Xbet Sportsbook Review For USA Players in 2024

Our Xbet sportsbook review for USA players will provide players with everything needed to know about the legit online sportsbook. As a product of MyBookie, sports betting fans may have come across the name Xbet a few times. Though the sportsbook may not be the most known online betting platforms it still offers secure and reliable odds and options to win cash prizes.

USA players can all take full advantage of all of the features the sportsbook has to offer. Within this Xbet sportsbook review, we’ll explain the advantages of having a mobile version of the site and what it would look like. We’ll also cover if there is live in-game betting or if it is even safe to bet real money with Xbet. Bonuses and promotions are a big part of what draws USA online gambling players to online offshore sportsbooks and well explain which ones are currently offered to players. Once you finish this review, you will have all the information needed to put action on Xbet odds today.

Xbet Sportsbook Review

Does Xbet Accept US Players?

USA Online Gambling

Yes, the Xbet sportsbook does accept US Players. The sportsbook offers a reliable way to place wagers on any team or sports event you desire. That includes almost every professional U.S. sports team as well as international teams. There are many ways gamblers can win real money prizes through Xbet including horse racing and tons of casino games. U.S. players can bet on their favorite sports with the full confidence that federal laws don’t affect their ability to play. Those laws are mainly targeted at unlicensed operators located in the states but Xbet is licensed in its country of origin.

States That Are Banned From Playing At Xbet Sportsbook

There are no states that are banned at Xbet sportsbook. With a modern look sure to attract younger players, Xbet is available for gamblers around the country. Even states with strict online gambling laws can join in on the betting opportunity through Xbet. There are also online sportsbooks that do not allow you to use the site when you travel to other states within the country. Players can access Xbet regardless of state location and if you want to wager on the go, you can use the mobile version of Xbet. State laws don’t have jurisdiction over the people betting on sports or over Xbet themselves.

Is Xbet Legal In The United States?

Xbet sportsbook is legal in the United States because it is operating outside of federal jurisdiction. United States federal control does not go beyond the limits of the country, so the laws are not applied to offshore sportsbooks. Located in Costa Rica, Xbet is an offshore online sportsbook that is licensed and regulated in their home country. Any residents in states that have laws against online sports betting have no reason to be worried about legal trouble while betting with Xbet.

Is Xbet Sportsbook Safe? Legit? Trusted?

Xbet is a safe and trusted online casino that has been operating for many years. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t go through such a vigorous Xbet Sportsbook review for USA players. Since 2013, Xbet has accepted USA players and has provided trustworthy service and odds. With many ways to win real money that are several different parts moving to create a good reputation with gamblers. There is no 100% foolproof online sportsbook but wagering funds at Xbet is no riskier than most international online stores.

Pros And Cons Of Using Xbet For Sports Betting

Pros Of Xbet

  • Accept bettors from every state in America
  • Large sportsbook welcome bonus
  • Unique and modern site look
  • Big selection of sports to wager on
  • Quick and Easy Sign Up

Cons Of Xbet

  • Small amount of bonuses available
  • Does not offer Poker Tournaments
  • Limited withdrawal methods

How To Sign Up At Xbet Sportsbook

It only takes minutes to sign up at Xbet with just three simple steps. The step is Personal Information such as your name, number, email, and phone number. Next, you give your contact including your address to give Xbet a verified address to send payouts if necessary. Finally, you can create your account by creating a password and confirming that you are at least 18 years old. Once you finish these quick steps you officially have an account at Xbet and can begin placing wagers.

Betting Real Money At Xbet Sportsbook

Our Xbet Sportsbook review for USA players is as comprehensive as possible which is why we felt the need to remind bettors some core gambling principles in this section. At Xbet, you will receive real money prizes, so it is important to remember you are betting real money. Each Xbet account is funded by cash money and there is a level of risk involved in each bet made through the site. There are multiple ways to be rewarded with big cash payouts while betting through Xbet. Though the reward can be great, always remember to only wager as much as you are willing to lose when gambling. Not every bet you make will be a winner so take that into account before gambling with real money on any odds.

Xbet Sportsbook Deposit Methods

There are many ways players can deposit funds into their Xbet account. Xbet deposit methods range from debit and credit cards to cryptocurrency. Before you fund your account with these options, you will have to verify your age is at or above the age requirement. Below are the minimum and maximum limits to deposit with each method, without which no Xbet sportsbook review would be complete.

