Congress Requests DOJ Provide Online Sportsbook Answers By Sept 6

  • 28 members of Congress have issued a letter to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to address international online gambling sites.
  • The letter is supported by the American Gambling Association (AGA) which issued its own letter to the DOJ in April.
  • Congress believes international sites challenge the stability of state-regulated operations.

WASHINGTON – International online gambling sites are now at the forefront of the US Department of Justice (DOJ) following a letter issued by 28 members of congress.

These congressmen and congresswomen are asking the DOJ to respond by September 6, 2022 and allow congress to take federal action against these sites.

Congress’ letter to the DOJ is supported by the American Gambling Association (AGA). The AGA issued its own letter in April, 2022 to the DOJ about online gambling sites.

DOJ Vs. Gambling Sites

The letter from congress states that online operators operating outside of the US threaten the US regulated market and wish for them to be unable to be accessed by residents.

In the letter, the members of congress talk about the favorable odds, generous promotions, and support from popular sports media conglomerates as giving an edge to offshore operators.

There are currently no laws preventing these online gambling sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie (named in the letter) from supplying their superior product to US players.

Congress in conjunction with the AGA is using the risk of lost taxes as the main sales pitch to persuade the DOJ into taking action.

How This Affects Online Gambling Sites

Even with the letter to the DOJ, it is likely nothing will change in terms of players’ access to these online sportsbooks.

These sites are protected under the free trade agreement. Gambling at online operators is no different than purchasing close from a foreign-run clothing company.

In order to block online gambling sites from running their operations in the US, the federal government would have to put a ban on all non-US companies operating.

Players can rest easy in knowing their favorite online gambling sites will continue to provide their products for years to come.