WNBA Gambling Sites 2024

Sportsbooks aren't holding back when it comes to WNBA betting odds. Making large strides in viewership with the addition of social media-driven athletes helps WNBA gambling sites see action. You can find a variety of ways to gamble on the WNBA from betting on who will win the WNBA this season to daily spreads, totals, and props.

Top Gambling Sites With WNBA Odds

With only 36 games in the regular season per team, the window to place WNBA bets at online gambling sites that accept USA players is small. Sites like Bovada and BetOnline have odds on the WNBA champion as well as daily spreads on women's basketball, totals, prop bets, and more. Just like NBA gambling, they even offer hundreds of prop bets per primetime game.

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Where To Bet On The WNBA Online

The WNBA is a rising sport but not every sportsbook offers WNBA gambling lines... or if they do, there are only moneylines and totals. Finding where to bet on the WNBA online can be a difficult task but all of the online sportsbooks in the US that we recommend have a folder for the Women's National Basketball Association.

Bovada Sportsbook

Best Book For WNBA Props

Bovada Sportsbook

With over 20 props for each game, Bovada gives WNBA fans many options for how to bet on their favorite team. Wagers can be placed on individual player scoring totals, how many points will be scored by a team in the first half, and other bets like if the game will end up going into overtime. By having a prop bet section, Bovada online platform makes it very simple to find the best wagers, and take advantage of all the WNBA action during the regular season, throughout the playoffs.

  • Live Betting
  • Big Bonuses
  • Future Betting

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BetOnline Sportsbook

Constant Future Betting Access

BetOnline Sportsbook

By having a relatively short season, Bovada allows and helps bettors focus on the playoffs and title game, offering future betting odds for the majority of the year. As the season progresses, the future odds shift, but in the WNBA, the talent has been pretty even in the past, making it possible for bettors to take advantage of teams with long odds. Eight of the 12 teams make it to the postseason, making future bets hold less risk, with over half of the league having a chance at the title.

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Cryptocurrency Deposits
  • Variety of Bonus Types

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Betting On The WNBA Postseason

The WNBA postseason has a newly renovated structure from 2016, with single game elimination in the first round, and the seeding deriving straight from teams’ records, with the two conferences playing no part in the bracket. The seeding is redecided after each round, with a total of four rounds and the best two teams skipping the first round. With the excitement of this bracket structure, any of the eight competing teams has a chance to go all the way, and make history for their franchise.

WNBA Betting Types

The WNBA has classic betting types available for all regular season and postseason games, including future betting and various prop bets. The most popular way to bet on this growing basketball league, is through wagering on the money line of each of the games played, but there are still many other types available.

  • Betting On The Money Line – With this betting type, bettors wager on the winner of each game and the payout is higher for the underdog. If the Seattle Storm are +125 against the Las Vegas Aces, $10 would win $12.50 if the Storm win the game.
  • Betting On The Totals – When betting on the totals, bettors get to wager on the combined score of both teams. If the game is set at a total of 160.5 total points, bettors can wager on that hitting the over or the under.
  • Betting On The Spread – This bet carries a little but more risk than other classic betting types. Betting on the spread is placing a wager on how much the Chicago Sky will beat the Washington Mystics. Even if the Sky win the game, they have to win by the spread that was set in order to win the bet. If the spread is set at -5 for example, they have to win by five or more points.
  • Future Betting – This is one of the most exciting bet types, and is where a bettor can wager n something like which team will win the Finals, or the regular season MVP. These bets are available all season, but placing these wagers early can help get longer odds and better payouts
  • Live Betting – Bettors never have to worry about missing the beginning of a game ever again, with live WNBA betting allow wagers to be placed at any point during the game. If the Connecticut Suns were down by 20 at half, live betting allows bettors to wager on a Jonquel Jones fueled comeback win.

WNBA Betting Help - Trends, Tips, And Strategies

There is a lot of opportunity for betting on the WNBA, with oddsmakers not putting as much time into the odds and crafted lines as other major professional sports. Even though there are only 36 regular season games, it can still be easier than other sports to bet on the favorite, with only a few of the teams standing out as championship contenders. Because of this, there are trends that can be followed for regular season and postseason betting.

