3 Gambling Stocks To Check Out Before NFL Season Starts

  • Penn National recently acquired Barstool Sportsbook.
  • Caesars Entertainment recently bought a stake in SuperDraft.

LAS VEGAS - With NFL season right around the corner, there's a growing interest in which gambling companies to invest in via stock purchases.


It's seemingly impossible to talk about sports betting in any capacity without DraftKings coming up, and not without good reason. Since launching their sportsbook services in August 2018, DraftKings has become one of the most successful sportsbook operators in the country.

After going public in April 2020 following a merger with Diamond Eagle, DraftKings stocks became available to buy for anyone interested in owning part of the company.

At time of writing DraftKings stocks are $53.

Caesars Entertainment

Potentially the largest gaming company in the world, Caesars Entertainment operates 50 casinos across 13 different states.

With an eclectic display of offerings ranging from food and hotel services, to gaming and sports betting, Caesars is valued at just under $7 billion.

Thanks to a recent purchase of a stake in SuperDraft, a fantasy sports platform, NFL season could see Caesars Entertainment stocks rising even more.

At time of writing Caesars Entertainment stocks are $87.

Penn National and Barstool Sportsbook

From humble casino company to thriving sportsbook provider, stock Penn National became hot seemingly overnight following its acquisition of Barstool Sportsbook.

Penn National plans to make Barstool Sportsbook available in several states throughout the winter, starting with Pennsylvania.

At time of writing Penn National stocks are $67.

As the NFL season heats up in 2021, thousands of online gambling players may be looking to expand their betting horizons by investing in companies like these.