2022 Kentucky Derby Exotic Bets: Exacta And Tricast

  • Epicenter and Zandon are dominating the Kentucky Derby odds boards.
  • Exacta wagers show that they are the clear favorites in the field.
  • The most likely Tricast wagers also revolve around Epicenter and Zandon.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Kentucky Derby is fast approaching, and many online sportsbooks have put their exotic bets up for the event.

Exotic bets are wagers that pair multiple finishes together. For example, you can wager on Epicenter and Zandon to win and place respectively, and get far more profitable odds than wagering on either of those individually.

Effectively, these wagers are the horse race betting version of parlays, where multiple events have to happen in order for them to cash.

In exchange, the potential profit on them is immense, as they are less likely to hit than a given one-leg wager.

Top Three Kentucky Derby Exacta Wager Odds On Bovada

  • 3. Epicenter – 10. Zandon +1400
  • 10. Zandon – 3. Epicenter +1600
  • 3. Epicenter – 12. Taiba +2200

The three most likely exacta outcomes on Bovada are a win by Epicenter and a place by Zandon, a win by Zandon and a place by Epicenter, and a win by Epicenter and a place by Taiba.

This makes sense, as Bovada currently has Epicenter as the outright favorite in the race, with Zandon close behind.

Taiba is third on the Bovada odds boards, so the combination of first and third is the logical option as an exacta wager after both combinations of first and second have been exhausted.

Top Five Kentucky Derby Tricast Wager Odds On Bovada

  • 3. Epicenter / 10. Zandon / 12. Taiba +1400
  • 3. Epicenter / 10. Zandon / 6. Messier +1400
  • 3. Epicenter / 10. Zandon / 1. Mo Donegal +2000
  • 3. Epicenter / 10. Zandon / 8. Charge It +2200
  • 3. Epicenter / 10. Zandon / 15. White Abarrio +2200

Tricast wagers are very interesting in the context of this Kentucky Derby field, as there appear to be two major favorites – Epicenter and Zandon – followed by two more competitors – Messier and Taiba – and then something of a dropoff.

This means that in terms of picking Tricast wagers, which do not care about the order in which the horses finish, only that bettors pick the top three correctly, there are several obvious combinations, which can be seen in the list above as the two Tricasts with +1400 odds.

Note that all of the top tricast wagers start with Epicenter and Zandon, before swapping out the third horse in the top three for a succession of Taiba, Messier, Mo Donegal, Charge It and White Abarrio.

This is quite interesting, as it means that the online horse betting oddsmakers are far more certain that Epicenter and Zandon are going to be in the top three than they are about Messier and Taiba being comfortably in that second tier.

The combination of Epicenter, Zandon, and one of Messier or Taiba is notably less profitable than putting Mo Donegal, Charge It, or White Abarrio in, but not enormously so.

Meanwhile, the most likely combination not involving both Epicenter and Zandon is the combination of Epicenter/Taiba/Messier, which sits at +2500 odds at online gambling websites.