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Legal Florida Gambling

Florida online gambling sites are a common topic of discussion amongst Floridians. Gambling in Florida includes the ability to bet on slot machines, play daily fantasy sports, bet on sports, play the lottery, and more. Though these styles of gambling come with different laws, age requirements, and regulations, all of them can be played in Florida through various outlets.

While the state of Florida may regulate some forms of online gambling, there are also Florida online gambling sites that will take action from any Florida resident or visitor. Gambling is a popular activity and if the state is unwilling to offer a product, players will find avenues to engage in their favorite betting activity. However, safety is a top priority when it comes to gambling in Florida.


Population21.48 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesMiami, Orlando

Number Of Land Based Casinos82

Gambling Revenue$569 Million

State Licensed DFSYes

State Licensed Sports BettingNo

Land Based Poker Rooms37

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsNo

How We Pick The Best Florida Gambling Sites

  • Customer service options
  • A wide variety of gambling types
  • Positive peer and gambler reviews
  • Longlasting business practices
  • Plethora of bonuses avaialble

Best Online Sportsbooks

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100% up to $300
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200% up to $2000
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Best Online Poker Sites

Poker Site
100% up to $500
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Different Types Of Online Gambling In Florida

While sports betting and online casinos are some of the most popular forms of gambling, there are many other different types of gambling in Florida that can be engaged in. Slots, daily fantasy sports, lottery, and bingo are some other options that allow Florida bettors to fully engulf themselves into gambling.

Horse racing is another popular gambling type in Florida, as it is one of the oldest gambling traditions in the country. Though online horse racing has only made its way to the state in the last few years, it is one of the most popular activities throughout the world. Either way, no matter what gambling types interest you, you will find the options available.

Best Florida Online Casino

Florida Online Casinos

When using Bovada’s online casino in Florida, there are hundreds of slot machines and a variety of available live table games. While the Bovada casino can be accessed from a computer, the site has been optimized to run smoothly on any smartphone device in the Sunshine State. Before jumping straight into the online gambling action, Bovada offers different casino bonuses, including deposit matches for every player for the first three deposits that have a total of $3,750 in gambling credits up for grabs. No matter how a player uses Bovada’s casino, it is a reliable and secure option for Florida online gambling.

Benefits of Florida Online Casinos:

  • Payout charts for each game
  • table games all in one place
  • Legal options without hesitation
  • Bitcoin and other payment accepted
  • Recurring live dealers

Best Online Sportsbook In Florida

Florida Online Sportsbooks

Bovada has become the best online sportsbooks for Florida players because of their fresh and readily available odds for every FL team from the Tampa Bay Bucs to the Miami Marlins. There are future odds for all Florida teams, along with live game odds for the spread, moneyline totals, and props. With hundreds of different ways to bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bovada offers sign-up bonuses for all new players that want to increase their initial bankroll funding. For new crypto players, the online sportsbook offers up to $750, through a 75% deposit match.

Benefits of Florida Online Sportsbooks:

  • No fighting for a seat during gameday
  • Bet at whatever moment you want
  • Find betting lines on all sports
  • No restrictions from the state
  • Shopping lines for the best value

Best Online Poker Site In Florida

Florida Online Poker Site

Though there are many online poker gambling sites in Florida, Ignition offers one of the most diverse gambling experiences, through big bonuses and daily/weekly tournaments. The online poker site can be accessed from a mobile device or a computer across the US and offers many different types of deposit methods. Ignition offers a 150% deposit match bonus that can go all the way up to $1,500 through cryptocurrency. It takes less than 15 minutes for players to redeem this bonus through a Bitcoin deposit and see the funds hit their account.

Benefits of Florida Online Poker:

  • Anonymous play through your account
  • Don't have to hide your poker face
  • Find different poker gaming options
  • Large tournaments with monster prizes
  • There is always a seat avaiable

Best Florida Online DFS Site

Florida Online Poker Site

FanDuel is one of the most popular Daily Fantasy apps for Florida players by making it easy to deposit and set daily line ups from a mobile device. FanDuel makes every NFL Sunday profitable by offering many different daily competitions that can be entered multiple times by the same player. While it is typically associated with the NFL, FanDuel offers competitions for the NHL, MLB, PGA, and much more. Florida daily fantasy players can deposit into FanDuel from their mobile devices through credit cards, PayPal, and other convenient methods.

Benefits of Florida Online DFS:

  • Scoring is automatically calculated
  • The ability to use credit or PayPal
  • Play with people from around the country
  • Find satellite competitions to win big
  • Earn travel packages and other bonuses

Best Online Bingo Site In Florida

Florida Online Bingo

While slot machines are the most popular online gambling form, Bovada offers online bingo that delivers a Florida online gambling experience that is fast-paced and exciting. There are over five different online bingo games available for all players of the site and they all offer the chance to win big. Before depositing into the online bingo site, there are casino bonuses that can be redeemed that go up to $3,750 in total. The bingo games at Bovada can be accessed from a mobile device in Florida and can be played anywhere from Raymond James Stadium to Magic Kingdom.

