Club World Casino Review For USA Players

Our Club World Casino review studies every feature of the site. Club World Casino is a top online casino brands in the world, catering to hundreds of thousands of players from all corners of the Earth. Online gambling has risen massively in popularity over the last decade and Club World Casino has been there to capitalize on that increasing interest. But the online casino market is extremely crowded, and it can be difficult for new and returning players alike to determine which online casinos best cater to their needs.

Here at USAOnlineGambling, we comprehensively review every aspect of major USA online casinos to determine if they are worth consumers’ time. The goal of our Club World Casino review is to help streamline the process of determining the best place to gamble online. All the casinos we review must meet high standards of customer service, payout rates, variety of betting options, and data security. The reviews themselves will also discuss what makes each online casino unique from its contemporaries.

Club World Casino Review

Does Club World Casino Accept USA Players?

USA Online Gambling

Club World Casino accepts U.S. players from all 50 states for all forms of USA online gambling. Club World is based outside the United States and is thus able to offer online gambling to a much wider group of players than domestic operators can.

There are only four states that currently offer full online casino gaming in the USA, but those laws aren’t applied the same way for international online casinos. No matter where you are, you can gamble with Club World Casino.

Where Is Club World Casino Legal In The USA?

Club World Casino is legal in all 50 states. Club World is based in Curacao rather than in the United States, so it exists outside the jurisdiction of state and federal anti-gambling laws. Because gambling laws are written to target operators rather than individual players, the net result is that gamblers using Club World Casino are subject to Curacao gambling law rather than American. There are no real legal hurdles to worry about when betting with Club World Casino.

Pros Of Club World

  • Wide selection of table games and slots
  • Sleek, easy to navigate interface
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Accepts VISA and MasterCard
  • Offers withdrawals via direct bank transfers

Cons Of Club World

  • Payment processing times have decreased with change in ownership
  • Betting options are limited compared to bigger online casinos
  • Limited bonuses compared to other online casinos

Club World Casino Software

Club World Casino is powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG), which has been making gaming software since 1998. RTG offers a good selection of games and betting options, but its offerings aren’t especially noteworthy compared to other online gaming software companies. Most major online casinos are powered by software with a similar variety of betting options and similar features. RTG’s best quality is its flexibility; it allows players to tailor their betting experience to their own preferences by adjusting their bet level on a slot machine, choosing the number of decks that will be used in a blackjack game, etc.

Casino Games Available At Club World Casino

Club World doesn’t have quite as expansive selection as some of the bigger online casinos, but it does offer a good number of options for video poker, slots, blackjack, baccarat, and other casino staples. Games are optimized to run well on both desktop computers and mobile browsers. Most games offer a free play option with virtual currency rather than real money so that players can get a sense of the games before risking actual money. RTG games are fast, smooth, and intuitive enough to be approachable for both experienced and new players.

Club World Casino Games

Table games at Club World Casino

Club World Casino offers 19 different table games powered by Real Time Gaming. These table games cover all the staple fare of casino gaming, including blackjack, baccarat, and various types of poker. These casino games are designed to be approachable for new and returning players alike, and each one offers a comprehensive explanation of all applicable rules. As with most online casino games, expected payout rates for Club World Casino table games are actually better than they are at traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack + Perfect Pairs
  • Caribbean Draw Poker
  • Caribbean Hold Em Poker
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • European Blackjack
  • Face Up 21
  • Let Em Ride
  • Match Play Poker
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Pontoon
  • Red Dog
  • Super 21
  • Texas Hold Em Bonus Poker
  • Tri Card Poker
  • Vegas Three Card Rummy
  • War

Blackjack At Club World Casino

Mobile Blackjack Apps

For such a simple game, the number of variations blackjack has spawned is impressive. Different regions all around the world offer hundreds of different versions of blackjack, with alterations to classic rules ranging from minor adjustments in payouts to complete procedural overhaul. For the most part, Club World sticks to the most commonly played variants of USA online blackjack - traditional, European, etc. But if you are looking for something to spice up your gambling experience, there are a few more exotic options as well. Here are the Club World Casino blackjack options:

  • Traditional Blackjack
  • Blackjack + Perfect Pairs
  • European Blackjack
  • Pontoon
  • Suit Em Up Blackjack
  • Super 21

Online Craps At Club World Casino

Club World Casino offers online craps to all players. Online craps is pretty niche because of the physical component of playing. Rather than the player rolling the dice, rolls are determined by a computer algorithm. You still place bets by placing different denominations of chips on different sections of the craps board, but the outcome is dependent on an algorithm rather than on your own dice toss. The algorithm is weighted so that the probabilities match up with real-life probabilities, but for some, the lack of a physical connection to craps makes it an unappealing option.

