AEW Championship Odds: Kenny Omega Vs. Hangman Adam Page

  • The All Elite Wrestling Championship will be on the line at Full Gear.
  • After a yearlong storyline, Hangman Adam Page is -900 to take the belt.
  • Current Champion Kenny Omega might be spending his last night as such, with +500 odds to retain.

MINNEAPOLIS - All Elite Wrestling will be hosting its Full Gear PPV event on Saturday, and the online sportsbooks are ready for it.

The AEW World Championship is on the line as Kenny Omega faces off against his former tag-team partner - and former friend - Hangman Adam Page.

AEW Championship Match Odds - Kenny Omega Vs. Hangman Adam Page

  • Kenny Omega +500
  • Hangman Adam Page -900

In order to understand why these betting odds are simultaneously surprising and unsurprising, one must first understand the story being told between Kenny Omega and Adam Page.

The Background

Kenny Omega has held the AEW Championship since Dec. 2020, and many fans would argue he has lost himself to do it. Omega has been the top heel (bad guy) on Dynamite for months, a dorky-yet-talented coward, who hides his own prodigious skill behind goons like the Young Bucks and the Good Brothers.

Hangman Adam Page is his former tag-team partner, a man who was the catalyst for Omega’s heel turn when Omega was unsatisfied with the results they were getting.

Page’s story has been one of insecurity - he was the new guy in The Elite, a splinter group of the Bullet Club founded by Kenny and the Bucks, and he never seemed to fit. He was the young guy in a group of established professionals who had high expectations of themselves, and little patience for his self-doubt.

So they did what jackals do - left him for dead.

Except he’s back now, and the whole wrestling world expects this match at Full Gear to be Page’s shining moment, his coronation as a top babyface (good guy) in wrestling, and his proof to himself and to the fans that he’s just as good as those who left him behind.

Hangman Page: Underdog In-Ring, Favorite On Sportsbooks

Thus, the odds are drastically in favor of Hangman. In the week they’ve been up, he’s gone from a -400 favorite to a -900 favorite.

On-screen, he’s the underdog, betrayed by his friends and seeking to find his own confidence in himself. In the online gambling markets, he’s an enormous favorite, more favored than the Buffalo Bills over the New York Jets.

“I feel like you all still believe in me,” Page said to the crowd on a recent AEW Dynamite. “And for the first time in my life, I do, too.”

It seems the online sportsbooks believe in Hangman as well. AEW Full Gear airs on PPV at 6 p.m. EST on Saturday. The match between Hangman Adam Page and AEW Champion Kenny Omega will likely be the last to air.