China’s Dominance In Olympic Diving To Continue

  • Chen Yuxi has -175 odds to win the Women’s Diving 10m Platform event.
  • Yang Jian is the -135 betting favorite to win in the Men’s Diving 10m Platform competition.
  • If each were to win, China would take home seven of the eight diving gold medals for Tokyo 2020.

TOKYO – The 10m Diving Platform Event is the final event for both Men's and Women’s Olympic Diving. Chen Yuxi and Quan Hongchan could complete the four-event sweep for China in Women’s Olympic Diving. China's Yang Jian is also the favorite to win the gold in the Men's 10m Diving Platform Competition.

China’s Dominance In Diving

China has held the top spot in Olympic diving for decades. Since 2000, when synchronized diving was added to the Olympics, China has won at least six of the eight gold medals each year for the sport. With the country already having won five of the six events thus far, online gambling sites favor China to obtain their seventh gold medal in diving with the 10m platform match.

Diving - Women's 10m Platform

  • Chen Yuxi (CHN) -175
  • Quan Hongchan (CHN) +150
  • Delaney Schnell (USA) +1200

These two Chinese divers are far and away the Olympic betting favorites for this event. Chen Yuxi, the heavy favorite, was a part of the winning synchronized 10m platform duo and could very well be adding another gold medal to her collection. Yuxi is 15-years-old while Hongchan is just 14-years-old, meaning these are names to get used to as they’ll be around for a while in the world of competitive diving.

Men’s 10m Platform Sees Another Chinese Pair Favored

Almost everything that can be said for the women’s event can be repeated for the men’s. The two favorites are both representing China, however, there is a sense of international pressure from Tom Daley of Great Britain. Daley was a part of the synchronized 10m platform gold medal team and could pose a real threat to China's male divers.

Diving - Men's 10m Platform

  • Yang Jian (CHN) -135
  • Cao Yuan (CHN) +250
  • Tom Daley (GBR) +350

At the end of the day, China has the top two favorites because they are truly the most likely to win. Daley could pull off the upset, but Yang Jian has the shortest odds because he is the most recent World Championship gold medal winner. Sports betting sites have him in the minus with odds because he’s deserving of it. He’ll be a tough man to beat. So, just like the athletes involved, sports bettors should dive right into these wagers as the 2020 Summer Olympics is coming to a close.