Super Bowl 59 Facts

When:  February 6, 2025
Where:  Caesars Superdome, New Orleans
Time:  6:30 p.m. EST
Broadcast:  FOX
Halftime Show:  TBA
National Anthem Singer: TBA

Super Bowl LIX Countdown


Where To Bet On The Super Bowl

Over three dozen states have places to bet on the Super Bowl in person. Online sportsbooks located outside the US have been taking Super Bowl bets for decades as well. These books are much easier than traveling to another state or making a long drive.

Best Online Sportsbooks

50% up to $250
5 Star Rating
50% up to $1,000
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States With Legal Super Bowl Betting

When it comes to Super Bowl 59 betting, you have a ton of different options. If you want to be part of the millions of people that place wagers on the Super Bowl, you can place those wagers in more than half of the states in the country. There are many states with online gambling so click your state below for more information.

Super Bowl Betting Handle

  • An estimated betting handle of $9 billion is expected for Super Bowl 58.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Prop betting on the Super Bowl is a major part of Super Bowl LIX betting. The amount of odds available are truly remarkable, and you can bet on the game as well as things happening at the game, such as the coin toss, the national anthem, and the Super Bowl 58 halftime show.

Betting On Super Bowl
Novelties And Exotics

Novelties and exotics are some of the most fun ways to wager on the Super Bowl, and they focus on bets that are not related to the game itself.

Betting On Super Bowl
Coin Toss

The Super Bowl coin toss is traditionally handicapped with -110 odds on either side of it, and a choice between heads and tails. Also available are bets on the coin toss winner also winning the game.

Betting On Super Bowl
National Anthem

The national anthem is handicapped via time - you can usually bet over or under a certain amount of time taken for the national anthem.

Betting On Super Bowl
Gatorade Color

When the Super Bowl is completed, the winning team dumps Gatorade on their coach. You can bet on what color that Gatorade will be.

Betting On Super Bowl

There are all kinds of Super Bowl commercial odds available, from which specific ads will air in what order, to how many of a certain company’s ads we will see.

Betting On Super Bowl
Halftime Show

Super Bowl halftime show betting is extensive - wagers are available on the songs that will be performed, the order of said songs, and events that could happen during the show.

Betting On Super Bowl Outcomes

While plenty of wagers come in on the ancillary parts of Super Bowl LIX betting, the game itself is always a big draw, and bettors can wager on basically every part of it.

Super Bowl Player Prop Betting

Player props are when bettors are asked to pick over or under a certain statistical number. For example, you can pick over or under a given number for Patrick Mahomes pass yards. These will be available on basically every player in the game, relative to their position on the field and role in the game.

Super Bowl MVP Betting

Betting on Super Bowl 59 MVP will open before the playoffs even start, but by the time the game itself rolls around, the field will be narrowed significantly. Many look to wager on the QB of the winning team, and lines will be open during the entire game.

  • Patrick Mahomes +120
  • Brock Purdy +225
  • Christian McCaffrey +475
  • Travis Kelce +1200

Super Bowl First Touchdown Betting

You can bet on which player will score the first touchdown of Super Bowl 59. Note that passing touchdowns do not count for the quarterback, they count for the receiver of the ball.

Super Bowl Team/Game Props

Team and game props refers to things like O/Us, total amount of touchdowns, score going into halftime - there are a ton of different ways to wager on the game itself, and most of them fall into this category.

In-Game Betting On The Super Bowl

Arrived to your Super Bowl party late and missed the kickoff? Lost your first bet? Found a mismatch defensively that you think will be exploited? Don’t worry, you can bet on all the action in Super Bowl 58 live with in-game betting. Part of what makes Super Bowl Sunday so special is the sheer volume of odds, and that includes lines that change throughout the game. This means that you can get on lines as soon as something happens - and you can occasionally beat the book to a line in the event of an injury or other major changes in the game.

Types Of Super Bowl Live Odds

  • Live Game Lines
  • Live Player Props
  • Live Drive Outcome Lines
  • Live Next Play Odds
  • Live Interception And Touchdown Odds

Shopping Lines On The Super Bowl

Line shopping is a tactic that will be well known to experienced bettors, but since many Super Bowl bettors are new to the game, we figured we should let them in on the secret. Basically, when you’re looking to place a specific wager, you should check multiple sportsbooks to see which one gives you the best odds.