Online Slots At Club World Casino

Club World Casino offers nearly 200 different online slots, all provided by software company Real Time Gaming. These slots are much more convenient than physical slot machines in traditional casinos. Players can adjust their bet level without switching machines and they can even try out new slots for free to see how they like them. Slots are the simplest and most approachable games for new players, and they require the least skill, so it should be encouraging to new players to learn that payout rates with online slots are better than they are for physical slot machines.

Video Poker At Club World Casino

Video Poker

Club World Casino offers 17 different video poker games. All these games run smoothly and offer payout rates similar, if not superior to those in traditional casinos. The differences between these video poker games are minor—most are either simple cosmetic changes or minor adjustments to the payout rates for specific hands, but everyone has their own preferences so the variety ensures that there’s something to fit every player’s needs. Video poker games can also be played for free to get a sense of how well they pay out, how frequently you get good hands, etc.

Live Dealer Casino Games At Club World Casino

Club World has not yet invested in live dealer gambling, no. Live dealer gaming has emerged as one of the top ways for online casinos to emulate the real casino atmosphere by putting players in touch with a real dealer via a live video feed. Live dealer games do cost more to run and are less cost-effective for players, but for players who prefer a more human connection or simply don’t trust card computer gaming algorithms, they are an important feature. Hopefully, Club World adds live dealer games in a future update.

Banking Options At Club World Casino

One aspect that can’t be ignored in our Club World Casino review is the way in which you put money into your account and get money out of your account. Club World offers a wide selection of different banking methods for both depositing or withdrawing money from your real money online betting account. Depositing money with Club World works much like it does at any website offering services for real money. The site accepts deposits from traditional credit and debit cards like VISA and MasterCard, as well as a variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Skrill. Bitcoin is your recommended currency for Club World because it comes with the most lucrative bonuses, but all are safe and secure.

Club World Deposit Methods

Club World Casino Deposits Methods

Unlike most online casinos, Club World allows players to request a direct transfer to their bank account. This is a time-consuming process, however, and could be inherently risky because of the U.S.’s tendency to crack down on banks processing payments from online gambling providers. Other familiar options for many bettors include wire transfers and courier’s checks. The best withdrawal option, as with deposits, is to use Bitcoin. Bitcoin can generally process within a few seconds and it is completely secure and untraceable.

Here are Club World’s Available Withdrawal Methods:

  • VISA/MasterCard: Min $35/ Max $1,000/ Instant processing
  • Bitcoin: Min $35/ Max $10,000/ Instant processing
  • ECO Payz: Min $35/ Max $1,000/ Instant processing
  • Neteller: Min $35/ Max $1,000/ Instant processing
  • Skrill: Min $35/ Max $1,000/ Instant processing

Club World Casino Payouts And Payout Times

Withdrawing money from an online casino account is generally more difficult than depositing it because of U.S. banking laws, but Club World is somewhat unique in that it offers users the opportunity to withdraw money directly from their casino account into a traditional bank account. The quickest and most efficient withdrawal option is still cryptocurrency. Non-crypto withdrawals have higher minimum withdrawals and take much longer to process.

Here are all of Club World Casino’s payout options:

  • Bank Transfer: Min $200/ Max $5,001/ 5-day processing time
  • Courier’s Check: Min $200/ Max $2,500/ 4-day processing time
  • Bitcoin: Min $50/ Max $6,000/ 1-day processing time
  • ECO Payz: Min $35/ Max $5,001/ Instant processing
  • Skrill: Min $35/ Max $5,001/ Instant processing
  • Neteller: Min $35/ Max $5,001/ Instant processing
  • Wire Transfer: Min $300/ Max $5,001/ 5-day processing time

Club World Casino Bonuses

Club World’s player bonuses are much more robust than most retail casinos, but not as extensive as larger online casinos. Club World offers the standard deposit match bonuses that can add thousands of dollars in value to your account, but it does not offer other popular deals like refer-a-friend bonuses, non-crypto welcome bonuses, or standard reload bonuses. Thankfully, Club World does offer a rotating selection of daily bonuses.

