Where To Bet On MLB

There are a plethora of online sportsbooks available to bettors in America. Some states - most of them at this point - are offering sports betting via regulated channels that the state takes a cut from. Other states have not been as quick to regulate sports betting, and as such rely on online sportsbooks that are located offshore. Notably, these offshore sportsbooks are the ones that are available all across the United States. They’re some of the best online sportsbooks period, and our favorite sportsbooks tend to be of this type. Let’s take a look at three of our favorite MLB gambling sites.

Best Online Sportsbooks

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MLB Mobile Betting Apps

Online Sportsbooks using Bitcoin

Betting on Major League Baseball is a very fun pastime, but sometimes you’re out at a restaurant or a bar, and unable to access your computer to open your MLB gambling site of choice. These situations can be helped by mobile sportsbooks, which are available all across the United States. Some mobile sportsbooks have state sanctions and will be available on the app store on both iPhones and Android devices. Other sportsbooks are not located in the United States, and thus not regulated by the United States. These sportsbooks prefer to use mobile websites, and such websites are available all across the country. These mobile websites require only that you visit the website on your mobile browser, and as such are very accessible for anyone who wishes to wager on Major League Baseball, no matter where they are.

Bet on MLB Games at Bovada

MLB Live Betting

Live betting at MLB gambling sites is a great way to convert your baseball knowledge intosports betting cash. For example, if you see a pitcher tiring late in the game, you can wager on the other team to make a comeback. If you know a solid closer is entering the game in the ninth inning, you can wager on the team with the great closer to take the win. These are just some of the ways in which live betting can help you win money when wagering on Major League Baseball. You can access live betting on almost every online sportsbook, although some of the state-regulated sportsbooks do not offer live betting, so it’s best to use the ones that are not regulated by the state if you happen to be in a state that restricts live betting.

MLB Gambling History

Given its status as America's pastime, Major League Baseball has some incredible history. That history carries over to gambling, going back to the Black Sox scandals and of course Pete Rose. Outside of those scandals, gambling in the MLB has resulted in some of the largest upsets in all of sports. The largest recorded upsets for awards and pennant races based on their preseason odds are below.

  • World Series Champions: Miami Marlins (2003) +7500
  • American League Pennant Champions: Boston Red Sox (1967) +10000
  • National League Pennant Champions: Atlanta Braves (1991) +7500
  • AL Most Valuable Player: Josh Hamilton (2010): +10000
  • AL Cy Young: Rick Porcello (2016) +20000
  • NL Most Valuable Player: Christian Yelich (2018) +15000
  • NL Cy Young: Jake Arrieta (2015) +4000
  • World Series MVP: Steve Pearce (2018) +5500

MLB Betting FAQ