For example, let’s say you want to place a bet on Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl MVP, but you’re located in Kansas, about 30 minutes from Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chiefs play. If you look for a local sportsbook, let’s say you get +200 odds. However, you check online, and you get +220 odds. You obviously take the +220 odds, since they pay out more.

This situation is shockingly common for anyone looking to place bets on teams close to them. This happens when sportsbooks’ customer bases are localized - if all of the customers in a given sportsbook are betting on the Chiefs, and players on the Chiefs, then the sportsbook has to respond by raising the effective price of doing so - lowering payouts.

Because of this, it’s crucial to shop lines with sportsbooks that are not localized, such as Bovada and BetOnline, which are located outside of the United States, and deal with an international customer base. Bettors will often find that they are saving serious money by shopping lines instead of just using one sportsbook.

Past Super Bowl Betting Lines - Historical Results

Super Bowl Year Spread And Final Score Who Covered The Spread? Over Or Under?
LVIII 2024 Kansas City (+1.5) 25 vs. San Francisco 19 Underdog Under (47.5)
LVII 2023 Kansas City (+1.5) 38 vs. Philadelphia 35 Underdog Over (51.0)
LVI 2022 Los Angeles (-4) 23 vs. Cincinnati 20 Underdog Under (49)
LV 2021 Tampa Bay (+3) 31 vs. Kansas City 9 Underdog Under (55)
LIV 2020 Kansas City (-1.5) 31 vs. San Francisco 20 Favorite Under (53)
LIII 2019 New England (-2.5) 13 vs. L.A. Rams 3 Favorite Under (56)
LII 2018 Philadelphia (+4) 41 vs. New England 33 Underdog Over (49)
LI 2017 New England (-3) 34 vs. Atlanta 28 (OT) Favorite Over (57)
L 2016 Denver (+5) 24 vs. Carolina 10 Underdog Under (43.5)
XLIX 2015 New England (Pick ‘em) 28 vs. Seattle 24 Pick ‘Em Over (47.5)
XLVIII 2014 Seattle (+2.5) 43 vs. Denver 8 Underdog Over (47.5)
XLVII 2013 Baltimore (+4.5) 34 vs. San Francisco 31 Underdog Over (48)
XLVI 2012 N.Y. Giants (+2.5) 21 vs. New England 17 Underdog Under (53)
XLV 2011 Green Bay (-3) 31 vs. Pittsburgh 25 Favorite Over (45)
XLIV 2010 New Orleans (+5) 31 vs. Indianapolis 17 Underdog Under (57)
XLIII 2009 Pittsburgh (-7) 27 vs. Arizona 23 Underdog Over (46)
XLII 2008 N.Y. Giants (+12) 17 vs. New England 14 Underdog Under (55)
XLI 2007 Indianapolis (-7) 29 vs. Chicago 17 Favorite Under (47)
XL 2006 Pittsburgh (-4) 21 vs. Seattle 10 Favorite Under (47)
XXXIX 2005 New England (-7) 24 vs. Philadelphia 21 Underdog Under (46.5)
XXXVIII 2004 New England (-7) 32 vs. Carolina 29 Underdog Over (37.5)
XXXVII 2003 Tampa Bay (+4) 48 vs. Oakland 21 Underdog Over (44)
XXXVI 2002 New England (+14) 20 vs. St. Louis 17 Underdog Under (53)
XXXV 2001 Baltimore (-3) 33 vs. N.Y. Giants 7 Favorite Over (33)
XXXIV 2000 St. Louis (-7) 23 vs. Tennessee 16 Push Push-Under (45)
XXXIII 1999 Denver (-7.5) 34 vs. Atlanta 19 Favorite Over (52.5)
XXXII 1998 Denver (+11) 31 vs. Green Bay 24 Underdog Over (49)
XXXI 1997 Green Bay (-14) 35 vs. New England 21 Push Push-Over (49)
XXX 1996 Dallas (-13.5) 27 vs. Pittsburgh 17 Underdog Under (51)
XXIX 1995 San Francisco (-18.5) 49 vs. San Diego 26 Favorite Over (53.5)
