How Online Bingo Works

Online Bingo

Online bingo works similarly to physical bingo, only you use an online bingo site to do it. The player purchases a card (or cards) to use in the game of bingo. Each card has a random assortment of numbers. A moderator will call out the numbers throughout the game, and players will mark the numbers are their card that is a match. If a set amount of numbers are matched in a row, then the player wins, Bingo! What makes online bingo stand out against traditional bingo is the added elements that come with the USA online gambling model.

For starters, online bingo hosts several game types that cannot be replicated in a traditional setting. Popular game modes like Bingo Goal and Tribo Bingo are both only possible with the gaming software found at online bingo sites. Online bingo also brings a level of convenience as opposed to traditional bingo since players can get in on the action from anywhere. The only thing online bingo cannot duplicate is the social setting associated with traditional bingo, although chat bingo is an option for bingo players looking for some social interaction online.

Best Bingo Sites For USA Players

Here we provide a compiled list of the best bingo sites available online. These USA online casino sites host a multitude of games for players to participate in as well as casino crypto bonuses and promotions available. These games are reliable, and have a good number of daily players, ensuring there will be no shortage when it comes to playing bingo. With online bingo, the level of variety available to players I vast and plenty. This list compiles some of the best ways to play, making finding the right bingo site for you a simple task. Online bingo is convenient and thrilling, and these sites provide some of the best ways for players to play to win big real money prizes.

Playing Bingo Online Compared To Traditional Bingo

If you have never heard of playing bingo online, here are a few of the key differences between online vs traditional bingo.

Online Bingo

  • Game variety
  • Gambling software
  • Convenient
  • Promotions
  • Bonuses

Traditional Bingo

  • Social Setting
  • Charity Events
  • Cash Buy-Ins
  • Faster Payouts

Best USA Online Bingo Sites

100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
500% up to $5000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
5 Star Rating
100% up to $1000
4 Star Rating
200% up to $2000
4 Star Rating

How Rates Online Bingo Sites

There are a few things we take into account when reviewing an online bingo site. For starters, we take note of the number of banking options available at the site. This is very important to potential players as they need to know if their deposit method of choice is available at the site. We also pay attention to bonuses and promotions available, to the prizes, game variations, and if the bingo operator works on mobile. Safety is also a major factor in our reviews. We look at how responsive and helpful the customer service is as well. Another important detail we pay attention to is the traffic.

Bingo Banking Options:

Banking Options

Looking at the banking options available at bingo sites is very important. One of the first things a player should do is ensure the site in question hosts the deposit method that the player wishes to use. Many online bingo sites will offer a multitude of banking options, making there no shortage of methods for players to find one that suits them perfectly.

Bingo Tickets For All Budgets:

Tickets For All Budgets

There are bingo cards and tickets available at many different price ranges, making it possible for anyone at any financial level to be able to play online bingo. When looking for a bingo site, it's smart to look for the cost for each card before every game.

Bingo Player Traffic:


The best bingo sites are the ones that host a decent player base. You don’t want a site too heavily trafficked, flooding the game pool and making it harder for big winnings. The best sites are the ones with a good number of daily bingo players, not too much and not too little.

Bingo Bonuses & Promo Codes:


Looking at a bingo site bonuses and promotions is a good idea when deciding on the best online bingo site. The real money online gambling sites that offer welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses stand out as they give players more funds to play to win with.

Types Of Bingo Games:


The best bingo sites are ones that showcase a multitude of games. The games that are the most fun and offer the best rewards are the ones that stand out to online bingo players.

Customer Service:

Customer Service

Bingo sites with good and accommodating customer service is very important. Many online bingo sites will have 24-7 customer service available which is an important thing to look for with online bingo sites.

Fast Load Times & Reliability:

Fast Load Times

Sites that have long load times and constantly crash can frustrate a player and take the fun out of online bingo. It is important then to look for sites with a history of sustainability and stable servers as well as fast load times to keep players in the action with little dull moments.



There are a lot of different gambling software that are used to make online bingo function. We take a look at the software associated with a given bingo game in order to ensure the quality of the game and the design of the said game are up to par.

Big Prizes:

Big Prizes

Online bingo jackpots can get extremely profitable, with the biggest bingo jackpot win being a $5.9 million win. Online bingo gives players the ability to win big with their many events going on every day, giving multiple opportunities to play to win. When looking at a bingo site it is important to pay attention to the prizes available.

Mobile Capabilities:

Mobile Capabilities

A good thing to look at when searching for an online bingo site, is the site's compatibility with your mobile device. Mobile bingo is one of the most convenient ways to play bingo online as you can quickly play from wherever you are located. Sites players typically go for are the ones that are compatible with their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Highest Return:

Highest Return

Paying attention to the return to player (RTP) that a given bingo site offers is very important What a player will want is a game that offers the highest percent on return with online bingo, thus increasing the amount of real money they are collecting.

Is Online Bingo Legal?

