottery

The Idaho Lottery is not available to be played online. All gamblers that wish to take part in the lottery need to visit a retail location in order to do so. The lottery itself began in 1989, making Idaho a little late to the lottery game. Some third-party websites can be found on the internet that say that they sell Idaho Lottery tickets online but these are not safe and reliable platforms to use because all laws in the Gem State point to the lottery being a strictly land-based ticket style purchase.

Idaho Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

Online horse racing in Idaho is available through state-sanctioned sites and internet racebooks in other countries. Both are legal options for the horse racing enthusiasts of the Gem State. Gamblers can join either or become a member of each platform. The racebooks located in other countries will have more races listed for their members to wager on than those that are affiliated with Idaho. USA online horse racing is a very popular form of betting for residents in Idaho because everyone loves a good old fashioned race that involves gallops instead of engines sometimes although both are just as exciting.

Benefits of Idaho Online Horse Racing:

  • Access to gamble on horse races that are happening all over the world.
  • Playing for real money on the races any time, day or night.
  • Conveniently being able to use your mobile device or computer to place bets from wherever you are.
  • Having a constant stream of wagers and data for the races available at your fingertips.
  • Betting on huge events like the Kentucky Derby without needing to buy an ugly hat to do so.

Idaho Online Slots

Online Slots

Online slots for casino gaming lovers in Idaho are a favorite among members of legal internet casinos. Slots are one of the most popular games to gamble on. Online websites have everything and more for the slot game. They have a plethora of games available, even more so than that of a typical brick and mortar facility. Having the ability to play USA online slots from their phone or computer, legal online gambling in Idaho is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is easily accomplished when gamblers are a member of a legal gambling website like one suggested on this network.

Benefits of Idaho Online Slots:

  • Being able to choose from a number of titles with no line wait for a particular game.
  • Having access to play wherever you are, whenever you want with your cell phone or a different mobile device.
  • Setting the amount of money you want to gamble with each spin.
  • Having the ability to win real money from the comfort of your own home.
  • Not having to deal with anyone hovering over you while you play waiting for you to leave.

Mobile Gambling In Idaho

There are no mobile gambling platforms that are sanctioned by the state of Idaho presently. But this does not mean that there are no mobile options for residents that wish to gamble online. Gamblers in the Gem State have the ability to use overseas casino websites to play real money games legally. These sites can be accessed with mobile devices as they are all mobile friendly. They offer their members a number of games and great customer service. That along with full capabilities to do everything from a member’s cell phone leads them to be the number one way that people in Idaho like to gamble. It’s much easier than driving to a casino location in the state.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile sports betting apps for people in Idaho are all located in other countries. Idaho has not yet instantiated or regulated state sportsbook platforms. The sports betting options for Idaho bettors are all websites located outside of Idaho that can be used with mobile devices. There are no downloadable applications available but that is a plus because that means a cell phone will have more storage space available when a user doesn’t have an app downloaded but can still access their sportsbook account through a browser on their phone.

Every activity that can be done on a desktop computer can be done with a cell phone due to operators making mobile optimized versions of their websites. So no matter what needs to be done, simple betting, funding, or any change to an account can all be done through their mobile platform creating optimal convenience for their players. You can access these sports betting apps on both iPhones and Androids.

Mobile Casinos Apps

Mobile casino applications for players in the Gem State do not exist. This does not mean that casino games and accounts cannot be played on a mobile device. Overseas online websites allow their members to play with the use of a mobile phone by simply doing so through the use of their cell phone internet capabilities. The websites can be accessed on a cell phone and everything can be done using this route. Players can gamble on any game available, contact customer service, trash talk in the games with others gambling at the same time and all of the above. There is nothing that is not available when using a mobile device for casino gaming.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Idaho

Real money online gambling websites for the state of Idaho are all over the internet. This network will give readers a handful of some of the greatest options on the web for gamblers to join. These real money gambling sites are located overseas and are legal in the Gem State for residents to enjoy. Each casino is different, with different games and payment methods. Future members are encouraged to look at a few of these websites to choose the one that is most attractive to them in terms of what they have to offer.

Internet casinos will have live gaming, tournaments to sign up for and multiple other types of games for their members. Forms of payment will vary with each operator,  however the most commonly accepted deposit and withdrawal methods include debit and credit cards and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Every method of payment comes with their own sets of rules, especially when it pertains to payouts. Payouts have different minimums and maximums as well as processing times and transaction fees. When gambling for money on these platforms, it’s important to find a business with a form of funding that works for you.

Free Online Gambling In Idaho

Free online gambling in Idaho is available on a number of sites. There are platforms that are completely free, meaning there is no real money involved making it gambling without the actual “gambling.” But the most used websites for free online gambling are the real money websites that have a free gaming category. Users can play games on these websites for free simply for the fun of it.

It’s also good practice and allows every member to become a high roller because their “bets” are not real therefore they usually end up as high stakes style games. This gaming category is used often as it gives players all the fun of gambling without risking any real money to play. It is considered the safe route to wager and a great way to get some practice in before playing the real money versions of each game.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Idaho?

