Delaware Proving iGaming Legislation Is The Future

  • Delaware brought in $1.1 million in June from iGaming, in contrast to their lackluster sports betting numbers.
  • iGaming handle was $35 million, while sports betting handle was $3.5 million.
  • This could be evidence that iGaming can help substitute for sports betting in the slow summer months.

DOVER, Del. – Delaware almost set a revenue record for online gambling in June, as the state brought in $1.1 million in the month of June.

That $1.1 million is the second most in a month in Delaware history, behind only April 2022..

In April, the state brought in $1.2 million, while in May, they brought in $1.09 million.

This is notable because these are the months in which sports betting income begins to fall off, as sports slow down in the summertime with no NBA and NFL.

In terms of handle, iGaming brought in $35 million in the month of June, which was a 9.7% jump over May, although the revenue did not jump as much.

Notably, the handle on iGaming is significantly lower than the handle on sports betting in most cases, and this certainly seems to be one.

A handle of $35 million yielding a $1.2 million revenue is a hold percentage of only 3.4%, whereas, for example, New Jersey averages a 6.6% hold on sports betting.

Since Delaware doesn’t actually have regulated online sports betting, they are more reliant on brick-and-mortar revenue and iGaming revenue.

Still, in a state that does have sports betting, these numbers could go a long way towards proving the importance of iGaming, especially given their consistency in the summer months.

In Delaware, however, sports betting is flagging, with June yielding only $3.5 million in total sports betting handle.

iGaming is helping to make up for the fact that they do not have regulated online sports betting, but there’s only so much it can do.

June saw the lowest number of wagers placed in Delaware, with only $112,000 wagers placed in the month.

If iGaming is able to keep the lame duck that is Delaware sports betting afloat, it should be helpful to other states as well.