Betting On Past Championship Teams

There isn't a lot of parity in the WNBA with many past champions winning again. It's always smart to bet on the elite WNBA teams like the Las Vegas Aces, no matter the odds because of Becky Hammon. The Aces repeated in 2023 after winning in 2022. The Seattle Storm won in 2018 and 2020. The Minnesota Lynx won in 2015 and 2017. It always seems that champions repeat or find themselves near the top for many years to come.

Betting On The Western Conference

Since 2013, nine of the last 11 WNBA champions were in the western conference. Those playing the odds at WNBA online gambling sites have a smart opportunity to follow this trend by picking a team in the West to win it all.

Finding Value On The Underdogs

Oftentimes, teams are overhyped by WNBA sportsbooks online because of their limited knowledge of the game and players. This makes gambling on the WNBA underdog profitable in most cases. Take the 2023 season. Only two teams finished profitable if betting on them as the favorite every game: the Aces and the Suns. Meanwhile four teams finished profitable if one gambled on them as the underdog every time.

Best WNBA Teams Against The Spread Last Year

  • Connecticut Suns: 27-18-1
  • Las Vegas Aces: 27-23
  • Dallas Wings: 25-20

Worst WNBA Teams Against The Spread Last Year

  • Phoenix Mercury: 14-26
  • Atlanta Dream: 19-23
  • Washington Mystics: 19-22-1

WNBA Teams That Hit The Over In 2023

  • New York Liberty: 30-20
  • Dallas Wings: 27-17-1
  • Las Vegas Aces: 26-22-2

WNBA Teams Who Hit The Under The Most In 2023

  • Los Angeles Sparks: 17-23
  • Washington Mystics: 18-22-2
  • Atlanta Dream: 19-23

WNBA Betting History

There have been 27 seasons of the WNBA (including a shortened 2020 season) and each team in the league has made a name for themselves.

  • 2018 WNBA Season – The Seattle Storm won their third WNBA championship during this postseason, and had a staggering + 2500 odds to win before the season started.
  • 2019 WNBA Season – Coming into the season as one of the favorites, the Washington Mystics won their first WNBA championship with +300 preseason odds.
  • 2020 WNBA Season – Claiming their fourth title, the Seattle Suns ended the shortened 2020 season with a title run, with +500 preseason odds.
  • 2021 WNBA Season – The Connecticut Suns were the preseason favorite, but the Chicago Sky ended up winning their first championship, with +2000 to win the finals, going into the postseason.
  • 2022 WNBA Season – The Las Vegas Aces become the star of the league. With Becky Hammon as head coach and A'ja Wilson as the MVP, odds on the Las Vegas Aces to win the WNBA are always among the favorites.

Difference Between Betting On WNBA Vs NBA

When it comes to keeping up with the WNBA, there are some major structure differences to understand for NBA basketball fans around the United States. The main difference is season length and structure of the playoffs. When it comes to betting, the same type of bets are available, but the trends differ due to the short amount of time the WNBA has been around. By still playing after the conclusion of the NBA postseason, the WNBA gives online gambling fans in the United States basketball action to wager on, favorable odds for betting on the underdog.

  • Pace – The flow of the game is standard, but contains four 10-minute quarters, instead of 12-minute quarters in the NBA. Back in the day, the WNBA used to consist of two halves that were 20 minutes each.
  • Playoff Bracket – The biggest structural difference is the format of the postseason, with eight of the 12 teams going to the postseason in the WNBA, with 16 teams out of 30 being invited in the NBA.
  • Structure Of WNBA Playoffs – The structure was changed for the playoffs in 2016 and the seeding is determined by each team’s record, with no regards to West and East conferences. The top two-seeded teams sit out until the semifinal round, and the two and three seeds skip the first round. Round one and two consist of single game elimination, and then the remaining two rounds are best of five series.