2023 NBA Finals Series Props Have Value for Nuggets to Sweep

  • A 2023 NBA Finals outcome of the Denver Nuggets 4-0 has +450 odds.
  • Betting the playoff series props at Bovada gives +500 odds for there to be four games played in the NBA Finals.
  • Considering the most likely NBA Finals outcome is Nuggets 4-1, there is great value for Denver to cover the 2.5-game spread with +110 odds.

DENVER – With the Denver Nuggets being heavy -430 favorites to win the 2023 NBA Finals, there is better value betting on game spreads and exact outcomes at Bovada. An NBA Finals series prop for the Nuggets to defeat the Miami Heat in four games has +450 odds.

2023 NBA Finals Correct Score

  • Heat 4-0 +5000
  • Nuggets 4-0 +450
  • Heat 4-1 +2500
  • Nuggets 4-1 +200
  • Heat 4-2 +900
  • Nuggets 4-2 +425
  • Heat 4-3 +1000
  • Nuggets 4-3 +350

Based on the exact series outcome odds, the NBA Finals most likely outcome is for the Denver Nuggets to win in five games. However, their +450 odds at online gambling sites to sweep the Miami Heat are valuable considering the Nuggets swept the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

The Denver Nuggets dominated the Lakers by 11 points in Game 3 and finished the job in Game 4.

The Nuggets remain undefeated at home in the playoffs, posting an 8-0 record at mile-high. Denver has great value to cover their 1.5-game NBA Finals spread at online NBA gambling sites after doing so in all three NBA Playoffs series so far.

Denver Nuggets Finals Game Spread

Spread: Odds:
-2.5 +110
-1.5 -200

Rather than betting the Nuggets to win the Series outright at -430, take their -200 odds to win the series by at least 1.5 games. In this case, the only way that the Nuggets don’t cover the 1.5-game spread is if they win in seven games or lose outright.

Betting on a Denver Nuggets sweep has better odds at +500 if betting on the Bovada sportsbook Finals series props for the number of games played in the NBA Finals.

Number of Games Played in NBA Finals Odds

  • 7 +225
  • 6 +250
  • 5 +190
  • 4 +500

Instead of betting the Denver Nuggets to win 4-0 at +450, bet the exact number of games played in the NBA Finals to be four to get an extra odds boost. Betting on the exact outcome factors in the possibility of the Miami Heat sweeping the Denver Nuggets, which is the least likely NBA Finals outcome.

Bovada NBA Finals series props provide more valuable options than betting the Nuggets -430 odds to win the series.