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Online gambling in Ohio is an incredibly popular hobby as well as around the world, and while it is a very rewarding experience, it also comes with some risks for the uninitiated. USAOnlineGambling aims to provide players with all the information they need regarding the various forms of Ohio online gambling sites available to them. For gamblers in Ohio, this page is the luxury of information on everything from slots and casino games to daily fantasy and legal information. While Ohio currently is not one of the newest states that have state-sponsored online gambling, it will soon enough.

Although the state has not regulated it, every person in Ohio can still legally gamble online. They just do so through licensed international Ohio online gambling sites, which are not subject to either state or federal anti-gambling laws. This page will cover the best ways for Ohio residents to gamble online, including the best Ohio online gambling sites to use for various games, how to gamble online using your phone in Ohio, how to take advantage of online casino promotional deals, and more.


Population11.69 Million

Largest Gambling CitiesColumbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati

Number Of Land Based Casinos11

Gambling Revenue$1.94 Billion

State Licensed DFSYes

State Licensed Sports BettingNo

Land Based Poker Rooms9

Lottery ServicesYes

Mobile Betting OptionsDaily Fantasy

Best Ohio Gambling Sites

Best Gambling Sites

To find the best sites for Ohio gamblers, we look at dozens of different major online gambling platforms. The online casinos reviewed on this site are the best of the best, as all the unsavory sites have been filtered out. Every one of these online gambling sites is safe, legal, and well-liked and trusted by its consumers. They also offer fast, reliable payouts, great deposit bonuses, and an even better variety of betting options.

Every gambling site has its own pros and cons, and the ‘best’ gambling site is more of a subjective term than an objective one. We only aim to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision. Still, it is recommended that you try more than one gambling site, if for no other reason than that consumers always benefit from companies competing against each other.

Best Online Sportsbooks

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Best Online Poker Sites

Poker Site
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How We Pick The Best Ohio Gambling Sites

  • We look for sites with a proven track record of player satisfaction.
  • Sites must provide their players with top-notch security for their personal and financial data.
  • Customer service must be easily accessible and available through multiple methods.
  • Banking options for deposits and withdrawals must be thorough and convenient.
  • Deposit bonuses must meet or exceed industry standards to give players the best possible start.

Different Types Of Online Gambling In Ohio

Ohioans can easily bet without leaving the state. They just have to do so with entities outside of their state. These international gambling sites offer everything you could possibly imagine in a casino, and more. Poker, sports betting, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, sudoku, slots, and so much more. And with modern telecommunications technology, you can now play from anywhere.

Ohio Online Casinos

Online Casinos

Ohio gamblers must play using internationally licensed online casinos like BetOnline to play. Ohio online casinos offer a full range of casino gaming options, including slots, table games, keno, bingo, poker, sports betting, and more. These casinos provide a great experience for anyone who wishes to gamble in Ohio, including mobile functionality.

In recent years, USA online casinos have even begun expanding into new options like live dealer play to more accurately recreate the physical casino experience. These live dealer games connect players with a real dealer using a live video feed. Live dealers always have experience in the casino industry and will react and respond to player feedback during the game.

Benefits of Ohio Online Casinos:

  • More games to play
  • Don’t wait for other players
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Some offer free play options
  • Better payouts

Ohio Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks

Ohio being home to several top sports franchises across the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL, it is no surprise that there is a strong craving for online sportsbooks by locals. Ohio lawmakers regulated online sports betting in 2021 and plan to launch regulated books on January 1, 2023. This will increase the options for online sportsbooks in the Buckeye State. Fans can currently wager at a number of online sportsbooks that offer odds on all Ohio teams throughout the year. Additionally, sportsbooks are accessible statewide without the need to register at a physical sportsbook.

Benefits of Ohio Online Sportsbooks:

  • Odds aren’t skewed by local bias
  • In-play betting
  • More sports to bet on
  • Takes only seconds to create a betting slip
  • More prop bets

Ohio Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Site

Most online casinos also offer online poker software that players can download. Using this software, players can play real money poker games either against a computer dealer or against other players from around the world, depending on the variation of poker they play. In recent years, many gambling sites have also begun adopting live dealer poker options, which allow players to play poker with a live dealer via a real-time video stream. These live dealer poker games offer a great way for Ohioans to simulate the experience of a real casino or poker room without leaving home.

