DraftKings, Simplebet Partner For Play-By-Play Betting

  • DraftKings is partnering with Simplebet to offer play-by-play betting.
  • This involves betting on what the next play, pitch, or other result in a game will be.
  • Simplebet bills it as “the next evolution of sports betting.”

LAS VEGAS - DraftKings is looking to expand the offerings on its sportsbook, specifically in the live game betting section. DraftKings and Simplebet have announced a deal to launch microbetting on the DraftKings sportsbook, which refers to play-by-play in game wagering.

This will bring bets like “will the next play be a run” and “will the next pitch be a strike” to the DraftKings sportsbook.

Online sportsbooks located offshore have long been ahead of domestic sportsbooks in this area, and some states currently restrict play-by-play sports betting.

DraftKings’ move cements its status as an industry leader - and it should be a good thing for the sports betting experience on DraftKings Sportsbook and its associated partners.

DraftKings: Expanding Options For Bettors

Paul Liberman, the President of Global Product and Technology at DraftKings, praised the additional options that the Simplebet partnership will bring.

“We’re excited to be working with Simplebet to change the in-game betting experience for our customers and, together, changing the way sports fans engage with their favorite sports,” said Liberman in a statement offered via DraftKings.com. “Through our shared commitment to delivering innovative technology, our customers are now able to take part in this unique betting and engagement experience on the DraftKings Sportsbook.”

For DraftKings, the calculus is simple - they can offer a better sports betting product via this partnership.

SimpleBet: Evolving Sports Betting

Chris Bevilacqua, the CEO of Simplebet, referred to what his company offered as the next evolution of sports betting.

“We’re thrilled to be launching our real-money micro-betting products with DraftKings,” Bevilacqua said.. “These types of offerings represent the next evolution of sports betting and deliver enhanced opportunities for operators and fans alike. We look forward to the successful roll-out and to showcasing the excitement that comes with micro-betting.”

Bevilacqua’s proposition does not seem particularly far fetched. Play-by-play betting is certainly a new frontier for sports betting to explore en masse. With bettors having access to sportsbooks constantly via mobile phones, play-by-play betting seems like a natural fit for the low-attention-span modern age.

The ability to tune into a game and place a bet immediately also carries some appeal, and this could be a big test for the play-by-play betting model.

If DraftKings’ experiment with play-by-play betting succeeds, it could redefine the online gambling landscape in America.