Betting on an Interception as the First SB 57 Turnover

  • Super Bowl 57 is favored to have an interception be the first turnover of the game.
  • Mahomes threw 12 regular season interceptions (17 games) and Hurts threw six (15 games).
  • During Super Bowls 54 and 55, Mahomes throw four total interceptions.

GLENDALE, Ariz. – The Super Bowl 57 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles favor the first turnover of the game being an interception. Neither Patrick Mahomes nor Jalen Hurts has thrown an interception during the 2022 postseason.

First Turnover of the Game is An Interception Odds

  • Yes -160
  • No +120

Both of these two quarterbacks have shown their ability to run instead of forcing bad passes but Hurts has the edge for the Super Bowl in this category.

With Mahomes’ dealing with a high ankle sprain, the Chiefs threw the ball 43 times and only attempted 21 rushes last weekend. This high volume of throwing makes the first turnover being an interception favorable at online sportsbooks.

Eagles and Chiefs 2022 Turnover History

The Eagles have not yet lost a turnover this postseason, with all four fumbles recovered by the offense through the two games prior to Super Bowl 57.

Patrick Mahomes is the only player on the Chiefs to lose a fumble this postseason after dropping the ball against the Bengals in the AFC Title game.

During the regular season, both of these teams have been careful with the football as well. Jalen Hurts only threw six regular season interceptions in his 15 games played, while Mahomes had 12 interceptions in 17 games.

NFL online sportsbooks also have odds for Mahomes and Hurts total interceptions thrown during the game, as Mahomes is slightly favored to throw at least one, while Hurts is favored to throw none.

Patrick Mahomes Interceptions Total Odds

  • Over 0.5 -121
  • Under 0.5 -108

Jalen Hurts Interceptions Total Odds

  • Over 0.5 +122
  • Under 0.5 -159

While both offenses have been efficient in holding onto the ball, both defenses have been strong this regular season as well. The Chiefs' regular season ended with 11 interceptions and nine fumble recoveries, while the Eagles recorded 17 interceptions and ten fumble recoveries.

During the 2022-23 postseason, both teams recorded four total interceptions but the types of turnovers have been flipped. The Chiefs have three interceptions one FR and the Eagles have one interception and three fumble recovers heading into the Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes will be playing in his third Super Bowl and has shown that he is turnover prone in this game, specially struggling with interceptions.

Patrick Mahomes Turnovers in the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Interceptions Fumbles Fumbles Lost
54 2 2 0
55 2 1 0