Benefits of Ohio Online Poker:

  • Play with other people from around the world
  • More variations available to play than most casinos
  • Intuitive software to help newer players
  • No long wait to get into a game
  • Live dealer options available even from home

Ohio Online DFS

Online Poker Site

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are fully legal in the state. Per HB 132, enacted in March 2018, all DFS games are legal to Ohio residents 18 years old and above. Daily fantasy sports, for those who don’t know, are games in which players craft a lineup of real-life players and then receive points based on those players’ statistical performances. Unlike traditional fantasy, DFS lineups reset after every slate of games. The most popular DFS online gambling options are FanDuel and DraftKings, both of which operate in Ohio. Other competitors like Monkey Knife Fight have also been gaining traction with players.

Benefits of Ohio Online DFS:

  • Play with other people from around the world
  • More variations available to play than most casinos
  • Intuitive software to help newer players
  • No long wait to get into a game
  • Live dealer options available even from home

Ohio Online Bingo

Online Bingo

There are now state-licensed online bingo operators, but international online bingo is still legal. Online bingo isn’t quite as popular as other forms of online gambling, but there is still a definite market for it. Nearly every online casino offers USA online bingo, usually listed under a ‘specialty games’ tab. A few even offer live dealer bingo, although this is rare as bingo isn’t built on player-dealer interactions the way other casino games, like blackjack, are. Ohio does offer EZPlay bingo games like Buckeye Bingo and Black Cherry Bingo as part of its lottery system, but the payouts on these bingo games are dismal.

Benefits of Ohio Online Bingo:

  • Play from anywhere
  • Faster draws than normal bingo
  • Your card generally fills out automatically
  • Squares games offer unconventional bingo experience
  • Doesn’t require players to sit in a room with 200 other people

Ohio Online Lottery

Online Lottery

Ohio does not sell lottery tickets online, and unlike other forms of gambling, there are no reputable international online lotteries. If a website claims to run an online lottery that you can play, it is likely a scam. Many websites will claim to be reputable in order to get players to divulge sensitive personal or financial information like a social security or credit card number. Don’t risk this. If you want to get online lotteries legalized in Ohio, call your local representative to let them know that that is something you would be interested in.

Ohio Online Horse Racing

Online Horse Racing

Harness racing is quite popular in Ohio with tracks in Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, and more. There are also local events that host harness racing all throughout the state during the summer and early fall months. The Ohio State Racing Commission oversees all of the betting action and governs the industry as a whole. For a wider variety of wagering types and gambling options on different races, Ohio horse betting fans should turn their attention to our top rated online horse betting sites.

Benefits of Ohio Online Horse Racing:

  • Bet on both local races and races around the world
  • More player-friendly odds
  • Convenient deposit and withdrawal options
  • TVG connects horse betting fans from many states
  • Place bets nearly instantly without waiting in a queue

Is It Legal To Use Bovada In Ohio?

Bovada Online Gambling

One thing we know about Ohio bettors is that they’re crazy about sports, and sports betting is a big deal in Ohio. However, the state does not offer any options for it, which forces players to turn to internationally regulated online sports betting websites like Bovada in order to place a bet on the Buckeyes, Browns or Bengals. These websites are legal to use in that the laws regarding online sports betting are targeted at the providers of online sports betting services, instead of at the people who use those services, so it’s usually totally fine to use a website like Bovada to bet on sports in Ohio.

Ohio Online Slots

Online Slots

Online slots are legal in Ohio, but only through international online casinos. There are no state-licensed online slots options. Unlike brick-and-mortar slots, USA online slots don’t require an expensive machine. Because of this, online casinos can offer hundreds or even thousands of different games, all with different designs and payouts. Online slot machines available in Ohio can range from the traditional format of games, with differing themes, to the progressive jackpot style of games, which mix a lottery style jackpot into slot machine gameplay.