Benefits of Florida Online Bingo:

  • No worries of missing a number
  • All of your cards in one place
  • Can play at any time of the day
  • Win monster prizes depending on the game
  • The ability to play multiple cards at once

Best Florida Online Lottery Site

Florida Online Lottery

While the Florida lottery does not provide an online lottery system, BetOnline offers a few different games that are close to the same gambling experience. Through online scratch cards and keno, Florida players can play a digital lottery, that offers the same potential high payouts as the state lottery. BetOnline allows their players to deposit with Bitcoin, crypto, bank transfers, and other methods while having big bonuses available for every new player's first deposit. These games are perfect for all gamblers that want to feel the thrill of the scratch without needing cash/leaving the house.

Best Online Horse Racing Site In Florida

Florida Online Horse Racing

Whether looking for Kentucky Derby futures or live odds on local horse races, Bovada has the perfect book for all Florida players. The racebook at Bovada offers odds for each horse in every race to win, place, and show and allows their players to set their stakes. For future horse races, Bovada offers odds up on the winning horse for the Triple Crown races as soon as the participating horses are announced. With an online FL horse racing betting site like Bovada, Florida bettors can stay in their homes and place wagers on all of their favorite horses from their mobile devices.

Benefits of Florida Online Horse Racing:

  • Get a tracker of when races are to post
  • Find horse races from all over the globe
  • Create a range of bets on one betting slip
  • Live stream the race while betting
  • No standing in line to place/cash out a bet

Best Florida Online Slot Site

Florida Online Slots

Slots.LV is the best online slot site for FL players because they offer hundreds of different slot machines that can be accessed 24/7 from a computer or a mobile device. Allowing minimum deposits of $10 and maximum deposits of $5,000 with Bitcoin, the online slot site makes it say for all different types of players to jump into the action. There are also big bonuses that can be redeemed through every new player's deposit, including a 75% deposit match up to $7,500 with crypto.

Benefits of Florida Online Slots:

  • Always a winner throughout the many slots
  • Find the widest assortment of specialty slots
  • Earn rebates and free slot play
  • Auto slot pulls to maximize your rolls
  • The ability to change the slot price

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Florida?

Bovada Online Gambling

Florida is one of the most popular gambling states in the country, and Bovada is a great place for people to place wagers, but how does the legal situation work? Well, here’s the basic idea. In a lot of states across America, it is not allowed to offer various casino style gambling opportunities, but there are not laws prohibiting the user from using them should they exist. This is why many of the major online sportsbooks and casinos are located outside the United States - they can’t operate inside those borders, but if they’re located outside, you can use them.

Mobile Gambling In Florida

Mobile gambling apps are available through all of the online gambling sites that accept Florida players. While no apps are able to be downloaded, bettors can access mobile-friendly websites simply from visiting the site. You are able to use an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or any other operating system, as these sites are the most user-friendly for any user. Mobile gambling makes everything easier, as players no longer have to be attached to their computer to get into the games.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting is also available for Florida residents through their mobile devices but similarly, do not come with apps. This will change when the Seminole Tribe begins offering mobile sports betting across the state. For now, though, the online sportsbooks are focused on mobile websites. As states with mobile sports betting have seen over four-fifths of their action occur through online platforms, this is easily the trend of the future. For now, online and mobile sports betting in Florida takes place via the online sportsbooks located outside of the state.

Mobile Casinos Apps

Similarly to mobile sports betting apps, there aren’t any mobile casino apps that are available to Florida residents. However, online casinos will double-down as a mobile casino app simply because of the site’s redirect to a mobile-friendly site. All of the options that can be found at the gambling site will be available to bettors from creating an account to actually playing, making a withdrawal, and contacting customer service.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Florida

Gambling is a fun activity that is made more fun when actual money is on the line. These real money online gambling sites in Florida are legal despite the state not offering any state-regulated products. As the best real money sites are located outside of the country, they offer bettors the ability to deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as credit cards (deposit only), Money Orders, and a few other methods.

When playing for real money, there will generally be an indicator that explains real money is being wagered though not every online betting site has this feature. Be sure to check with your gambling site, as each locale offers different options and potential fees that go along with transferring money. However, once you have money in your account, gambling in Florida at real money online sites is a breeze.

Free Online Gambling In Florida

For those who are unsure of how to play or simply just want to gamble for the fun of it, there are also free online gambling sites in Florida. These will always indicate that there is no actual risk involved and bettors can figure out how to play by simply participating without the risk. Keep in mind that if you are playing against other people – in poker for example – players may bet wildly, as they know no risk is truly involved. This may hinder the actual gameplay, but it still offers the ability for players to get involved.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Florida?