  • Type
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Visa
  • $45
  • $2500
  • MasterCard
  • $45
  • $2500
  • ACH
  • $100
  • No Max
  • Bitcoin
  • $25
  • $10,000
  • Person 2 Person
  • $100
  • $500
  • Phone Transfer
  • $45
  • $1000

Xbet Payout Options And Times

Once a player has won a real money prize, the player will have to request and wait to receive their winnings. Xbet has a few different methods of how you can receive the funds that are rewarded to you. Each Xbet payout option has a standard delivery time and request amount limits. If anything needs to be sent to you, Xbet uses the address you used to sign up.

  • Method
  • Amount
  • Time
  • Fee
  • Bitcoin
  • $25 – $5000
  • 24 Hours
  • FREE
  • E-Check
  • $50 – $200
  • 7-10 Days
  • $5
  • -
  • $201 – $1000
  • 7-10 Days
  • $40
  • -
  • $500 – $1999
  • 5-7 Days
  • $75
  • Bank Wire
  • $2000 – $4000
  • 5-7 Days
  • $125
  • -
  • $4001 – $5000
  • 5-7 Days
  • $160

Xbet Sportsbook Bonuses + Bonus Codes


Our Xbet Sportsbook review for USA players wouldn’t be complete without discussing this topic. Bonuses are one of the best parts of wagering through online sportsbooks. Land-based casinos do not typically have the luxury of earning multiple bonuses on deposits.

Players can benefit on their first deposit and even get a bonus every day they bet at Xbet. There is always a promotion available as long as the requirements are met when betting through the online sportsbook.


Xbet Welcome Bonus For Sports Betting

On your first deposit for a sports wager, you can receive a 100% sign up bonus. The welcome bonus is up to $300 with a seven times rollover requirement before requesting a payout. Xbet will match 100% of your very first deposit of at least $45. Use the code XB100 to redeem this bonus. While the 7X rollover requirement might be discouraging, it is actually in the middle of the pack when looking at other competitors. It is a way to lock new players in but the added funds can surely help you down the line as well.

  • Xbet Free Bet Bonus
    Free Bet Bonuses are where online sportsbooks allow you to bet a certain amount and if the bet loses you get your money back. This bonus allows the bet to be risk-free and players will not lose money. Unfortunately, Xbet does not have this type of bonus available at this time.
  • Xbet Reload Bonuses
    Every time you fund your Xbet account you can receive a bonus with the Sports Reload Bonus. Players can get a 25% bonus worth up to $250 by using the code XB25. The bonus requires a 5 times rollover and a deposit of $100 or more. A form of Free Play will be credited with this reload bonus.
  • Xbet Bitcoin Bonus
    Bitcoin has become the best way to deposit and receive payouts for many online sportsbooks. Bitcoin allows for a quick and fee-less deposit and payout. Many online sportsbooks give bonuses to give more of a reason for players to deposit with Bitcoin. Xbet does not currently offer a Bitcoin bonus but we will update this review if things change.

Betting Limits

Xbet and MyBookie have the same betting limits for players, The limit on wagering is a $10 minimum and a $1000 maximum through the site. Players can call to increase the bet amount. When wagering over the phone with Xbet there are no limits. The website does not identify any difference in the betting limit from sport to sport.

Parlays At Xbet

If you want a riskier but more rewarding payout for your team or total bets, you can try your hand with parlays at Xbet.  Our Xbet Sportsbook review for USA players figured we should cover this since it’s a very popular bet type in America and the payouts differ. Essentially, the more selections you combine, the greater the odds and the bigger the win amount. The odds for a bet in a parlay cannot be greater than +500 when betting parlays at Xbet. If there is a tie in the sports event the parlay will lower one layer. If you parlay is only 2-teams, the tie will revert to a straight bet. All future prop bets are not allowed to be parlayed at Xbet.

Basic Table Of Their Payout Odds

  • Parlay
  • Payoff
  • 2 TEAMS
  • 2.6
  • 3 TEAMS
  • 6
  • 4 TEAMS
  • 12
  • 5 TEAMS
  • 24
  • 6 TEAMS
  • 47
  • 7 TEAMS
  • 91
  • 8 TEAMS
  • 175
  • 9 TEAMS
  • 300
  • 10 TEAMS
  • 600

Note: Xbet calculated these payouts on a flat line, which is -110.

Live In-Game Betting At Xbet Sportsbook

Xbet provides US players a chance to place live in-game bets through the sportsbook. The option of live betting offers an exciting way to enjoy a continuous betting experience. Players can bet on odds posted in real-time throughout the games. The odds normally update during pauses or breaks in the game action. Xbet has which upcoming and current games are available for in-game bets posted under the live betting tab.

