Gambling World News Roundup: Brazil, U.K, Spain

Gambling News Around The World

Brazil will have sports betting on December 13, 2022, whether they regulate it or not. The U.K. might reverse a plan to ban gambling advertisements on soccer jerseys. Spain passed a gambling reform bill out of committee, and it will now go to the full Lower House. MADRID – Countries like Spain, Brazil and the … Read more

Macau Gambling Looks Toward The Future After Chau Debacle


Macau introduced new casino regulations, but they are not as onerous as expected. However, China’s COVID policy could still be negatively influencing Macau’s industry. The industry currently sees less than half of the revenue it did pre-pandemic. MACAU – Macau’s casinos are looking like they’ll dodge what could have been potentially serious regulatory crackdowns in … Read more

Macau Restricts Junket Companies’ Loan Ability


Macau has shut down junket companies’ ability to offer loans to tourists. This is a blow to the junket tourism business, with unclear effects moving forward. This move comes in the wake of the arrest of junket tourism magnate Alvin Chau. MACAU – The conflict between the way in which Macau’s gambling economy is currently … Read more

New Gaming Laws In China Hurt Wynn, Casino Stocks Tied To Macau

Wynn Resorts

Following new Chinese government restrictions, companies doing business in Macau suffer stock drops across the globe. Macau officials are consulting government officials regarding new restrictions and potential revisions to their gaming operations. LAS VEGAS – The Asian gaming hub of Macau recently announced that they will be tightening restrictions on gambling and operators within the … Read more

Germany’s Interstate Treaty On Gambling Changes Regulations

German Sportsbook

Germany has introduced a new Interstate Treaty on Gambling. This treaty went into effect on July 1. The treaty redefines the licensing process for online sports betting, slots and poker. MAGDEBURG, Germany – Germany’s Interstate Treaty On Gambling 2021 has started to take effect, and this has changed how sportsbooks and online gambling operators may … Read more