C.J. Stroud Takes Over As Heisman Favorite On Sportsbooks

  • C.J. Stroud now has the shortest odds to win the Heisman Trophy at +190.
  • Bryce Young only slightly trails at +200 as the second betting option.
  • Kenneth Walker III is third on the odds board with a +300 listing.

NEW YORKBryce Young had been the betting favorite to win the Heisman Trophy for the majority of the season. However, as the last few weeks of the season are here, C.J. Stroud has taken over with the shortest odds.

Heisman Trophy Winner Odds

  • C.J. Stroud +190
  • Bryce Young +200
  • Kenneth Walker III +300
  • Matt Corral +900
  • Kenny Pickett +1800

Does C.J. Stroud Deserve The Shortest Odds?

It’s tough to say there’s been a better player in the country than C.J. Stroud. He has the top QBR (89.4) in the country and is also fifth in passing touchdowns and 11th in passing yards despite missing a game earlier in the season.

Online gambling sites rightfully have him in the mix, as he’s averaging 337.3 yards per game, 3.33 touchdowns per game and just 0.56 interceptions per game. Plus, he’s the starting quarterback on the Ohio State Buckeyes’ offense that’s leading the country with 46.3 points per game.

However, history isn’t on his side.

In the game against Akron, Stroud didn't play due to a shoulder injury. Since the Heisman Trophy was originated, only five players have won the award after missing a game, the most recent being Charlie Ward in 1993.

Should Bryce Young Be The Favorite?

Bryce Young has the benefit of not having missed a game, but his statistics don’t quite match Stroud’s. Young has thrown for fewer yards despite playing an extra game and has a lower QBR. Those gambling on college football have found Young as the favorite for most of the season, so does this make it the best time to bet on him?

Young does have his advantages over Stroud. He completes a higher percentage of his passes (70.9% to 68.8%), has a higher passer rating (180.1 to 179.4), and has more touchdowns as well as fewer interceptions.

Both Young and Stroud have tough games on the schedule as the Alabama Crimson Tide are set to play Arkansas and Auburn, two ranked teams, while Stroud will see Michigan and Michigan State who are both ranked as well.

There are arguments for both sides, but it may be as simple as saying it comes down to the final two games of the season.

Can Kenneth Walker III Play Spoiler?

There’s little question as to who the best running back in the country is. Despite Kenneth Walker III’s odds showing he’s close to the frontrunners, that may not be the case. Yes, Walker III leads the country in rushing yards (1,473), rushing touchdowns (17) and rushing yards per game (147.3), but the award has only been given to a running back once since 2010.

The last two running backs to win the Heisman, Derrick Henry and Mark Ingram are also two of the four lowest point-getters since 2005. Voters don’t want a running back to win unless necessary, with Stroud and Young in the mix, it’s far from necessary.

His +300 odds bring far from enough value to justify betting on, but by no fault of his own. Football is now a game that caters to the quarterback position. He may have the biggest gap between himself and the next best at his position, but he will in all likelihood not win the Heisman Trophy.