Best College Baseball Sportsbooks

College baseball sportsbooks are harder to come by than you'd think. This is because sportsbooks mostly post lines on more popular sports, like college football. Additionally, many college baseball games are not televised. Finally, many state-based sportsbooks have rules restricting the odds that can be offered on collegiate athletics.

All of these problems are alleviated by simply using a sportsbook located outside the US, such as Bovada. Bovada offers plenty of college baseball wagers - more than any comparable US-based sportsbook that we could find. Additionally, there are no restrictions on what you can bet on at online sportsbooks of this nature.

Best Online Sportsbooks

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What Makes A College Baseball Sportsbook Good?

College baseball odds can be found at state-regulated online sportsbooks as well as online sportsbooks located offshore. The offshore sportsbooks are more widely available, as they are in 40+ states, while the most widespread state-regulated book is still in less than 20. In addition, many states restrict collegiate wagering on in-state teams at state-regulated books, while online college baseball gambling sites have no such restrictions.

Top Qualities Of Great College Baseball Sportsbooks

  • They Let You Bet On Local College Baseball - Many regulated sportsbooks do not let you wager on in-state teams, or in-state college games.
  • They Have Unweighted Odds - The state-regulated books that do have college odds often have to make them harsher because of local fans.
  • They Make Deposits And Withdrawals Easy - Both state-regulated and offshore sportsbooks do this in different ways.

College World Series LogoBetting On The College World Series

The College World Series is scheduled to begin on Thursday, June 14, 2024. The event will run through June 22.

College Baseball Odds

When betting on College Baseball at USA online gambling sites, there are a few major ways to wager, and it's important that you get familiar with each of them. The three major game bet types are moneylines, spreads and point totals, with prop betting being available on individual players largely at non-US sportsbooks.

College Baseball Moneylines

Moneylines are a classic bet, and all you have to do to cash in on them is pick winners. However, they do not give you the ability to pick winners at even odds - the winners are handicapped such that big favorites pay out less than big underdogs. Let's look at an example.

College Baseball Example Moneyline

  • Florida State -300
  • Jacksonville +200

In this example, Florida State is a big favorite. They have -300 odds, meaning that if you wanted to get a $100 payout, you'd have to wager $300. Jacksonville, the underdog, has a more generous payout ratio because they are not expected to win. A bet of $100 on Jacksonville would result in a payout of $200.

College Baseball Spreads

Spreads at college baseball gambling sites tend to take the form of run lines, meaning the favorite is handicapped at -1.5 runs and the underdog is handicapped at +1.5 runs, with the odds on those then depending on how the money has been split. Let's look at an example.

College Baseball Example Run Line

  • Florida State -1.5 -110
  • Jacksonville +1.5 -110

In this example, Florida State is favored over Jacksonville, but they have -110 odds to cover the spread. The spread, 1.5 runs, means that in order for someone betting on Florida State to cash in, Florida State would need to win by more than 1.5 runs - two or more, in other words. If they lose, or win by only one run, a bet on Florida State -1.5 would not cash.

College Baseball Point Totals

Point totals are wagers on the total runs scored in the game. This means the combined amount of runs both teams score. They tend to be higher in college than they are in MLB, due to the high quality of major league pitching relative to college, and the larger quantity of college teams causing more variance in talent. Let's look at an example.

College Baseball Example Point Total

  • Over 11.5 -110
  • Under 11.5 -110

This wager is simply picking whether the total number of runs in a game goes over 11.5 or under 11.5. Note that the "point total" phrasing is a leftover from other sports - points do not exist in baseball, runs do.

College Baseball Prop Betting

Prop betting on college baseball is usually found in the form of wagers on individual statistical accomplishments. These wagers can encompass "will X Player hit a home run?" or "Will X Player win MVP". However, in baseball, each batter only sees the plate about three to five times a game, so there are limited prop betting opportunities.

These opportunities are further limited by many rules that restrict state-based casinos from offering collegiate prop betting odds. In other words, it's very hard to find these odds from any US based casino, and even the offshores can be spotty in terms of coverage due to the statistical oddities of baseball and the lack of interest in college baseball's regular season.

Mobile Betting On College Baseball

Mobile College Baseball betting is available via a large number of online sportsbooks. Sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline - located offshore - are available on any mobile device, no matter how old, as long as you can access the internet via a browser on it. State-regulated sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel offer app based solutions to college baseball betting on mobile devices, so you will have to keep the app updated when you want to get online, and there may be issues with older devices.

Top Four Mobile Betting Devices

  1. iPhones
  2. iPads
  3. Samsung Galaxy
  4. Google Pixel

Live Betting On College Baseball

Live college baseball betting creates wagers that are unique and fun ways to spice up your betting experience. Since baseball is such a unique game, there are tons of different live bets you can make, as each at-bat yields new possibilities for bettors.

Top Six Baseball Live Bets

  1. Next Batter To Strike Out
  2. Next Batter To Hit A Home Run
  3. Result Of Next At Bat
  4. Next Team To Score
  5. Live Moneyline
  6. Live Run Line

College Baseball Betting Bonuses

College Baseball is not the most popular sport at most college baseball gambling sties, and so they are highly unlikely to have college baseball specific betting bonuses. This means you'll want to look for the most valuable bonuses available at the sportsbooks you can use. We prefer deposit matching bonuses, as they allow players to get more than one wager, as opposed to the free bet bonuses commonly available at state-regulated sportsbooks.

Best College Baseball Deposit Bonuses

Bovada - 50% Bitcoin Match Bonus - 5x Rollover - BVSBITCOIN50
BetOnline - 100% Crypto Bonus - 14x Rollover - CRYPTO100
MyBookie - 50% Sports Bonus - 10x Rollover - MYB50