Caesars Partners With Houston Texans For Promotions

  • The Houston Texans have partnered with Caesars Entertainment to bring “memorable experiences” for Texans fans.
  • For Caesars, this partnership continues their project of “expanding relationships with leagues and professional sports teams”.

HOUSTON - In the runup to the 2021 NFL season, a partnership between Caesars Entertainment and the Houston Texans got in just under the wire.

The partnership will go into effect just before the 2021 NFL season begins, and will cover various sponsorships and promotions. The NFL currently does not have any teams with sportsbooks in their home stadiums, and while several teams have plans for such, none will be in effect for the 2021 season.

Partnerships like this have been viewed as precursors to such moves, strengthening ties between sportsbooks and NFL teams with the expectation of further partnerships down the line.

Texans: Creating Memorable Experiences For Fans

"I'm thrilled to launch this multi-year partnership with Caesars Entertainment. It aligns perfectly with our commitment to creating memorable experiences for our fans," said Greg Grissom, President of the Houston Texans. "We have some great events lined up for this upcoming season that fans will not want to miss, and this partnership with Caesars is just another example of how we continue to look for ways to enhance the experience."

The partnership includes tie-ins with Caesars Rewards programs, as well as various pick ‘em games sponsored by the entertainment company.

Of course, it also encompasses the usual advertising partnerships, so bettors can expect to see Caesars advertisements both in the Texans’ NRG Stadium and via other media outlets.

Caesars: Expanding Relationships With Professional Sports Teams

"Caesars Entertainment is committed to expanding relationships with leagues and professional sports teams, and we're thrilled to team up with the Houston Texans," said Chris Holdren, Co-President of Caesars Digital. "We look forward to creating extraordinary experiences for Texans fans by doing what we do best, leveraging Caesars Entertainment's vast portfolio of casino, hospitality, entertainment, and sports expertise."

Referenced in the first sentence of Holdren’s statement is the desire of Caesars to expand relationships with leagues and teams as sports betting becomes more and more of an integrated facet of professional sports.

Caesars is already the official casino sponsor of the NFL, as well as being an official NFL sports betting partner. Deals like this simply make the relationship between sports betting and the NFL closer and closer, and will continue to do so until the two are nearly fully merged.

Online gambling fans have a lot to look forward to if Caesars continues to expand their relationships with professional sports leagues, as Holdren promised.