Mobile Betting At Xbet Sportsbook

Most of the US is attached to their phones on a daily basis and with Xbet you can also win cash prizes through the phone. There is mobile betting at Xbet and has become a very popular way players place wagers. By going to the internet browser on any smartphone, you will be able to access the wide range of bet lines while on the go. The mobile version of Xbet sportsbook has the same odds that you would find on the desktop version, which guarantees players never miss out.

Why Doesn't Xbet Have A Mobile App

Some people may have checked app stores before they even decided to look up our Xbet Sportsbook review for USA players. Unfortunately, Xbet doesn’t have a mobile app that is available for US players. The site has a mobile version and that does not require players to go through App Store or Google Play to download any app. By allowing the online casino to be accessible through the internet on smartphones instead of an app, mobile betting through Xbet is only limited by wifi connection. When operating through the internet, players can use Xbet when and wherever their phone has service.

Sports Available At Xbet Sportsbook

There is a large array of different sports available at Xbet. Players can bet on the US or international professional sports and even virtual sports. There are odds for collegiate sports that residents in every state can wager on through the sportsbook as well. Outside of sports, the online sportsbooks allow you to bet on American politics, religious, and entertainment events. The following are some of the sports you will find odds for at Xbet:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Esports
  • MMA
  • Football
  • Cycling
  • Motor Sports
  • Boxing
  • Volleyball
  • Snooker
  • Cricket
  • Tennis

Customer Service At Xbet Sportsbook

US players have access to helpful customer service at Xbet. On the site, the live chat is available for customers 24/7. There is a customer service number and email for issues that may arise. Xbet even offers a contact sheet where players can fill out their name, account number, email, and explain the problem. Their customer service members have created multiple ways to get in touch with them.

Phone Number: 855-219-5809
Email: help@Xbet.cr

Legal Gambling Age At Xbet Sportsbook

If you are wanting to receive cash money payouts, you have to verify that you are above the age limit. The legal gambling age at Xbet is 18 years old. Players have confirmed that they are of legal age when creating an Xbet account and there could be serious repercussions for betting underage. Xbet states that they do not collect personal information from those under 18 and will delete all information of that user from the database if they find out users are underage. Our Xbet Sportsbook review for USA players should remind younger bettors that they should abide by the age limit set by their state over the one set by Xbet. If your state requires you to be 21 then you should wait until then.

Others Gambling Options At Xbet Sportsbook

There are many more ways for players to get huge cash prizes with the other gambling options at Xbet. The online betting site offers bet lines and odds for various horse races happening all around the country. The site is stacked with a wide range of casino games such as blackjack, slots, and live dealer games. With live dealer games, gamblers can not only play table games with a real dealer but can also play against real players.

Horse Racing Betting

Online Horse Racing

Xbet provides a way to wager your money with horse racing betting on the online casino site. The racebook at Xbet has odds on Harness racing and thoroughbred racing available for fans. USA players do not only have options to bet on races around the country but also international horse racing odds are posted. There is currently a 7% Horse Rebate, where an automatic 7% rebate will be deposited on your account for any qualified horse-racing action.

Casino Gambling At Xbet

Online Casinos

There are a few ways to enjoy casino gambling at Xbet. The large options of casino games can cater to all types of casino gamblers. From popular table games to slot to video poker games, Xbet has plenty of opportunities to win cash money. Multiple versions of blackjack are available along with various themed slot games.

Xbet Online Poker Tournaments

Online Poker Site

Online Poker Tournaments are very popular because there are different player amounts, winning stakes, and formats for players to choose from. Xbet does not currently offer Poker Tournaments but is promoting a $10,000 Blackjack tournament. The blackjack tournament requires a $50 minimum to qualify for any prize and players can use the practice play before wagering real money.

Final Thoughts About Xbet Sportsbook

Our Xbet Sportsbook review for USA players can conclude by highly recommending the sports betting operator to gamblers of all types. Xbet is a fairly new online sportsbook that is targeted to younger gamblers, but that shouldn’t deter experienced bettors from signing up. There are many sports to wager on and a mobile version to allow for betting on the go. There are other ways to win large cash prizes outside of the sportsbook such as a racebook and multiple casino games which draws in new customers. As Xbet grows, they are sure to bring in more bonuses to better compete with other bigger online sportsbooks that accept US players.