Benefits of Ohio Online Slots:

  • Bet on both classic and specialty slots from around the world.
  • More player-friendly and higher-percentage games.
  • The ability to transfer your winnings instantly.
  • Play progressive slots with bettors from everywhere.
  • Find a slot of your choice without having to wait for players to leave.

Mobile Gambling In Ohio

Nearly every major international online casino also has a mobile gambling site that is optimized for phones and tablets and allows mobile players access to their full range of gambling options. These function nearly identically to a casino app. There are numerous applications for mobile gambling, including passing time on a long bus ride and betting on sports while you’re at a bar with friends. All these mobile sites require is that your device have a strong data or wi-fi connection.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

There are no mobile sports betting apps in Ohio, but major online sportsbooks like Bovada and MyBookie offer full mobile compatibility to their players. Mobile bettors can bet on everything that desktop users can. Mobile betting is the best way for sports fans to stay engaged with a game as it is being played, especially with the rise in popularity of live betting. Players can even keep multiple sportsbooks on their phones open on different tabs to shop lines and ensure that they are getting the best possible odds.

Mobile Casino Apps

As with sports betting, there are no state-licensed casino apps in Ohio, but international online casinos offer fully featured mobile sites that function identically to such an app. If an actual app is important to you, there are free casino apps that let you play blackjack, online poker and more without wagering real money, but these are a neutered version of a true casino gaming experience. The best mobile casino sites are probably those of Bovada and BetOnline, which both offer an extensive array of betting options for their players.

Real Money Online Gambling Sites In Ohio

While Ohio lags behind its contemporaries in providing domestic gambling opportunities, players can still freely bet real money with websites based outside of the U.S. These sites offer fast, easy deposits and withdrawals, along with great payouts on bets. The most common deposit methods for online gambling are credit/debit cards and cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin), while most withdrawals are done through cryptocurrency because of a quirk in federal law that prevents banks from directly processing payment from gambling sites. There are other transaction methods available to players as well, but crypto is recommended as it usually doesn’t have associated fees and is processed within minutes.

Free Online Gambling In Ohio

Free casino games are very accessible, if not recommended, for Ohio players. XBet, for example, offers players the options to try out many of their casino games using a simulated bankroll to get a feel for the rules of the game and for their gambling software. These free casino games are a fun timewaster, but the lack of stakes severely limits the excitement of playing. The same goes for bingo, slots, poker, etc. The best free gambling option is probably daily fantasy. Major DFS sites often offer free online gambling tournaments with prizes of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Even when playing just for fun, DFS is engaging because it takes skill and foresight to predict the outcomes of sports contests.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Ohio?

USA Online Gambling

Online gambling is not yet legal in Ohio, but that is expected to change by January 1st, 2023, due to the passage of House Bill 29. The bill, passed on March 23rd, 2022, will regulate retail, mobile, and online sportsbooks throughout Ohio. House Bill 29 will impose a 10% tax on Ohio sports betting operators, with 98% of those taxes going toward the Sports Gaming Profits Education Fund and 2% going toward the Problems Sports Gambling Fund. The bill also legalizes charitable organizations to operate a maximum of seven electronic bingo machines as well.

With HB 29 regulating sports betting, people may think that Ohio would regulate all forms of online gambling. That thought would be false, as the state has still shown to desire to regulate any online casino or poker sites. Of course, that is fine for players, as they have been using internationally legal gambling sites for over two decades without any issues. With such an easy solution available for players, the push to fully legalize online gambling in Ohio may not exist.

Retail Gambling In Ohio?

It may be more convenient to bet at an online gambling site, but with the restrictions in place in Ohio, that is not always an option. Luckily, the state legalized casinos back in 2009, meaning players have multiple options to gamble in person. The land-based casinos in Ohio are listed below, as are their sports betting partnerships and when the casino itself was founded.

