2021 Summer Olympic Betting – Request Or Bet What’s Posted?

  • Some of the wagers listed do not have every athlete tied with a betting line, begging the question if gamblers should make special wager requests with their sports wagering platforms.

TOKYO – The 2021 Summer Olympics are right around the corner and sports bettors will have their pick of wagers on the games but will they have the very best options in front of them or should they make requests for certain bets?

Individual athletes are posted on sports betting sites with odds connected to them but some are missing from these wagers.

Some who could very well be a sleeper (or in this case, a non-existent) in the category and take home the gold medal.

Heavy Medal On The Line With Olympic Action

Sportsbooks already have a number of bets listed for Tokyo 2021 with more to come as the event nears. However, do they have the very best for each sport posted with their wagers?

Omitting certain people gives the sportsbook a win/win as they didn’t give gamblers the option for the actual winner, therefore all bets will be lost to the house and that’s nothing but profit for these businesses.

But sports bettors have the option of requesting their own wagers on any particular event with a sports wagering application. The bookmaker will put odds on the request and allow members to place the bet.

Every sports gaming platform will vary regarding the rules on how to go about making special request bets. Online gambling outlets are very straightforward and the quickest to get this type of thing done for their players.

Some bettors question whether its worth requesting a wager when they can just put money on who bookmakers believe to be at the top of their game.

Again, this is an individual choice because for all anyone knows, as stated before, sportsbooks may not list the best there is, in a ploy to win it all. And even if it’s not done purposefully, it’s still a loss for the gambler.

For example, when it comes to the Men’s 110m Hurdles, mobile gambling platforms like Bovada have the U.S.A.’s Grant Holloway (+150) as the favorite followed by Jamacia's Rasheed Broadbell (+600) and Daniel Roberts (+700) from the U.S. in the third spot.

Overall, Holloway has been second in 2021 for the 110m Hurdles. Jamaica’s Omar McLeod is first in the sport but Holloway ousted him in the trials to currently be first.

Yet McLeod, the reigning Olympic Champion no less, is not in the top three for this category in Olympic betting.

Broadbell was third overall in 2021 and Roberts tied for seventh.

If ever there was a time to make a request, it would be for McLeod. But the other choices are pretty great choices, especially Holloway and how he’s proved himself in the trials.

What Should A Sports Bettor Do?

Gambling is the name of the game. Sportsbooks usually have the best options listed for wagers. In some instances, they don’t.

For anyone with a feeling about a particular sport or athlete not listed, they should definitely put a request in for a bet, but overall, the bets posted have been doing just fine by gamblers worldwide.

Just remember this, there is no “sure thing” in any kind of betting, Olympic wager or otherwise. Life itself is a gamble so do your research and play wisely.

The 2021 Summer Olympics begin on July 23 in Tokyo.