USA Online Gambling

Online gambling is legal in Florida provided that you go through the proper channels. Daily Fantasy Sports is regulated in Florida and able to be used online from anywhere within the state. However, other forms of gaming such as casino play, sports betting, slots, and poker must be used through online gambling sites.

These gambling establishments are located in different countries, giving both you and them the ability to gamble without any US or state laws to counteract the activities. Some federal laws could prevent you from using a credit card to fund your gambling account, but only a few people are hindered by what is known as UIGEA. Still, gamblers are not targeted through UIGEA, so feel free to engage in any reputable gambling site that accepts Florida residents. Read more about the US states that have legal online gambling available.

Online Gambling Laws In Florida

Online gambling laws in Florida are always under threat of change. Legislators are always looking to find the most revenue they can from popular hobbies and gambling certainly finds themselves ahead of them all. While the state hasn’t specifically regulated online gambling, they also have not prevented the ability to or put in specific language that makes the activity against the law. Bettors will find that as the country is more receptive to sports betting and online gambling in general, Florida will also become so. Online sports betting is available in the Sunshine State.


Legal Gambling Age In Florida

While gamblers can use these online gambling sites, they still must adhere to certain gambling age requirements. As Florida lists legal gambling ages for all of their different activities, online sites will generally allow players to begin play at 18 years old. Keep in mind that some sites may explain that players must follow local laws, so even if a gambling site permits players as young as 18, specific gameplay (casino, for example) may only be allowed for Florida residents once they are 21.

  • Lottery 18
  • Parimutuel 18
  • Casinos 21
  • Bingo 18
  • Online Poker 18
  • DFS 21
  • Sports Betting 21

Where Are Florida Gambling Sites Regulated?

State based sportsbooks in Florida are partnered with the Seminole Tribe, and regulated at the state and federal level. Outside of the state based sportsbooks, there are offshore sportsbooks that are usable as well. In most cases, Costa Rica and Canada host a hotspot of online betting sites, as their entry fees and licensing requirements are generally lower.

Always be sure to check where the gambling site you are signing up for is regulated. Though there aren’t any countries to look out for, just having the stamp of approval from a governing body is imperative. All of the gambling sites on our network from online poker to sports betting and online casinos are all regulated in one form or another, as we use these betting sites ourselves.

Who Can Play At Florida Online Gambling Sites?

Though Florida online gambling sites allow residents to join, this is not the only people who can play. As long as you are physically located in Florida, it does not matter if you are a resident or a tourist. As long as your phone or computer’s location settings are reading as a Florida-based location, you will be able to play at any Florida online gambling site. This makes it easier for those who are just in town for traveling but also gives the options for residents to be able to play at all times.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Florida

When winning at a gambling site, don’t be surprised if the government wants their cut of your winnings. Keep in mind that winnings are equated as income and tax forms will have a specific section for “other income” that you must report. Even though the gambling site will (generally) not offer you a form of your winnings and losses, keeping a record of this and using a tax accountant can help remove any risk from failing to report your winnings. In Florida, all winnings are taxed at a flat 25% rate.

Gambling Revenue In Florida

Gambling Revenue In Florida

Because the state has yet to regulate the most popular betting activities like sports betting, online casinos, and online poker, the state is failing to incur any revenue stream from gambling. However, land-based establishments that offer poker, slots, and virtual table games are required to pay taxes to benefit the state. For games like the Florida Lottery, the revenue created mainly funds the state school systems and scholarships for collegiate-bound students.

Land Based Gambling In FL

Property Location Number of Slots
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa Tampa, FL 4,000
Seminole Coconut Creek Casino Coconut Creek, FL 2,000
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood Hollywood, FL 2,000
Miccosukee Resort and Gaming Center Miami, FL 1,700
Seminole Casino Immokalee Immokalee, FL 1,300
Seminole Classic Casino Hollywood, FL 850
Seminole Casino – Brighton Okeechobee, FL 450
Seminole Casino Big Cypress Clewiston, FL 25

Future Of Florida Online Gambling

Florida's government attempted to regulate sports betting in 2021 by amending the tribal compacts held with the Seminole Tribe, and allowing the Seminoles to offer sports betting online. The deal was initially approved by regulators, but was overturned after only a few weeks of online sports betting by a lawsuit alleging that it circumvented the IGRA and Florida law. Thus, Florida became one of the only states to have gambling up and running and then lose it. Online gambling in Florida should to be a boon to Florida’s economic coffers and this is an industry that could work well hand-in-hand with the already impressive tourism industry. In short, don’t expect the future of Florida online gambling to be limited to what is only offered now - but until they come up with a plan that actually works and is legal, the offshores await.