Can Alex Ovechkin Pass Wayne Gretzky’s Goal Record?

  • Alex Ovechkin leads the NHL in terms of active goals with 730 but Wayne Gretzky has the all-time record at 894.
  • Ovechkin could overtake Gretzky (+200 odds), but it would require health and some of his best seasons.

WASHINGTON - Alex Ovechkin is already the leading active scorer in the NHL, with 730 goals over a decorated career. Ovechkin is currently sitting at fifth all time, but is only one goal away from fourth all time, and 12 goals away from third all time.

However, the real goal is becoming the all-time leading scorer in NHL history.

The current leading scorer in NHL history is The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, with a colossal 894. Gretzky, often cited as the player who has the easiest GOAT case to make across all major sports, was dominant on a level that has rarely been seen.

At 894 goals, he has a full 93 more goals than second place Gordie Howe, and while Ovechkin has been climbing up the ranks steadily, it seems unlikely that he’ll be able to nickel-and-dime his way past The Great One.

Ovechkin to break Gretzky's All-Time Goal Record?

  • No -300
  • Yes +200

The online sportsbooks have placed odds on whether or not Ovechkin can beat Gretzky’s record, and they’re heavily in favor of “No”.

Ovi scored 24 goals last season, his 16th in the NHL. At 35, he’s already decidedly one of the NHL’s elder statesmen.

In order to reach Gretzky’s vicinity in terms of all time goals scored, he’d need to put up three of his very best seasons, and one mediocre one.

In Ovechkin’s best seasons, he’s a 50 goal/season kind of player, scoring 48 in 2019-20, 51 in 2018-19 and 49 in 2017-18.

If he replicated those seasons, he’d be in range of Gretzky - only about a dozen goals shy. The problem for Ovechkin is availability as well as ability. In 2020, he only played in 45 games, and he can ill afford such setbacks if he wants to catch Gretz.

It’s not out of reach. After all, before the 2020-21 season, Ovechkin was on a stretch of 45+ goal seasons, and he could reach that level again. Online gambling fans will have to wait and see for the resolution of this one - it will be several years before an answer is found.