Online bingo is indeed legal as there are several bingo sites that USA citizens have access too regardless of their state’s regulation. These sites provide online bingo to all residents of the US who are of the legal age to play online bingo. Some states have state-sanctioned sites a well. these sites are usually backed by US-based operators and allow residents and tourists of a particular state to participate in online gambling through the state-sanctioned operator. Other forms of online bingo that universally allowed are charitable or fundraiser events using bingo as the catalyst. As charitable events do not give the prize to the player, states approve the practice with no need for a state sanction.

Are Online Bingo Sites Rigged?

As long as you are playing at a reputable and licensed bingo operator, the games you are playing are not rigged. Top online bingo sites are often audited by their respective regulators in order to make sure that they are not scamming customers. In addition, there is a house edge on bingo – they don’t need to rig the game for it to be advantageous to them to run it.

How To Sign Up At An Online Bingo Site

  • Visit your site of choice, and click the Sign-Up or Register button.
  • Enter the information the site requires. Usually this is identifying information as well as residency information.
  • Provide proof of identity and proof of residency. This helps the bingo site in question know you are who you say you are, and where to send your money.
  • You’re all set! You might want to set up a deposit and withdrawal method, however.

U.S. Online Bingo Laws

U.S. Online Bingo Laws

Each state has their own online gambling laws and therefore some states have state-sanctioned gambling operators while other states don’t. This means that if you are in a state that has regulated gambling, you have the option to partake in online bingo with their state-sanctioned books. If your state has not regulated online gambling, other online bingo sites for US players are still available to partake in. This means every US resident can legally play online bingo.

Charitable Bingo Games

Charitable bingo games are approved in most states' guidelines as they do not give the prize money to the player. Since the player involved is donating the money they earn in online bingo, many states gambling laws do not include charitable events. This means if you are playing a charitable bingo game, some states will not view the act as gambling therefore it will not fall under state gambling laws.

Bingo Playing Age

Each state has its own legal gambling age whether it be 18 or 21. Online bingo sites follow each state's guideline meaning you have to be the state’s legal gambling age in order to participate in online bingo in said state.

States With Regulated Online Bingo Sites

States With Regulated Online Bingo Sites

Some states have state-sanctioned online bingo. Meaning that the state has regulated gambling and hosts gambling sites backed by their own operators. Residents and tourists of these states can participate in online bingo through these operators, making them another option for online bingo players. Players in states without state regulating online bingo sites still have access to a slew of online bingo sites.

Frequently Asked Questions: Live-Dealer Online Gambling

Are Online Bingo Sites Legitimate With Real Money?

Online bingo sites are very much legit and offer the same chance to win that can be found with traditional bingo games. The rules are the same, the level of chance is the same, and the real-world money that can be won is also the same. Online bingo is a great way to play to win bingo without having to physically be at a bingo event.

Is Bingo A Form Of Gambling?

Yes, bingo is considered gambling. The reason for this is due to the level of chance involved. For something to be considered gambling there needs to be an entry fee, real money rewards, and level of chance involved. These things are all applied to bingo, therefore, making bingo gambling.

How Much Can I Win Playing Bingo? How Big Are Online Bingo Jackpots?

Bingo players can win big with online bingo. The biggest payout was $5.6 million in 2012 on a 30-pound one slot buy-in. Online bingo players have a multitude of big jackpot game options available and many ways to play.

How Much Does Online Bingo Cost?

Online bingo buy-in cost varies depending on the site. Some sites even offer free online bingo. There are bingo tickets available for different price ranges making any budget able to participate in online bingo.

What Are The Odds Of Winning At Bingo?

Like any game of chance, the odds to win in bingo varies. Bingo game odds depend on how many cards are in play. For example, if you buy one card, and there are nine other players in the game, then the odds of winning become 1 in 10. You can increase these odds by buying multiple bingo cards. In the same scenario, if you were to buy 11 bingo cards, your odds will increase to 10 in 20.

Can I Try Online Bingo For Free?

Yes. There are plenty of free online bingo options available for players. These sites offer bingo with no entry fee needed, and you can simply log on and play these games for the thrill of bingo. These free games do not offer real-world money as a reward, however. Instead, they usually use an in-game currency as payout so that users can keep playing. There is no guarantee in any game of chance, but there is a sure way to better your chances.

What Are Bingo Chat Games?

Bingo chat games are bingo games that use chat rooms in order to replicate a bingo hall. Bingo chat games have moderators, hosts, and bingo callers; same as you would find at a physical location. For those looking for a social bingo experience without the need to travel, bingo chat halls are a great alternative.

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Play Bingo Online?

Online bingo is best played when at its busiest which tends to be between 7 pm and 9 pm. Online bingo sites host the biggest jackpots available for the day during these evening times. If you are looking to cash in big, this is the window in which you should aim to play.

What Is Pre-Buying In Bingo?

With online bingo, pre-buying is when you purchase all the cards you wish to play for the specific games in advance. With online bingo sites, there is a schedule in place for every upcoming game throughout the day. Pre-buying also you to be prepared for whatever game you wish to play.

Are Online Bingo Winnings Taxable?

Like other gambling winnings, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers Bingo winnings as taxable income. According to the IRS bylaws, you must report all gambling winnings on line 21 of the IRS Form 1040.