DraftKings Casino Unveils Unique Rocket Game For Players

  • DraftKings has added a new game to their casino, called Rocket.
  • The game allows players to multiply their wagers as an unstable rocket flies to the moon.
  • Players can bail out at any time to lock in their profits or stay on the rocket and risk blowing up.

BOSTON - DraftKings has added a new game to their casino arsenal - a proprietary game known as Rocket.

Rocket was built entirely in-house at DraftKings, and will be the latest addition to their roster of proprietary games, which is over 30 at this point.

The concept of the game is that you, as the player, climb onto a digital rocket, and watch it soar towards the moon.

As the rocket travels, players receive multipliers to their wager, but the rocket can blow up at any time, which causes total wager loss.

However, players can get out at any time, choosing to bail out of the rocket to lock in their profit.

Sound familiar? It’s almost as if DraftKings developed a game to simulate the experience of investing in cryptocurrency.

DraftKings: Focused On Customer Experience

Jason March, DraftKings’ VP of iGaming, praised the customer-first approach that DraftKings took when developing the game.

“By developing DraftKings Rocket, our team continues to innovate our Casino offerings as we set out to create an all new, one-of-a-kind iGaming experience for customers,” March said. “We’re thrilled to be providing an exclusive iGaming experience to DraftKings customers. At DraftKings, a customer-first approach is essential to our products, and the addition of DraftKings Rocket is sure to provide a new and exciting way for customers to wager with peer-to-peer interaction.”

The development of Rocket signals that DraftKings wants to make its casino unique amongst other regulated casinos in the United States.

While sports betting has swept the nation, with more than half of the states in the country now allowing sports wagering via state-licensed platforms, casino gaming has been limited in scope.

By investing in Rocket and other games unlike traditional casino games, it seems as though DraftKings is accomplishing two things.

First, they can differentiate their casino from other competitors in a cramped casino market, which benefits them in the short term.

Second, they can redefine what casino gaming is in the age of the internet, equating to long-term successes.

Time will tell how much such investments manage to pay off for the company, but for now, they seem confident in the future popularity of Rocket.