XXVIII 1994 Dallas (-10.5) 30 vs. Buffalo 13 Favorite Under (50.5)
XXVII 1993 Dallas (-6.5) 52 vs. Buffalo 17 Favorite Over (44.5)
XXVI 1992 Washington (-7) 37 vs. Buffalo 24 Favorite Over (49)
XXV 1991 N.Y. Giants (+7) 20 vs. Buffalo 19 Underdog Under (40.5)
XXIV 1990 San Francisco (-12) 55 vs. Denver 10 Favorite Over (48)
XXIII 1989 San Francisco (-7) 20 vs. Cincinnati 16 Underdog Under (48)
XXII 1988 Washington (+3) 42 vs. Denver 10 Underdog Over (47)
XXI 1987 N.Y. Giants (-9.5) 39 vs. Denver 20 Favorite Over (40)
XX 1986 Chicago (-10) 46 vs. New England 10 Favorite Over (37.5)
XIX 1985 San Francisco (-3.5) 38 vs. Miami 16 Favorite Over (53.5)
XVIII 1984 L.A. Raiders (+3) 38 vs. Washington 9 Underdog Under (48)
XVII 1983 Washington (+3) 27 vs. Miami 17 Underdog Over (36.5)
XVI 1982 San Francisco (-1) 26 vs. Cincinnati 21 Favorite Under (48)
XV 1981 Oakland (+3) 27 vs. Philadelphia 10 Underdog Under (37.5)
XIV 1980 Pittsburgh (-10.5) 31 vs. L.A. Rams 19 Favorite Over (36)
XIII 1979 Pittsburgh (-3.5) 35 vs. Dallas 31 Favorite Over (37)
XII 1978 Dallas (-6) 27 vs. Denver 10 Favorite Under (39)
XI 1977 Oakland (-4) 32 vs. Minnesota 14 Favorite Over (38)
X 1976 Pittsburgh (-7) 21 vs. Dallas 17 Underdog Over (36)
IX 1975 Pittsburgh (-3) 16 vs. Minnesota 6 Favorite Under (33)
VIII 1974 Miami (-6.5) 24 vs. Minnesota 7 Favorite Under (33)
VII 1973 Miami (-1) 14 vs. Washington 7 Favorite Under (33)
VI 1972 Dallas (-6) 24 vs. Miami 3 Favorite Under (34)
V 1971 Baltimore (-2.5) 16 vs. Dallas 13 Favorite Under (36)
IV 1970 Kansas City (+12) 23 vs. Minnesota 7 Underdog Under (39)
III 1969 N.Y. Jets (+18) 16 vs. Baltimore 7 Underdog Under (40)
I 1968 Green Bay (-13.5) 33 vs. Oakland 14 Favorite Over (43)
I 1967 Green Bay (-14) 35 vs. Kansas City 10 Favorite Unknown

Other Ways To Win Money On The Super Bowl

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports is the practice of building a lineup for an individual game, and entering it against other people that have done the same thing. For the Super Bowl, there will be plenty of DFS slates and contests available, and you can try to pick the winning lineup at any of the major Daily Fantasy providers.

Super Bowl Betting Contests

Many sportsbooks, offices and friend groups run betting contests and party games during the Super Bowl, and you can be a part of them online via online sportsbooks, or in-person at your office or Super Bowl party.

Super Bowl Party Games

Squares: Super Bowl Squares is a game that allows bettors to play a pure game of chance. Squares are distributed randomly, and whoever has the one that matches the actual score of the game wins! Winners can be picked at the end of each quarter, each half, or the end of the game itself.

Prop Sheet Challenge: Prop sheet challenges are when guests at a party are asked to pick over or under on various props, and the winner is the person who gets the most of them right.

Pass The Cup: Pass the cup is a game in which a cup is passed each time an event occurs - possession changing, a score in the game, etc. However, the kicker is each time the cup is passed, whoever has it puts money in. Whoever has the cup last gets to keep all the money.

Bingo: Bingo is bingo, but with Super Bowl events on the card, such as “Player X scores a touchdown”.