Daily Bonuses

  • Monday: 65% match bonus on all games
  • Tuesday: 77% match on a slots deposit up to $777
  • Wednesday: 55% match on slots deposit plus $5 in free spins
  • Thursday: 60% match on slots deposit and a free $25 bonus chip
  • Friday: 77% match bonus on all games
  • Weekends: 70% match bonus on all games and 10% cash back

Permanent Bonuses

  • Slots Welcome Bonus: 300% deposit match up to $3,000 on your first deposit
  • Table Games Welcome Bonus: 100% deposit match up to $1,000 on your first deposit

Club World Casino Bonus Codes And Promo Codes

As with most online gambling sites, the bonuses as Club World Casino are primarily focused on matching a pre-determined percentage of player deposits. Bonuses can also be separated so that they only apply toward deposits for certain types of games. Additionally, Club World offers a set rotation of daily bonuses ranging from reload deposit matches to free slots spins. Be sure to time your deposits so that they align with whichever day has the most appealing bonus to you. Here are Club World’s most popular available bonuses:

  • Slots Welcome Bonus Code: BIGSLOT
  • Table Games Welcome Bonus Code: NEW100
  • Monday Bonus Code: FUNDAY
  • Tuesday Bonus Code: LUCKY7
  • Wednesday Bonus Code: FREESPINS
  • Thursday Bonus Code: CLAIM4
  • Friday Bonus Code: FRI150
  • Weekend Bonus Code: WEEKEND

Free No Deposit Casino Bonuses At Club World Casino

All of Club World Casino’s current bonuses require players to make a deposit. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since deposit bonuses are a great way of maximizing expected returns, but the lack of free bonuses is still mildly disappointing. Other top online casinos offer things like daily odds boosters, free play credits, or cash bonuses for referring a friend. This is one area where it would be nice to see Club World Casino take steps to improve.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses At Club World Casino


Bitcoin is the easiest and most popular way to deposit money with the Club World Casino. Bitcoin is one of the most trusted and secure cryptocurrency brands in the world. Depositing with Bitcoin is secured via blockchain encryption that allows it to also be processed extremely efficiently. Depositing with Bitcoin is also the only way to take advantage of the most lucrative bonuses—the welcome bonuses for deposits. As a general rule, depositing with Bitcoin is almost always easier and more rewarding than depositing with other methods because it is logistically simpler both for gambling sites and for the players themselves.

Daily Casino Tournaments

Club World Casino does not offer any tournaments for poker, slots, blackjack, or any other casino games at this time. Tournaments are a popular option because they offer players the chance at a big payout with a low initial bet. The odds of winning a tournament are low, but that doesn’t matter to most people so long as they can expect a 25-to-1 return on their bet if they win. Tournaments are also a great way to turn online casino gaming into a communal experience, so it is disappointing to see that Club World Casino does not invest in any tournament options.

Can Club World Casino Be Trusted And Are They Legit?

Yes, Club World Casino can be trusted. They are fully regulated in Curacao and are held to the same high industry standards for data security and payout rates as other top global casino brands. Club World uses RSA public/private key encryption to protect financial and account data, as well as SSL security connections to prevent bad actors from using an account that isn’t theirs. Their games are also rigorously tested by Gaming Labs to ensure that they meet standards of fairness and randomness (i.e., to make sure that the computer doesn’t “cheat” players).

Should I Bet Real Money At Club World Casino?

That all depends on your own preferences. Both free and paid play options are available, but generally, the paid options are much more engaging and enjoyable. All Club World Games are safe and secure, so the only barrier to betting real money would be if you don’t feel comfortable taking the risk. Real money gambling is generally more exciting and fun than free gambling, but if the gameplay itself interests you more than the potential reward, or if you are simply risk-averse, free play is available. Free play generally gets boring pretty quickly, however.

Customer Service And Contact Info

If you ever experience any issues while gambling with Club World Casino, they maintain 24/7 customer service resources to help. While Club World is designed to be as intuitive as possible to avoid outstanding issues, no software is perfect, and occasional hiccups can occur. If they do, both the live chat feature and the 24/7 toll-free support number can be quickly accessed to troubleshoot and address the problem. Club World relies heavily on its reputation, so it is extremely important to the casino that it has an open line of communication with players.

  • Live Chat
  • Support Number: 1-888-671-2855
  • Email: embedded form is provided on ‘Contact Us’ page

Final Verdict On Club World Casino

Club World Casino is a high-quality gambling site with a healthy variety and a solid track record with consumers. Its biggest flaw is a lack of ambition. It doesn’t boast the laundry list of gambling features that can be found at larger online casinos, nor does it have any specific features that make it unique. Slow and steady isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Club World in its current form won’t excite many bettors beyond simply providing them a reliable opportunity to bet. Betting with Club World is well-optimized to be flexible, both in its availability and its betting options. With a full analysis taken in our Club World Casino review, we can say with confidence that this site definitely warrants some consideration when selecting where you plan on gambling online.