China Looks Set To Dominate Women’s Synchronized 3m Springboard Diving

  • China is a big time favorite to win the women’s synchronized 3m springboard diving event.
  • They won both the 2019 FINA World Championship and the 2021 FINA World Cup.
  • Their -350 odds seem steep, but it seems overwhelmingly unlikely that they lose.

TOKYO - In the 3m springboard synchronized diving event, China is a big favorite, but there are several intriguing underdogs as well.

Odds at online sportsbooks don't include how the teams got there, but with China expecting to take home the gold medal in 3m springboard synchronized diving competition, getting to know the underdogs is crucial.

Tokyo Olympics - Women’s Diving Synchronized 3m Springboard Odds

  • China -350
  • Canada +400
  • Great Britain +750
  • Germany +1200
  • Italy +2000
  • USA +3300
  • Japan +5000
  • Mexico +6600

This is a synchronized event, which means that pairs of divers from each country will attempt to perfectly match each other. Qualification was achieved in three ways. First, the top three teams at the FINA World Championships were added to the field.

These teams were China, Canada and Mexico, in that order.

Then, the top four teams at the FINA World Cup that were not already qualified were added to the field.

These were Germany, Great Britain, Italy and the United States.

Finally, Japan, as the host nation, gets an automatic bid to the event, and they are seen as significant online gambling underdogs in this competition.

Why Is China Such A Big Favorite?

China dominated both the FINA World Cup and the FINA World Championships. At the World Championships, which were held in 2019, they were the only team to reach above a 300.00 total point score.

At the World Cup, which took place in April 2021, they once again were the only team to reach more than 300.00 points, with Chang Yani and Chen Yiwen totaling 317.16 points.

Their closest competition at the World Cup was from Canada, which reached a total of 289.98.

Chen Yiwen also won the gold medal in the individual 3m category, with Chang Yani picking up the bronze. It seems as though China is fielding two of the three best divers in the world in this category, and other countries are unable to keep up with the pair of them.