Caesars Gambling Lawsuit in New York Focuses on “Free Bets”

  • Caesars Sportsbook is facing a class-action lawsuit for misleading sports betting advertisements in New York City.
  • New York Resident Lachae Vickers is the plaintiff vs. Caesars Entertainment, Inc.

NEW YORKCaesars Sportsbook has been accused of promoting false and misleading sports betting advertisements to their customers.

The New York gambling lawsuit lists Lachae Vickers as the plaintiff and Caesars Entertainment, Inc as the defendant.

This class-action lawsuit  comes after Vickers claims she was misled by Caesar’s Sportsbooks promotional advertising language containing the terms “free bet” and “risk-free”.

The New York resident believed that if she placed a $125 gambling wager, she would be returned the $125 in withdrawable cash due to it being a “risk-free bet”.

Vickers received $125 in Caesars Sportsbook credits which could not be withdrawn, resulting in her filing a complaint and eventually taking legal action.

Her lawyers claim that Vickers and any other plaintiffs shouldn’t be responsible for losses based on the misleading language and false advertising by Caesars Sportsbook.

This has been a common problem for sportsbooks, as many have since changed their language to be clearer on their websites and in promotions.

The response comes from a handful of lawsuits and even bills issued that would ban sports betting advertisements.

Online gambling sites have gone away with their deceptive language and have adopted a more transparent approach to advertising because of victims like Lachae Vickers.