USA Online Gambling

Online gambling in Idaho is legal with the use of internet gambling websites located outside of the U.S. These sites are licensed and regulated in the countries where they are based which allows them to be legal operators that can offer their services to the people of the United States including those in Idaho. No laws are stating that joining these platforms is anything but legal therefore residents of the Gem State have an all access pass to becoming members of one of these gambling sites and playing any one of the number of games they have available for money. Idaho itself has horse racing online platforms offered by the state but nothing else which is why other gambling websites from other countries are best.

But due to their locations being overseas, there is sometimes an issue when it comes to funding accounts or receiving payouts. This is because of an old law known as the UIGEA. A payment using a debit or credit card may be declined automatically because of this law but that does not happen often and usually resolves itself. If it doesn’t, members can always make a call to their credit card company or bank and verify that the activity is not suspicious to greenlight future payments. Other than that, gambling in Idaho is completely legal for residents to engage in with these operators.

Online Gambling Laws In Idaho

Idaho has some fairly specific and targeted online gambling laws, and the upshot of them is that nobody within the state - with some notable exceptions - can run full service casinos or sprotsbooks. The state itself allows for online horse racing gambling with their own platforms. The Tribal casinos in the state adhere to strict laws, only allowing for slot machines and video style gaming while things like blackjack and poker are not legal. The upshot of this is that most Idaho online gambling takes place on websites that are located outside of the state - depriving Idaho of potential revenue.

Should online gambling ever be a state option, it’s a safe bet that their laws would be just as strict about what is offered to residents. But overseas internet gambling websites are 100% legal for the people in Idaho to join and gamble with as there are no laws restricting it and these operations have every game imaginable for residents to enjoy.

Legal Gambling Age In Idaho

Legal gambling ages in Idaho to play on internet sites vary by game. The legal gambling ages range from 18-21 depending on the type of gambling that is being done. It should be noted that online gambling websites located in other countries have a legal age of 18 set for their members to join. But, the smart choice would be to join the sites for the gambling you wish to do based on the legal age set by the state of Idaho for that particular game. Below you will find the various legal ages categorized by the game being played.
  • Lottery: 18
  • Parimutuel: 18
  • Casinos: 18
  • Bingo: 18
  • Online Poker: 18
  • DFS: 18
  • Sports Betting: 21

Where Are Idaho Gambling Sites Regulated?

Idaho gambling sites are licensed and regulated to do business in their home countries. The most popular locations for online gambling websites are Canada, Costa Rica, Curacao, and the U.K. Being licensed and regulated operators in these countries means that they are legitimate businesses and allows them to offer their services and products legally to not just Idaho and the people of the U.S. but on a worldwide level.

There are no laws against residents in the Gem State using these sites to gamble. The reason that so many gaming operations take place outside of the country is because it’s much easier to open up an internet gambling business in other countries than it is in the U.S. and still allows the operators access to provide their platforms to U.S. residents legally.

Who Can Play At Idaho Online Gambling Sites?

Anyone in Idaho can join internet gambling websites as long as they are the proper legal age to participate. Overseas online gambling sites require their members be at least 18 or older to join. However, the only game that Idaho residents can gamble on at the age of 18 on the internet is bingo.

All other games, including sports betting and horse racing have a legal age of 21 in the state to play. So while these operators have the age set at 18, it is best to abide by the Gem State’s legal age of 21 before engaging in any online gambling. This helps to avoid possible future issues should it be found out that a player was gambling underage in Idaho with the use of these websites.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Idaho

There are two sets of taxes that must be applied to gambling winnings in the state of Idaho. First, there is the federal tax which is set at 24% and then there is the state tax rate that is 6.925% on all earnings from gaming. That’s a total of 30.925% that needs to be paid in taxes to the IRS for all gambling payouts.

Any winnings over $600 need to be reported on an individual’s income tax. Most operators will send out the correct forms when members win over this amount in a year’s time. However, if they do not, it is still up to the players in Idaho to claim their earnings when filing their taxes. Failure to do so could result in fines and other issues should the IRS find out about it.

Gambling Revenue In Idaho

Gambling Revenue

Gambling revenue in Idaho does well with land-based games because internet casino and sports gaming platforms are not yet available. The lottery, online horse racing, and Tribal casinos bring in a combined annual revenue of close to $120 million for the economy in the state.

Should online platforms outside of horse racing ever become a legal offering in Idaho, revenue in the gambling industry could skyrocket. It’s a well-known fact that internet gambling is much more popular than having to go to a location in order to play casino games. For now though, the Gem State is making a pretty penny on their legal land-based gambling options statewide and online gaming could bring in that much more if lawmakers were to allow it in the future.

Future Of Idaho Online Gambling

The future of Idaho online gambling looks as though the current status will remain the same. Residents of the Gem State will continue to have Tribal land based casino options and online horse racing but state affiliated internet platforms for all gambling are not likely to be something that gamblers will see soon. In the meantime, they will have continued access to online platforms outside of the U.S. for all of their gambling needs.

These outlets will stay 100% legal for players in Idaho to use. With some of the best games and higher payouts on sites such as those recommended on this network when compared to state online gambling businesses, this is a better choice for the Idaho bettor. And viewing the future of online gambling in Idaho in this light shows the future as bright for legal internet gaming in the state.