2020 Olympic Fencing Team Medal Odds Breakdown

  • Sun Yiwen won the gold medal in Women’s Individual Epee.
  • Now, she looks to help the Chinese team win the Women’s Team Epee gold medal.
  • On the men’s side, South Korea is a favorite to win the Men’s Team Sabre gold medal.

TOKYO - The Olympics are full of intrigue this year, as teams battle to cover their medal market spreads. A potentially impactful event is fencing, where Sun Yiwen of China won the gold medal in Women’s Individual Epee.

Now, as perhaps the very best in the world, the two time Olympic medalist will look to help her team take another gold medal in the category.

In fact, it seems as though China is favored to win the Women’s Team Epee, and Sun is likely a large part of that advantage on the online sportsbooks.

Fencing Team Epee Women Winner

  • China +150
  • Poland +350
  • South Korea +450
  • ROC (Russian Olympic Committee) +600
  • Estonia +800
  • USA +800
  • Italy +900

The upcoming day will be a marathon for the fencers, with Women’s Team Epee events kicking off at 10:25 p.m. EST on Monday, and lasting for as long as is necessary to crown a winner.

Fencing Team Sabre Men Winner

  • South Korea -140
  • Hungary +400
  • Italy +400
  • Germany +600
  • ROC (Russian Olympic Committee) +600

In another intriguing fencing moment, the Men’s Team Sabre will have a winner after Monday evening (technically, Tuesday morning for most Americans).

South Korea is favored to take the Men’s Team Sabre gold medal, and that is somewhat notable, as they’re one of the reasonable favorites in Women’s Team Epee as well.

With a -140 moneyline in the Men’s Team Sabre, and a +450 moneyline in the Women’s Team Epee, a parlay at Olympic gambling sites on South Korea in both categories could yield a payout of $842.86 on a $100 bet.

Those are pretty good odds, but in order for them to cash, an online gambling fan taking that action would have to lay money against Sun Yiwen. Right now, that’s a tough ask.