Retail Casinos In Ohio And Their Sportsbook Partnership

  • Eldorado Gaming Scioto Downs – Columbus (2012) – Caesars Sportsbook
  • Hollywood Casino – Columbus (2012) – Barstool Sportsbook
  • Hollywood Casino – Toledo (2012) – Barstool Sportsbooks
  • JACK Cleveland Casino – Cleveland (2012) – JACK Entertainment
  • Hard Rock Casino – Cincinnati (2013) – Hard Rock Sportsbook
  • JACK Thistledown Racino - North Randall (2013) – JACK Entertainment
  • MGM Northfield Park – Northfield (2013) – BetMGM Sportsbook
  • Miami Valley Gaming – Lebanon (2013) – TBD
  • Belterra Park – Cincinnati (2014) – FanDuel Sportsbook
  • Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway – Dayton (2014) – Barstool Sportsbook

Online Gambling Laws In Ohio

Ohio has a history of adopting new forms of gambling later than other states. Casino gambling wasn’t even legalized in the state until 2009, and the first casinos didn’t successfully open until 2012. HB 132 (the DFS bill mentioned earlier on this page) was a significant step in the right direction for Ohio gambling law, but Ohio gambling still lags markedly behind other states. After the 2018 repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, there was some optimism that a wave of enthusiasm for sports betting across the country could lead to legislative change, but nothing came of it in the end. This stubbornness has driven most Ohio gamblers to online casinos, and denied the state a potentially huge economic boon.

Legal Gambling Age In Ohio

Ohio does not offer legal sports betting of any kind. The statewide legal gambling age is 18, but casinos are free to require that patrons be 21 or older in order to maximize the benefit of their liquor license. International online casinos and betting sites are legal for all players who are 18 years old or older.
  • Lottery: 18
  • Parimutuel: 18
  • Casinos: 18-21
  • Bingo: 18
  • Online Poker: N/A
  • DFS: 18
  • Sports Betting: N/A

Where Are Ohio Gambling Sites Regulated?

Ohio gambling sites are regulated by their country of origin. Many different countries host online gambling sites, from Costa Rica to Singapore (yes, we’re counting it as a country) to Curacao. Legislation in these countries isn’t as strict as in the United States, which makes them more accessible to players. But all major gambling sites are still held to strict standards of quality and monitored closely to ensure that they meet expectations of payout rates and consumer security. This is a happy medium between the draconian restrictions of the American federal government and the anarchy that would come from a total lack of regulation.

Who Can Play At Ohio Online Gambling Sites?

Ohio online gambling sites are not only limited to Ohio residents. People in every state in the U.S. can sign up for international online gambling sites and play from anywhere, as long as they are at least 18 years old. These sites even offer financial incentives for you to recruit other players, including deposit bonuses and straight money transfers into your account. These are a great way to both involve your friends in something you enjoy and boost your overall bankroll.

Taxes On Gambling Winnings In Ohio

Ohio Gambling Tax – 24% (federal) + 4% (state)

Ohio casinos are required to withhold 4% of your winnings and pay the cumulative sum of those winnings to the state in quarterly installments. After this 4% is taken out, you must pay 24% of your gambling winnings in federal income tax. Failing to report gambling income on your taxes is a criminal offense and is highly discouraged. Even if you bet using an international online casino, it is a good idea to report your winnings to the state to avoid getting in hot legal water.

Gambling Revenue In Ohio

Gambling Revenue

Ohio is America’s seventh-most populous state, with a population of nearly 12 million people as of 2019. Nationwide gambling handle averages between $600 and $800 per capita annually, depending on the source of the estimate. With Ohio’s population, that would amount to potentially 7 to 9 billion dollars wagered annually. At an average hold rate of 7%, that would amount to somewhere between $490 and 655 million. A lack of state-level legal gambling does not deter gamblers, so all of that money right now is being wagered online with international gambling sites, and all losses are leaving the state. With legal gambling, Ohio could keep that money in-state and collect taxes to the tune of tens of millions of dollars annually.

Future Of Ohio Online Gambling

Ohio finally got sports betting regulation passed, which means that the sky is the limit. Their sports betting regulation is comprehensive, too - they have plans for each type of sports betting, from kiosks in bars to big national sports betting apps. If that goes well, anything could happen with regards to online gambling in Ohio. As national and local attitudes toward gambling become more favorable, there will be more pressure from their constituency for Ohio lawmakers to legalize online gambling, so the long-term outlook is favorable.